Sunday, April 29, 2012

Astro based Critical Dates 2012

Following is a list of Astro based critical days for 2012. As we progress I may be adding or deleting dates.As always allow +- 3 days. New dates have been added for May and June

Feb 27
March 5, 6
March 8           .
March 13
April 12
May 6 *        Perigee Moon and elections in France and Greece
May 15         Venus Retrograde (see Note 2)
May 20 *     Annular Solar Eclipse
May 24 *      Mercury passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 6        Venus occults the Sun
June 12-14 * Jupiter passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 25      Uranus square Pluto, exact, first of seven
August 15
November 23 *
Note 1 The dates marked with a * are potential times for geophysical events. This only means there is more potential for a geophysical event. The June 6 date can mean the passing of a well known leader.

Note 2  Approximately every 8 years Venus will retrograde near the same degrees of the zodiac. The last time was May 6, 2004 near a low in the DJIA.

Precious Metals April 29, 2012

Precious metals seem to have lost their way over the past few months. The following daily charts of Gold and Silver show prices relative to the heliocentric price lines for Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue).

Gold may have put in a primary cycle bottom on April 4 and if so the last few days may have been the first trading cycle low. If true then Gold should be bullish for the next few weeks. Gold needs to break through Jupiter price line at approx 1670 on strong volume. To continue it would need to put in a higher high and then break through the 200 dma. Gold may also have just put in the right shoulder of a reverse head and shoulders pattern with the head at the Dec 29’ 11 low.

If Gold bounces off the Jupiter price line then we will continue to watch and wait.

Silver has also been wandering away from the helio Venus, Jupiter price lines as well. April 25 may have been the primary cycle trough. On a candlestick chart this would be a strong hammer doji. Silver needs to break through the 23.6 % retracement and the Jupiter price line to give some credence to the April 25 date.

For PM’s to turn bullish the US buck needs to decline. On the following daily chart of the US dollar the blue vertical lines mark 90 calendar days. The question is are we at a high or a low.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stock Market Open April 27, 2012

Tomorrow could be a rough opening with GDP at 8:30am and Mercury parallel Uranus tonight.

I'm putting in some quick shorts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stock Market Volatility Week of April 23 and 30th

In follow up to my posts on April 11 and April19 we have entered the period of stock market volatility. We were looking for a bottom around April 29 +- 3 tds where we had the Sun trine Pluto. This could extend into the week of April 30.

April 25, the FED minutes may swing the markets as may Mercury completing it's translation of the Uranus / Pluto square with it's square to Pluto.

Possible near term bottom in the SP500 is 1290. Note I mentioned near term as depending on what the FED is going to announce or what the EU does will effect where we are going to reach a low.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Volatile Markets Dead Ahead

A brief follow up to the last post.

I’m still looking for a low around the April 29 date +- a few.

I wanted to point out there are some very volatile aspects starting today and continuing into next week. These are

April 20 heliocentric Mars opposing Uranus

April 22 geocentric Mercury conjunct Uranus
              heliocentric Venus opposing Uranus

April 23 Sun trine Mars

April 25 geocentric Mercury squared Pluto

This maybe quite wild. In particular the geocentric aspects of Mercury to Uranus them Pluto is often referred to Mercury translating the Uranus Pluto square.

The latter square has been mentioned in a number of prior posts and will be a major astrological aspect for the next few years. It’s all about radical change, social unrest, debt, taxes and the tearing down of large institutions (or at least the attempt). More on this later. I’ll post charts of the weekend with some longer term cycles.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pluto Retrograde and other Aspects


Pluto Retrograde
I’ve been off for awhile due to a health problem.

Pluto turned retrograde on April 10th.

The Sun always squares Pluto approx 12 days before Pluto turns retrograde and the Sun always trines Pluto approx. 19 days afterwards.

There is usually a turn in stocks near the date of the trine. It can be up or down.

I think we are going to put in a low around the April 29 date, the date of the trine, and I'm looking at the week of April 23rd for that low.

Should be up for a few weeks after that.

In the event that we are rising going into that timeframe then I would be looking for a move down.

The following daily charts for the SP500 shows some history. Pluto retrograde is the red arrow pointing left. The red square is the Sun Pluto square and the light blue circle is the Sun trine Pluto.


Other Aspects
 Coming up we have Mars turning direct from retrograde on April 13 and the Sun opposing Saturn on Sunday April 15. Given a few days either side, both of these aspects have a history of being close to primary cycle trend changes. Since we have recently moved down they may be a signal for a low or they are associated with a low that is already in.

Other stuff

The recent Pluto retrograde was very close to a significant astrological point, that is the heliocentric node of Jupiter which is approximately 10 degrees of Cancer so Pluto was opposing it. The 8-10 degrees of the cardinal signs Cancer and Capricorn have been associated with earthquakes. There were some powerful 8+ magnitude earthquakes off Sumatra.

Solar eclipses have also been associated with earthquakes. The next Annular Solar Eclipse is May 20, 2012. Although eclipses can effect any area in the world their strongest effect is often along the eclipse path. The following is a diagram of the May 20, 2012 eclipse path. Events may not happen on the exact eclipse date. They may be before or after the eclipse date and are often triggered by another planet or point aspecting the degree of the eclipse. May 25, 2012 is also a date of interest.

This is not meant to be fear mongering or sensationalistic, however, it is worth knowing if one was planning a trip to the far east. Many eclipses pass with no geophysical activity at all. The fact we are in a 22 year cycle high for earthquakes should also be considered. I'll do a separate post on the 11 / 22 year sunspot / earthquake cycle in a future post.