Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 29

Although potentially very volatile the expectation for the week of Aug 29 is up. There are a number of significant trines, and a fairly wide grand trine. The key date is Tuesday Aug. 30 with Jupiter going retrograde while Venus is trining Jupiter.

After Jupiter turns retrograde, there is always a trine to the Sun within 6 days; and within 6 days before retrograding Jupiter turns direct, there is also a trine to the Sun. Jupiter retrograde is when the things we think we need but aren't really adding to our growth, are somehow removed from our lives. The Jupiter retrograde often doesn’t kick in until after the Sun Trines Jupiter within the 6 day period.

Jupiter Trines the Sun on Sept 2. As this is the holiday weekend look to Sept 6th. This may be a short term peak from which the markets continue their descent.

In addition to the Jupiter and Venus influence there are 4 retro/direct stations within a short period of time.
Aug 26 Mercury direct
Aug 27 Admetos (Uranian point) retrograde
Aug 30 Jupiter retrograde
Aug 31 Cupido (Uranian point) direct.

Retrograde and direct stations often signify periods of change. With so many occurring in a short period of time there may be a very volatile week coming up but with Jupiter and Venus prominent one could expect the week to end higher than it started. If so enjoy it while it last as September may be a continuation of the downward move in the markets.

The red arrow pointing left if the Jupiter retrograde and the light blue circle is the Sun trine Jupiter.

The Sun trine Pluto on Aug 28 has been a marker for turns in Gold. The Jupiter retro also has marked a change in the Gold trend. Possible tops for Gold are early in the week, possibly Aug 30 or Sept 2 when the Sun trines Jupiter. Keep in mind for Gold to top the US$ needs to show signs of a rally which so far is absent.

On the following daily chart Gold appears to be ready to continue it’s assault of a new high. It is very difficult to pick a top in a blow off type move that Gold is in, but try we must, as that is our purpose here. Consider waiting until Gold breaks the 1750, fib 38.2% retracement before going short. Even if there is a pull back in the next few weeks the dominant trend is up and should continue later in the year or early 2012.

Since last presented Silver came back down and tested the heliocentric Jupiter price line and would appear to be bouncing. It ended the week on the 50% retracement of the down move from April to early May. The next test is the fib 61.8% which is close to the helio Venus price line. I suspect we will see Silver make it to this area but will not take out the mid-August highs. Look for potential Silver moves around the Sept 2 date or Sept 13-15. Like Gold Silver is in a long term uptrend.

Like Gold and Silver crude may advance this week with a potential pullback around Sept 2. It could be as early as Aug 30. With the long weekend ahead this may not take effect until the first trading day of the new month Sept 6. As Jupiter is a co-ruler of oil, crude may benefit from the Jupiter transits this week. Crude often makes a high close to the new Moon which is in the evening on August 28. Like stocks, Gold and Silver crude may be volatile with the multiple retro / direct signatures.

As stated in previous posts please allow 3 trading days around any date given in this blog unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quick Note

Most financial indexes and many commodities will await Bernanke's pronouncement at 10:00am on Friday. Christine Lagarde is scheduled to speak as well, but I'm not sure of the time.

On Gold, it appears a pull back is started. I'm looking at 1748- 1750 then 1680-1700 as potential support. Breaking 1680 may indicate a more severe pull back.

Intra-day Silver pulled back to the Jupiter line. See previous posts for a chart. It is a Doji but I think it has further to fall. If Silver broke through the Jupiter line the next Venus line is at approx. 34.00.

I'll post on the weekend with charts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug 15 Follow Up

The gap on open was one day late but we are there.

Watching Gold and Silver for a reversal lower sometime between now and Sept 9th.

See dates from the Aug 15 post.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 15, 2011 - Additional

I mentioned Aug 17 as being a volatile day.

On further review the transits involved occur early in the morning (2:00-3:00am EDT) New York time and therefore the US markets may gap lower on the open if there were some sort of overnight news.

The transits involved are the Moon conjuncting Uranus in Aries which is still in close square to Pluto. Mars is also squaring the Moon Uranus conjunction and opposing Pluto. To add some excitement Mars is almost directly on the position of the July 1st Solar Eclipse. Mars is also in an applying square to Saturn.

I would say. Watch out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 15, 2011

I’ll first look at precious metals starting with my current favourite Silver.

Fundamentally, with the debt problems in Europe and the US, PM’s should be attracting more buying. This may be true in the very short term, however, some cycles (see 21 and 34 month cycle charts) and price action are pointing to a potential decline. There are also some potential Astros dates stretching out from now to Sept 16.

We’ve been following this chart for a number of posts now. Silver is now following the heliocentric Jupiter price line which is also on the Fibonacci 38.2% retracement of the move down from April 25 to May 12. Watch for a break either above or below this line.

