Sunday, July 29, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology July 30, 2012

Following along from the July 24 post the SP did turn up on July 26 on the Venus quintile Uranus aspect.

I continue to watch aspects leading into the week of August 6 where there are 2 very long term transits noted in bold below. Long term transits can be in affect many weeks or months.

Aug 7 Pluto opposition Kronos (Kronos is a Uranian point)
Aug 8 Mercury truns direct
Aug 9 Venus conjunct Hades (Hades is a Uranian point)
Aug 9 Venus trine Neptune
Aug 9 Neptune trine Hades.

Long term transits like these need a faster moving planet to set them off. In the case of Neptune trine Hades, Venus is translating the aspect, thus we may see some results in the week of August 6. Besides the stock market the Neptune trine Hades may be signalling major water, oil or gas pollution or a gaseous chemical spill or attack. Nothing much good comes from Hades contacts other than there may be some new antiquities found in this case something to do with or under water. This could signal an event which is detrimental to the markets and we would be looking at a high which may last for some time.

As an interesting note, when I was researching the Neptune Hades trine I found the last trine was in April 1909. On further review I found the Anglo Persian Oil Company was formed in London on April 14, 1909. On that date Neptune was in exact square to Saturn. Neptune rules oil.

Aug 8, 9 is 89 td from April 2 top and 55 td from May 18 low. This is a time period for a change in trend. At this time I’m looking at July 24 as being the trough for the 1st Major cycle (nominal 6 week) of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) which started on June 4th. If this is the case the week of August 6 would only be 3 weeks along the 2nd Major cycle. I will need to watch the price action and technicals to watch for a turn. If it is a world event there typically will be no warning in the markets.

Pluto in opposition to Kronos has no faster moving planet to set it off during the week of Aug 6. This may have a more positive effect anyway. The Moon does conjunct Pluto tomorrow, July 30, so watch for some possible action at that time. This would be a great signature for excellence in sporting events for the Olympics. The case mentioned above about a chemical spill or attack…not so much.

Gold broke to the upside of a triangle but not by much. Nevertheless it looks slightly more positive but need to start making higher highs and higher lows. The first hurdle is the July 3 high. PM’s will look bearish if Gold fails to take out the July 3 high and more bearish if it breaks the bottom of the triangle it just exited.

From the July 24 post we may have more upswing here, after the fib 233 td from the Aug 23, 2011 high.

We are 5 weeks along from the Primary cycle trough in crude and may have had the Major cycle crest on July 19. We either just had the Major cycle trough but my bet is it is ahead of us thus we should see a pull back in crude. Once the trough is in Crude could turn more bullish. The August 9 date with Neptune prominent could be the trough in crude.

The following daily chart for crude shows the 17 month cycle (red) and 1/2 or 8.5 months in blue. We just had a 8.5 month cycle low on June 28 with the 17 month next due in early March 2013.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A volcano in Sakurajima in southern Japan

I believe we'll be seeing a few more of these in the next couple of years.

We'll see if this makes it to the main stream press.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24 update

Going back to the July 2 post. If the SP500 index closes below 1325 be very careful and possibly get out.

From the last post, note the close was almost on the 42 td simple moving average.

Turns often occur near  the Venus quintile (72 degree) Uranus which is exact on July 26. Give it + - 2 td's.

Remember July 26 is fib 233 td from the Aug 23, 2011 high.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology July 23, 2012

The SP500 looks like it put in a primary cycle (nominal 18 week) low on June 4 and a major cycle (nominal 6 week) top on July 19, 2012. That being the case the SP500 index may get support around the 42 day simple moving average. Assuming we get support at that level the index should be going up later this week. We often see turns when the Sun trines the North Node, July 24. Then we have a favourable trine from Mercury to Uranus on July 25, Venus quintile Uranus on July 26 and the Moon on the point of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse (November 13, 2012)  on July 27. Any of the above can signal a turn, assuming we are going down on those days.

I’m still looking at the time period around August 9th +- 3 tds where we have Venus conjunct Hades, Venus trine Neptune, Neptune trine Hades. August 8 is 89 td from the April 2nd top and August 7th is 55 td from the May 18 low. August 8th is also the day Mercury turns retrograde. This period should be a significant high or a low and I think a high and down for most of August. There may be some type of world event around this time involving water, gases, pollution.

So basically go long this week and get out late in the first week of August. Possibly go short at that point but we need further price action before being so bold.

As stated in my last post the US$ often turns around Uranus retrograde. Looks like it’s trying to.

July 26 is fib 233 td from the August 23, 2011 high.

It looks like crude put in a primary cycle bottom (nominal 18 week) on June 28. This puts us 4 weeks along and we may have just seen the Major cycle (nominal 6 week) crest on July 19. Crude is already close to the 16 td moving average.. Watch for support here, although it could fall further if it peaked on July 19th.

July 23, 2012

Today is fib 34 td (trading days) from the June 4, 2012 low. Further detailed post this evening.

