Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gold and Silver Jan 4, 2011

Gold and silver may be coming into a critical time band.

On Jan 4 there is a partial solar eclipse. In addition there is a Jupiter Uranus conjunction on Jan 4th, 2011 with Venus trining both Jupiter and Uranus. Venus squares Neptune the same day.

Allow an orb around Jan 4th of a few days before and after.

These signatures should coincide with turns in many markets.

We are expecting;

a high in the SP500
a low in the US dollar
a high in Gold and silver
a high in crude

These may not be a major high or low but a high or low in this time period.

In the case of Gold and Silver this may mark a significant longer term high.

The following daily chart of Gold shows the recent history of Venus in waning trine to Jupiter and Uranus and sqaure to Neptune. Note that Jupiter and Uranus have been very close to conjunction for many months.

Previous waning trines for Venus and Jupiter / Uranus and square to Neptune are circled.

Note, this is the waning trine, that is the trine between the opposition and next conjunction.

It should also be noted that Silver is due for a 111 week cycle low. The period around Jan 4th could be the crest for silver before it drops into this cycle trough.

Following is a weekly chart of Silver showing the potential 111 week cycle.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec 10 - 13, 2010

Although I had Dec 6 as a CIT I'm now looking for a turn Dec 13, 2010 +- 3 tds.

As others have pointed out this is 1 td after the Mercury retrograde and the day where Mercury conjuncts Mars and Pluto. The whole time frame of December is volatile with confrontational overtones.

From my work the period around Dec 13 should mark a low. It may be the primary cycle low assuming it did not take place on Nov 30 for the SP500.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows time fibs from Oct 11, 2007 to March 6, 2009 fall next on Dec 14, 2010 at 1.214 of the move.

The US$ on the other hand is 89 td from the Aug 6, 2010 low. This may signal a short move for the US$. If it continues down this coming week, this may signal a short term low. then up.

More to come.

It is quite possible Gold and Silver put in their primary cycle bottom Nov 17, within 1 day of the Venus and Jupiter direct dates. The primary cycle is the nominal 17 - 18 week cycle which has an average cycle trough to trough time of 15-21 weeks for Gold and 13-21 weeks for Silver.

Crude put in a low on Nov 17 as well, however, crude is only 12 weeks into it's current primary cycle and therefore probably early for a cycle that is approx. 15-23 weeks on average. Nov 17 may have been then 1/2 primary cycle.