The following weekly Gold chart shows the 21 month (red lines) and 34 month (blue lines) cycles. The green line is simply red + blue or the two cycles hitting at approx the same time. As this is a weekly chart and monthly cycles one can’t pick a date based on the cycles so we will use Astros to try and pick dates which will coincide with a reversal in PM’s

The dates are:
Aug 16, 17
Aug 23, 24
Aug 26-30
Sept 13-15

Looking at the daily Gold chart included in a prior post Gold did not stop at the middle fork (green) but vaulted upward to the upper fork and has pulled back a bit. Let’s watch the above dates for a reversal. Volume seems to be pulling back a bit as well.

Keep in mind if we do get a significant pullback in PM’s the long term trend is up and the pull back will be a buying oppourtunity.

Stocks - Summary
Aug 16,17 volatility
Aug 24-26 low
Aug 29 reversal up or Sept 2-6

As far as stocks are concerned we got the volatile ride we were expecting with Mars translating the Uranus Pluto square. Uranus and Pluto will now slowly be separating but will make exact waxing squares seven time from June 2012 through March 2015. This aspect with Jupiter on the downside of the Jupiter Saturn cycle spells continued economic problems and dramatic if not shocking changes to any socio-cultural structures that are obsolete or in need of reform. Pluto also rules debt so the current world-wide debt problems should continue. On the positive side this period should give birth to many new inventions and discoveries. There benefit to society may not be evident until well after the cycle waxing square is completed.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Fibonacci time relationships for the move down from Oct 10, 2007 to March 6, 2009. August 24 is 1.764 of the move.

It should be pointed out August 23 is also 30^2 from the March 6, 2009 low. Previous squares in this sequence have been both highs and lows, so watch the Aug 23/24 dates closely to see what is forming in that time frame. There is also a longer term Saturn Sesquisquare Neptune on Aug 24. That by itself is negative but a very long term transit and therefore effects the whole period (i.e. weeks) around this date. This energy should equate to worry and possibly paranoia. This could also be a period of scandals, rumours and false accusations. It needs a faster moving planet to set it off. Interestingly the next day Mars squares Saturn which may set off this negative energy.

In the same period, Aug 26, Mars is 1/2 way through Cancer. This often relates to turns in the markets.

Coming up this week is we have
Aug 16 Venus, Mercury and Sun conjunction (see previous post re: superior and inferior conjunctions) and Aug 17 Mars is on the July 1 point of the Solar Eclipse. I'm expecting more volatility but not as great as what we recently seen.

As debt is the underlying problem in the markets and Pluto rules debt we may get some relief with Venus and the Sun trining Pluto on Aug 25 and Aug 28 respectively.

There are two retrograde dates coming up. Mercury goes direct on Aug 26. This may have an effect over a longer period than normal as close to the direct date Mercury is Sesquisquare (135 degrees) Uranus. Mercury's apparent motion is very slow around a retrograde or direct date. Expect a sudden change in the markets close by Aug 26 but not necessarily on that date. See my July 30 post and the graphic ephemeris for a picture of the Mercury retro and Sesquisquare Uranus.

On Aug 30 Jupiter goes retrograde. Like many retrogrades there is a beautiful symmetry to Jupiters retros. After Jupiter turns retrograde, there is always a trine to the Sun within 6 days; and within 6 days before retrograding Jupiter turns direct, there is also a trine to the Sun. Jupiter retrograde is when the things we think we need but aren't really adding to our growth, are somehow removed from our lives. The Jupiter Trines the Sun on Sept 2. If the markets have not changed direction by Aug 30, Jupiter retrograde, then watch Sept 2 the trine date. As this is the holiday weekend look to Sept 6th. The Jupiter retro could mark the top in Gold if it hasn't corrected already.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 8, 2011

While I wait to see how the multiple transits to the Uranus / Pluto square (can’t see much positive here) work out this week I’ve taken a look at precious metals.

With the down grading of US debt one would think more monies would be headed for precious metals. Looking at charts of Gold and Silver (below) it’s obvious Gold made new highs while Silver did not. This by itself is negative. Looking at the Silver chart that we have followed for a few posts it can be seen Silver closed almost right on the Jupiter line (blue). Also note when Venus crossed the Jupiter line it jumped up and has now come back down. Friday had a big doji which is indecisive. Watch Silver closely early in the week. It could go either way although I suspect it’s going down. If going up it should follow the Venus (green) line. Remember the Venus and Jupiter lines are based on heliocentric positions.

Looking at the large fork on the Gold chart based on Dec 2, 2009 and Feb 8, 2010 the middle (green) line of the fork has acted as resistance since those dates. Gold has recently come up to the line again and would appear to be bouncing off. Obviously the long term trend is up, but if going down in the short term, look for support around $1600 – 1610.

One note on stocks this coming week. Mercury retro and opposite Neptune on Monday is a signature of lies and deceit. If something is exposed Mars square Uranus on Aug 9 and then Opposing Pluto may result in a drastic move in the markets. This is a signature of drastic change and revolution. Also look for violent uprising or protests. This may be hard to pick out with all the violence and protests going on in the world.

Interesting video on the FED

And remember
It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.