Sunday, July 31, 2011

August 2011 and the Markets Update

As an update to the last post.

Right now there's a major geomagnetic storm underway on the Sun, a Kp=5 magnitude event that was apparently triggered by a big fluctuation in the solar wind.

Earlier Saturday, there was also a huge solar flare (almost an X-class event) from a big sunspot, Number 1261. While it is not directly related to the colossal geomagnetic storm, it is definitely adding even more strength to the turbulence in solar activity.

These massive disturbances are still playing out on the Sun, and the disruptions to the geomagnetic fields around the Sun and Earth is likely to continue over the next several days at least.

What effect is possible. Problems with the electrical grid, radio signals and cell phones. Watch for wild fluctuations in the futures markets and possible geophysical events.

Not mentioned in the last post, the Moon will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square on Aug 3 by opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. Watch for a reversal in Gold and Silver (other commods. ?) in early August or Aug 16/17.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

August 2011 and the Markets

August is shaping up to be a very volatile month. Some of this is a repetition of previous posts, but at the beginning of the month it is probably a good idea for emphasis. In light of the US default debate, early August should be particularly volatile. When a solution to the US debt issue is apparent I would expect a very quick reversal up. Around mid month (Aug 16/17) we may commence a hard slide down.

Following are some key Astro and Fib dates: All dates are +- 3 tds

Aug 3 This is a Merriman date and is the middle of a cluster of Astro dates
(Aug 1 Sun square Jupiter, Aug 2 Mercury retrograde, Aug 3 Mars enters Cancer and is trine Neptune, Aug 4 Mars conjunct Hades, Neptune backs up into Aquarius, Aug 5 Venus squared Jupiter).

In addition Aug 5 is a Fib date that is 610 td (trading days) from the March 6, 2009 lows. See the blue vertical lines on the following daily chart of the SP500. Also note we are right on the trend line (light blue) and at the 76.4% and 78.6% fib retracement of the move from the July 1, 2010 low to the May 2, 2011 high. The SP500 is also just above the 200 dma. Breaking sharply below this area would be extremely negative therefore I’m looking for the debt ceiling issue to be resolved Aug 3-5 with a quick large pop to follow.

And in addition to the above, taking a significant low July 1,2010 and squaring the calendar days looks like the following

Squares of CD from July 1, 2010

13^2 = 12/17/2010
14^2 = 01/13/2011
15^2 = 02/11/2011
16^2 = 03/14/2011 L
17^2 = 04/16/2011 L
18^2 = 05/21/2011 L
19^2 = 06/24/2011 L
20^2 = 08/05/2011 ?

The first 3 dates listed were during the dramatic run up. The last 4 dates were on lows and we are therefore looking for another low around Aug 5.

Aug 10 August 9-11 has Mars translating the Uranus / Pluto square. This should have a negative impact but may be cancelled if the debt ceiling is resolved the previous week. If not resolved this could equate to the low.

During this time period, Aug 12th, the Sun will be translating the Uranus / Pluto by sesquisquare (45 degrees). Aug 13th, Venus will do the same as they are almost conjunct. See the following 45 degree graphic ephemeris for the month of August 2011. A graphic ephemeris simply shows the position of the planets over time. A 45 degree graphic ephemeris is the 8th harmonic, that is 360 degree /8 = 45 degrees. The 8th harmonic is also known as the harmonic of manifestation, that meaning these aspects tend to have a direct impact at the physical level we know as reality. At least I think it's reality.

Aug 13 New Moon. Often a high, even if a lower high.

Aug 16 The Sun will be conjunct Mercury and Venus. This will be a superior conjunction of Venus and inferior conjunction for Mercury. Mercury and Venus are the only two planets between the Earth and the Sun. A superior conjunction happens when the Earth and Venus are on opposite sides of the Sun. Same for Mercury. We should say, Mercury is retrograde from Aug 2 through Aug 26. Not a good time for making deals or coming up with strategies to fix long term debt problems.

Aug 17 Mars will be on the July 1, 2011 eclipse point. There is also a time fib. From Oct 10, 2002 to March 6, 2009 is 2,339 cd (calendar days). 2339 * fib .382 = 894 cd
March 6, 2009 + 894 = Aug 17, 2011.

Aug 16/17 may mark a high or low in the markets. If we have rebounded from the US debt ceiling fiasco this may be the high then down. If the markets are still down, doubtful, then this may mark the bottom then up.

More on the latter half of August later.

One last comment. Have you ever noticed how the powers that be get a lot of attention on one news item when they are trying to get a more important item off centre stage. Of course the mainstream media is so willing to oblige. The message, be aware of a surprise item hitting the world attention in August.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19 Update

A brief mid-week update.

Following is the Silver chart I have followed for a few weeks. Although the Jupiter line could act as support I think Silver will crash through the Jupiter line and may not get support at the Venus line. We have to wait and see but I shorted Silver today via an ETF.

Probably more important it looks like stocks (SP500) are about to go on a run. If they do I expect they will come to a resounding stop and reverse at one of the early August dates I detailed in the previous post. I went long on a SP500 ETF.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 18, 2011

At first blush the next two weeks look like a bit of a reprieve from the astrological mayhem we have been in. This may be true as the month of August is filled with explosive signatures.

