Saturday, October 19, 2019

Financial Astrology - Oct 28, 2019


Along with computer problems I now have vision problems.

Oct 27 Mars waning square Saturn

Inhibited vitality, Energetic people, able to overcome difficulties.

Gold – Prominent cycles occur witin 3 tds in Gold.

No movement of significance close to the exact aspect, but +- 4 tds and we may see more prominent moves.

Oct 28 Sun opposition Uranus

Very volatile signature. Look for sharp swings in the market.

Watch for a trough rather than a crest. On a sharp decline into a trough get ready to buy.

Oct 31 Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde marks a period of confusion regarding short term contracts and negotiations. Machinery, electronic items can end up with problems. Running late, car problems

are all part of a Mercury retrograde period. Mercury rules over trading instruments thus decisions on stock trading can be difficult. It may be best to sit this one out when it comes to trading.

NOV 5 Mars waning square Pluto

This signature is more prone to troughs than crests and ½ Primary cycles rather than 18 week Primary cycles.

Gold- significant aspect when it comes to Gold. Trough or crest.

SP500 Possible Primary cycle low on Oct 3.

This may also be the 40 week cycle low for the SP500.

Gold is possibly at its Primary cycle low on Oct 1