Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Uranus Retrograde July 5 2010

Uranus is about to go retrograde (or backward) as seen from Earth. Whenever planets go retrograde they are more powerful than usual. At this time Uranus is already in a powerful position as part of the forming T Square and Grand Cross, depending if you use Hades or not.

At every Uranus retrograde you always have a Sun Square Uranus 14-15 days before and Sun Trine Uranus 15-18 days afterwards. These can all be powerful points and times that should be watched. The dates and daily chart for the SP500 follow.

Sun Square Uranus June 21, 2010
Uranus Retrograde July 5, 2010
Sun Trine Uranus July 23, 2010

Any of the above dates is a potential CIT as is July 12th from other work.

More on the T Square / Grand Cross as we get closer to late July / early August.

Added July 1, Today has Heliocentric Mercury Squared Venus which can be a short term change in trend, although it doesn't look like it intra day.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24th

Although I was concerned this pull-back may be very deep I now believe there is a good possibility we trough out tomorrow June 25th or Monday June 28th.

This would tie in with the 30cd cycle tomorrow and would also end the 1st trading or major cycle of the primary cycle. See chart of SP500. Of course this would also tie in with the Lunar eclipse occuring on June 26th which has been mentioned a few times in previous posts.

This also ties in with the fib chart below which shows time fibs for the March 6, 2090 low to the Jan 19, 2010 top. 50% of this move in time is June 24th.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake Watch

Although not the purpose of this blog we have mentioned the possibility of earth disturbances in mid 2010. The prime dates are around June 26, July 11 and late July / early August.

I bring this up again because we just had a minor shake in southern Ontario Canada.

The dates above are based on Astrology. Unfortunatly if you choose not to believe in Astrology it often works anyway. The above are not firm dates, just areas of time when the potential is greater.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22

Look back at the June 14th post. It appears the pull back forecast to occur near June 26 is now underway. Stock, oil and gold all appear to be pulling back.

This should be short term, probably starting up again at least by next week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 16 - Antiscia for the June 26th Lunar Eclipse

For those with a more advanced knowledge of Astrology tomorrow morning 7:43am EDT based at New York, the Sun will be at the antiscia point for the upcoming partial Lunar Eclipse of June 26th. This should be a powerful eclipse as it lights up the forming T-square and grand cross if you include Hades.

The astiscia is at 25 degrees 14 minutes in Gemini and therefore the contra-antiscia is close to the Galactic center.

This should make for an interesting morning on many fronts.

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14

Rats, failed right at the 200 dma (yellow ma). Also one of my favourite short term indicators (Time Segmented Volume TSV) turned back down. It's a Worden Bros. creation.

See for TSV and lots more.

I still think we will be moving higher over the next couple of weeks but we may have a pull back. Look at the move out of the Feb 5, 2010 low as an example. The SP must break through the 200 dma on significant volume.

A good time frame for a pull back would be June 25/28 as we have a volatile partial lunar eclipse on June 26. We could be looking at a high early in the week of June 14 then down into the eclipse date.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Intraday Example

As an example of intra-day analysis, the following chart is a Gartly pattern.

Currently waiting for a break below $1,078 on the SP to enter a short. If entered may hold until Monday morning.

Monday June 14 is 34td from the April highs and 89td from the Feb 5 low. Expecting a turn on Monday / Tuesday, ideally a low then up.

Astros wise the Sun is in Gemini with Venus and the Moon in Leo starting on June 15. This is usually a volatile period and we could see a big move June 14, 15 to start a move. The move could be up or down but overall I think we should see a trough early in the week than up. Generally speaking the market is very oversold.

The time period of late July / early August is looming with it's very negative Astros. I am expecting an event that will affect the markets, unfortunately it may affect much more than the stock markets.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Week Of June 7

As mentioned in the last pots, looking for a turn, and probably up from June 11 - 15. This appears to be more June 14 /15 for a turn up in stocks.

Another possible turn date is around June 25 nevertheless we are curretnly looking for an uptrending stock market after mid June to late July / early August where we are looking for a steep downturn.

More later.