Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quantitative Easing Explained

It would be funny if it wasn't so true.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov '10 early Dec'10

Nov 9th worked out rather well. This had a Pluto North Node conjunction (very long term aspect) and the moon came by and made a conjunction to both at approx 3:00 pm New York time.

I always like to find other market cycles or geometry that coincide with Astros.

In this case we also had

July 1, 2010 low SP
1010.91 * (.618034 ^5) = 91.154
07/01/2010 + 91td = 11/09/2010

This is based on one of Stan Harley's calcs.


We've had 2 direct dates this month, Nov. 2010
Nov 5 Chiron direct
Nov 7 Neptune direct

and have 2 coming up
Nov 18
Venus direct
Jupiter direct

And 1 in early Dec
Dec 5 Uranus direct

Both Venus and Jupiter have a record of turns close to their direct dates. This is not always the case. The fact that both planets are in their ruler-ship would portend a favourable period, however, I use them as potential CIT dates and use technicals as we get closer to determine if it is a likely crest or trough. This is also the 19th week of the Primary cycle and therefore good timing for a low to end the cycle.

There's more going on Nov 18th.
When Neptune or Chiron go direct the Sun always trines Neptune or Chiron approx 18 days before the direct date and the Sun squares Neptune or Chiron approx. 11 days after the direct date.

In this case the Sun square Neptune and Chiron occur on Nov 18.

Similarly when Uranus goes direct the Sun trines Uranus approx 16-17 days before the direct station and the Sun squares Uranus approx 13 days after the direct date.

In this case the Sun trines Uranus on Nov 19th.

In addition Nov 17 is 144 td's from the April 26, 2010 high.

In summary Nov 18 +- should be a CIT and at the time of writing appears to be shaping up to be a trough, however, we need to watch the price action in the coming few days as there are many significant moving parts at the moment particularly currencies.

Looking into December we have Uranus turning direct on Dec 5 and there is also a nasty heliocentric grand cross on Dec 5 which may result in a difficult opening on Dec 6. This is during a period where Mars squares both Jupiter and Uranus so quick changes will be the order of the day. These could represent war like aspects.

Please remember any of the dates given are +- a few and could be more for long term aspects.

Recent history of Venus and Jupiter retrograde direct dates.

Venus (red arrow left - retrograde, blue arrow - right - direct)

Jupiter ( red circle retrograde, blue circle - direct)