I'm still looking at Aug 9th +- 3 tds as being a significant period for the stock market and possibly some world event.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology - Week of July 16, 2012

The SP bounced off the trend line as shown on the following daily chart. It's close to resistance at 61.8% retracement of the move down from late March 2012 to early June. If it continues up this week we should see resistance around 1389, the 78.6% retracement of the same move.

Astrologically this week has the potential of being quite violent. Mars will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square. Mars is making other contacts as well. On the plus side Mars trines Jupiter on July 17th, usually a positive indicator and it may be. Jupiter in Gemini is in it's detriment thus we may not get the more favourable effects and instead see things as being over done and too zealous. Will there be an effect on the stock market? Unsure at this time. If the violent indicators effect countries with a crude supply then yes.

Also Bernanke will be making appearances before a Senate panel and the House Financial Services committee. If there were hints of QE3 then we should get a boost. At this point the FED has shown no signs of more easing. Probably holding powder in case there are more severe circumstances in the near future.

There may very well be reason to fear worse economic and financial conditions as a number of cycles are hitting in early August and there are some long term transits hitting around August 9th. Venus conjunct Hades (a Uranian point), Venus trine Neptune and Neptune trine Hades. This is the day after Mercury turns direct, a time when the market often changes direction.

All in all I would expect next week to be a time of continued and perhaps escalated violence with the Mars transists. The markets explosion are in the near future and probably August.

The US$ often changes direction after Uranus turns retrograde. It did so on July 13 so watch for a possible change in the US$ over the next 2 weeks. A weakening US$ would of course be beneficial for Gold and Crude. It would have to coincide with a strengthening of the Euro. Hard to fathom at this point.

Gold looks like it's trying to rally although it has to start making higher highs and higher lows. Gold looks like it is in the first Trading cycle (nominal 3 week) of the second Major cycle (nominal 6 week) of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week). If this is correct I would expect Gold to be up this week.

On the negative side there is a signature, Mars waxing trine to Jupiter on May 17. This often coincides with a trough in Gold nearby and then a rally. If we do go down, and I'm not expecting this, Gold should rally after the trough is complete.

The period around July 26 should be either a trough or a crest as it is fib 233 trading days from the August 23, 2011 high. See the fib grid on the following daily chart of Gold.

We should be in the 3rd week of the Primary cycle thus we should see some more upside.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earth Bound CME

CME arriving near 1:00am EDT, July 14, 2012.

This is arriving when Uranus and Mercury are turning retrograde. Possible malfunctions in any electrical / communication equipment and geophysical disturbances.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology - Coming Up

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows a 64 td cycle which looks like a short term trough here then up.

I have August 9 as a significant Astro date with Neptune trine Hades (a Uranian point), Venus conjunct Hades and Venus trine Neptune. This could signify a top and a significant one.

Further out there is a powerful Total Solar Eclipse on November 13. This eclipse will be the first one shifting into the Taurus / Scorpio signs. These are the money / financial signs.

As mentioned before on the date of the election Mercury goes retrograde. The only other election that had Mercury going retrograde ended up counting chads in Florida. I expect some type of fraud or recounts for this election as well. Could November 13 be a reaction to it? We'll see.

The chart above shows some recent eclipses. The Solar eclipses are red and the Lunar eclipses are blue.

All dates should be + - 3 trading days (td).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updated Dates

The following dates are for potential CIT's (Change In Trend) or large range days. All dates should be +- 3 trading days

Updated Dates 2012

Feb 27
March 5, 6
March 8           .
March 13
April 12
May 6 *        Perigee Moon and elections in France and Greece
May 15         Venus Retrograde (see Note 2)
May 20 *     Annular Solar Eclipse
May 24 *      Mercury passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 6        Venus occults the Sun
June 12-14 * Jupiter passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 25-29     Uranus square Pluto, exact, first of seven
July 16
August 9       Potentially a significant top or bottom
September 19
November 13
November 28

Monday, July 2, 2012

Early July 2012 Stock Market and Astros

The following chart was first shown in a March 11, 2012 post. The fib retracements are from A to B and then taken off point C. I'm expecting a few more light volume days generally up into July 6th or 9th. The fact that they should be light volume also implies they could be very volatile. Tomorrow is a full Moon with the Moon close to a conjunction with Pluto. The latter has had many big range days.July 6 has Mars square Hades, a Uranian point. There could be a pull back the following week but I expect the general markets to trend up after this pullback. If at any time the market pulls back to and through the 78.6% retracement as seen on the following daily chart of the SP500 I will be selling and possibly shorting the SP500.

It appears Gold has just put in a Major cycle trough (6-7 weeks) and should have a few days of upside at least. PM's have a lot of work to start making higher highs and higher lows. Gold looks like it will make a short rebound here and then head down once again.

Crude appears to have just put in a Primary cycle low (nominal 18 week) and should have some upside, however there are a lot of geopolitical events and supply / demand issues that may impede crude on making much progress to the upside.

The week of July 16 brings Mars to the forefront and in fact may be signatures signalling violence or war or simply putting more energy into the on-going political and debt problems.

For whatever reasons crude prices seem to be reacting to Uranus so watch July 13 as Uranus turns retrograde.