Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week of July 19 and Coming T Square / Grandcross

We are now approaching the astrological time frame now known as the "Cardinal Climax".

This group of planets have been coming together for a few months and are now becoming more exact.

The planetary configuration is know as a T square or a grand cross if you include the Uranian planet Hades.

Briefly the planets include
Jupiter square Pluto (13-14 year event)
Saturn opposition Uranus July 26 (45 year event)
Jupiter opposition Saturn Aug 16 (20 year event)
Saturn square Pluto Aug 21 (32-37 year event)

This configuration is more powerful due to the fact the above planets are in Cardinal signs.

The longer term transits which are part of the Cardinal climax are 20, 30 and 45 year transits. It is difficult to identify a specific day with such long term events. They will need a faster moving planet to trigger them.

There are triggers
July 30, 31
Aug 3
Aug 6,9
Aug 20,23
Sept 23

In particular Mars will be conjunct Saturn, opposing Jupiter and Uranus and squared Pluto from July 20 - Aug 3.

The meat of the transits is between July 23 and August 21, however, it should be understood the effects of these longer term transits can be for many months or years.

I look at most of these transits having more to do with geophysical events, terrorism or war, radical changes especially government changes etc. than the stock market, however, they do have financial market implications as well.

Watch for potential armed conflict, geophysical stresses (earthquakes and volcanoes) and revolutionary activity. The latter would include terrorism. A return or further emphasis of the world's financial system debt problems is also a possibility.