Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oct 22

Since early March 2007 the major aspect of Mars and Neptune can be found at fairly significant dates in the US stock markets. Mars squares Neptune tomorrow Oct 22 which is also a full moon date, after the close.

The following daily chart of the DJIA shows the major aspects of Mars and Neptune.
Conjunction - red dot
Opposition - red double arrow
Square - red square (what else)

This may result in a significant move. Neptune will be turning direct on Nov 7 and is therefore moving very slowly backwards at the present time. This can make the effects of a planet more powerful. The fact that a number of market cycles point to a forming crest, I would expect the move to be down.

Let me state again, any dates given are +- 3 days unless stated otherwise.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week of Oct 18

It looks like the last post labeled Oct 12 should have been Oct 13. That currently appears to have been the high, one day off.

On Friday Oct 15, the SP500 was finding resistance at 78.6% of the move from the highs in April '10 to the low July 1 '10. This is approx. 1,176.

We may be looking at a pull back into next week. The full moon on Oct 22 may be a good target short term. This also has Mars squared Neptune and is one day off the Sun moving into Scorpio.

If we are looking at a short term pull back in stocks I would expect a short term reversal in the US$ plunge. The following daily chart shows the full moon and the fact it often reverses (short term) near full moon dates. Note that says often, not always. For interests sake this is the second full moon in Aries in a row. Other than that they do not have much in common.

A short term pull back in the US$ should coincide with a pull back in precious metals, oil, commodities etc.

Gold may also be near a s/t crest. The following daily gold chart shows the 118 cd chart. The red dots are Moon Pluto conjunctions.

To reiterate from previous post, all dates given, unless noted otherwise are +- 3 days.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 12

I'm looking for a short term down turn starting tomorrow, Oct 12 with lows around Oct 22 in the SP500.

Looking at market cyles and Astros.

Often get s/t turns on Sun in Libra Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon leaves Sag tomorrow after squaring the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction. This is close to exact when the moon crosses the ascendant.

We are also at a 15-16 td high for the SP500.

We are also in the timeframe for heliocentric Mercury 3 pass. In the following chart light green shows Helio Mercury in Virgo.
When Mercury is in the middle cycle the market tends to go up into the Mercury in Virgo period then down. I use this and other similar longer term
signatures to get approx. time frames for turns well in advance. I've posted this before.

Venus, which is still in the retrograde window is again sesquisquare (135 degrees) Uranus. It was sesquisquare Uranus on Oct 7 as well,
sandwiching the Venus retrograde date. When Venus and Uranus get together things tend to change. With Venus it is often currencies.

Also looking for s/t reversal in US$ (90 cd low) and possible 13 - 14 cd low. Basically the US$ is oversold and stocks overbought
looking for monies to flow back into the US$ s/t.

As mentioned above we are still in the Venus retrograde window. It isn't just one day. On the following weekly chart the red arrows pointed left show the Venus retro periods and the US$.
I hope it doesn't disappoint me this time.

There are a number of heliocentric aspects as well. For most aspect I don't look at them as good or bad just a change in mass psychology and thus a CIT.

Heliocentricaly Mercury conjuncts Saturn and both oppose Venus. Other stuff going on but I take a special interest in all the planets between the Sun and the Earth.

Have I forgotten to mention anything. Probably, like Heliocentric Mars is trining the Mercury, Saturn conjunction and trining Venus giving the structure more energy.