Before I comment on August I should mention the heliocentric transit of Mercury in Sagittarius. The first few days of this transit tends to be more bullish for currencies and precious metals than for stocks. We say tends to as approx. 80% of the time that is true. Keep in mind the other 20% precious metals may go down quickly and stocks may go up quickly..

Watch this play out as heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius on July 19 until July 30. The technical indicators I’m looking at point to a possible rise in stocks and down in precious metals. Not sure on currencies.

Any of the eclipse dates we have followed so far have been market movers so we should also mention July 20th, Mars is on the antiscia point (20Gem48) of the July 1 solar eclipse.

July 27 has the Sun trining Uranus which is the trine which always occurs after the Uranus retrograde. Review a previous post for a Uranus retrograde chart. This looks like it could be signalling a rising stock market. A rising stock market a few days before the US debt deadline seems difficult to envision so we’ll watch closely.

Now we come to August. The first half of August will be dominated by Mars transits and events. Mars is the God of war, but also the fight or flight impulse. It governs the concepts of action, motivation, impulses and hostility. It also is the threat of war perhaps as a means to control populations. Before looking at the aspects it should be mentioned Mars enters Cancer on Aug 3rd. In Cancer Mars is in it’s fall or where it operates with the least strength. Mars and Cancer are just not compatible. The next day, Aug 4th, however Mars will be conjunct the Uranian point Hades. Remember Hades as Pluto's mean big brother. So this period Aug 2- 4 must be looked at as a possible turning point in the markets and obviously covers the US debt limit date. Other world issues may infringe on our concentration on the markets. Apparently there is more going on in the world than the dance of the SP500. Who knew?

Next up is August 9 – 11 where Mars will first square Uranus and then oppose Pluto. This is a classic war aspect, which we may get by with a weakened Mars in Cancer. This signature is also one which screams debt problems. Is it the US or more problems in Europe. Don't know, but these aspects point to debt problems coming out in an explosive fashion.

We have more. Aug 16 the Sun will be conjunct Mercury and Venus. This will be a superior conjunction of Venus and inferior conjunction for Mercury. Mercury and Venus are the only two planets between the Earth and the Sun. A superior conjunction happens when the Earth and Venus are on opposite sides of the Sun. Same for Mercury. We should say, Mercury is retrograde from Aug 2 through Aug 26. Not a good time for making deals or coming up with strategies to fix long term debt problems.

Aug 17 Mars will be on the point of the July 1st partial solar eclipse date.

There are a lot of dates mentioned above most will be signals for volatility and big range days. There is the potential for a more severe market crash in the above time frame but my thinking is the market crash is a 2012 or 2013 event.

Lets see if we can go up next week, starting July 18, based on the stock markets having put in a 50 week cycle bottom in mid June. We are therefore in the 5th week of a new primary cycle (nominal 18 week cycle) and the 50 week cycle. Things should be bullish. If they do not turn bullish shortly we have very big trouble coming. Looking at the August transits, we may have big trouble coming anyway.

And to carry on with our silver chart, silver came up, off the Venus line and is trying to break through the Jupiter line. If successful it may go up fast. This would tie into the heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius transit mentioned above. It still has to break through the Jupiter line and technicals point to an overextended Silver market. Watch closely.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Today has two eclipse related transits.

The Sun is at the antiscia of the June 1, 2011 solar eclipse and Venus is at the July 1, 2011 solar eclipse point.

Markets should be very volatile.As this is written the SP futures are down substantially.

In addition the Moon will be transiting through Sagittarius which is often positive for stocks.

Looking at this as a down day, but volatile.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011 Update

To follow along the Sun translated the Uranus/Pluto square June 26-28 (see previous post). Expecting a low there but not the large up move. Presently assuming we have seen the 50 week cycle trough we were waiting for, a tad early.

We are now entering the time period where Venus will translate the Uranus/Pluto square July 7-8. Since Uranus will turn retrograde on July 9 it is almost stopped at this time. Will we be a looking at another low, making the 50 week a double bottom? With Uranus in the mix anything can happen. I tend to like the latter. This is also another time frame to look for geophysical activity as well. In addition to Uranus and some Jupiter transits we have the moon at perigee (closest point to earth for this pass) on July 7.

If crude is seen dropping into the weekend of July 16, look for a potential reversal the week of July 18. This is based on some mid-point transits.

Gold we thought would be going down into mid-month, however price action points to a continued rise so we'll just watch this one. Heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius on July 19. We often see big moves in precious metals and currencies in the first few days of this transit.

We are still expecting the US$ to start a longer term move up but it may have another trip to test the bottom first. This was based on a 17 and 18 month market cycle not Astros.

All dates given are +- 3 trading days (td's). When looking at monthly cycles they can be off by a month. The following is a weekly chart of the US buck.

I'll also keep posting the Silver chart simply because it interests me. There was a good question re: this chart. The Venus / Jupiter price lines are based on heliocentric (Sun centered positions.

It appears Silver will be moving up using the Venus price line as support but check price action frequently if in the trade.