Sunday, September 27, 2009

Forecast 09/27/2009

Forecasts will be based on the SP500 as many other North American indexes will follow it closely. Forecast for Gold, Silver Oil, US$ etc. will be noted.

I am looking for the SP500 to reverse to up on Sept 28-29 near the Mercury Direct date. The market should be generally up until the week of Oct 12 where I am expecting a crest and then a market fall until approximately the middle of November.

For Astrologers
The relevant geocentric Astros are
Mars opposition North Node on October 9 '09
Jupiter Direct on Oct 12 '09
Venus translating the Saturn Uranus opposition from Oct 9 - 13 '09
Mercury Shadow date on Oct 14 '09
Venus square Pluto Oct 15 (both in cardinal signs)
Sun Trine Jupiter on October 16
Saturn square Pluto Nov 15

I will define more exact dates as we get closer in time and see how the technical indcators unfold.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mercury Retrograde / First Blog


As this is the first post a brief explanation of what I will be covering on this blog is appropriate.

Market cycles
Each market has it’s own cycles, that is continuing crests and troughs. Examples are the 18 /36 week cycle in Stocks, the 55 trading cycle in stocks, the 56-week cycle in Silver and the 16-week cycle in Oil. Examples of each will be given in subsequent blogs.

Astrological Cycles
In addition to market cycles this blog will also cover astrological cycles. This will include geocentric astrology (earth centred) and heliocentric astrology (sun centred) For the dubious we will be demonstrating these, mostly in chart form.

Unlike many sites, which explain why the markets behave this way or that way, after the fact, the purpose of this blog is to forecast events before they occur. The blog posts with dates will be a record of how we have fared.

To give some examples in this initial post I will use the Mercury retrograde period as a short-term timing indicator for stocks and the heliocentric passage of Mercury into Sagittarius as a signature for Gold.

In geocentric astrology planets can appear to move backwards. They do not of course, but when viewed from earth; the different speeds of the planets can make it appear a planet is going backwards.

Please bear in mind the examples given isolate on one particular astrological aspect and should be viewed in the context of all other astrological activity occurring at a point in time.

The following daily chart of the DJIA shows when Mercury goes retrograde ( red circle) and when it goes direct again (blue circle). At both of these points Mercury would appear to be standing still when viewed from earth. Take a moment to view these points. Note they often occur at highs or lows in the DJIA. At the very least we can say they appear at a short-term change in trend (CIT). In addition there are a number of dates on the chart. These are labelled Mercury shadow dates and are the date when Mercury has moved back to the position it was at when it previously went retrograde. Please note the number of market turns which have occurred within +- 4 days of the Mercury shadow date.

The next Mercury direct date (blue circle) is Sept 29, 2009, the next Mercury Shadow date is October 14, 2009, therefore we are forecasting a market turn +- 4 days from October 14th. This could be up or down, but from other analysis I am forecasting this to be a move down.

Heliocentric Mercury passing through the sign of Sagittarius usually denotes volatility in precious metals and currencies. In particular Gold, see the following daily chart, is volatile and often moves up or down dramatically in the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius. The red x’s denote the days that Heliocentric Mercury is in Sagittarius.

The next passage of Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius starts November 11, 2009 to November 21, 2009. Look for volatility on Gold near November 11. I will use technical indicators as we get closer to that date and post a forecast whether Gold should be going up or down at that time.