Thursday, December 27, 2012

YOD - continued

This YOD mentioned in the previous post returns March 15 - early April 2013.

Note: Added Jan 1, 2013.
Events happening around this time period may involve an escalation of tension between China and Japan.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Financial Astrology, Forming YOD, December 21, 2012

Note: This post has little to do with daily stock market movements.

This post will discuss the forming YOD between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. I look at such configurations as having an effect over a longer period of time and it is when some other planet or point aspects the YOD that it is activated. Normally YOD’s between slower moving planets, such as listed above, are rare occurrences. Surprisingly, in this case, a very similar YOD took place around May 22, 1989. More on that shortly but first here is what a YOD looks like. I have drawn up both charts used in this post with a New York city location even though I live in Canada.

A YOD occurs when at least 2 planets sextile one another while both quincunx  a third planet. The third planet or Apex of the YOD

In this case Saturn is in sextile to Pluto. Currently these two planets are also in mutual reception, that is, each in the others rulership and therefore making each other stronger than usual.

Both of these planets are in quincunx (150 degrees) to Jupiter which is at the Apex of this YOD. To highlight them the three planets are in blue circles on the above chart.  A quincunx is an aspect which shows where things don’t work well together, they are off balance and a choice must be made. The two planets may not inhibit the other but will not work well with each other. Undisciplined thinking is common.

Pluto represents wealth and power (old money), things in life which are hidden, violence and transformation. Change which is permanent and final. Pluto is in Capricorn and therefore currently affecting big business and any large organizations like the government, religious organizations. Saturn represents the status quo, public sorrow, loss and threatening epidemics. Saturn is in Scorpio where it may be more intense than usual and perhaps best described as cruel.

Jupiter represents a nations wealth, banks and bankers, the religious and judicial world, the justice system and prominent judges. Jupiter currently is in Gemini the sign of its detriment, where it operates with the least strength. Jupiter is going to have the energies from Saturn and Pluto bearing down on it through the quincunx aspects. Jupiter known as the greater benefict may have trouble assimilating these energies. The negative side of Jupiter would be over doing a response to the energies. These energies are the energy of the power of large entrenched organizations and that do not want to change. Through this YOD change may be coming but it will be difficult and perhaps overdone. A choice must be made. Retaining the status quo is a choice.

The point opposite the Apex pinpoints where the new orientation will center itself. In this case it is obvious from the chart above that Venus is opposing the Apex. At approx. 7 degrees in Sagittarius. What is not obvious is this point is very close to the position of the Sun during the last Lunar eclipse at 6 degrees 46 minutes in Sagittarius. This YOD should be very powerful.

It is said the energy coming Saturn and Pluto go to Jupiter then all the energy comes back to Venus opposing the apex. So we may have something coming up which is related to the wealth or resources of a country. Could it be the fiscal cliff issue currently being negotiated. Could be, but who said it was the U.S of A. Venus also relates to issues of peace and diplomatic resolutions. There is a certain violent and secretive nature to this YOD.

The next week or so should see the results of this YOD materializing. Look for isues involving large organizations been pressured to change or move in a direction they do not want to go. Jupiter will flavour this energy and I suspect it will be over done. With Saturn public sorrow is already with us with the recent killings in Connecticut. The move to curtail gun sales is already on the move before few real facts have emerged. Are prescription drugs at all an issue with the killer?

As noted above the previous YOD involving these planets was around May 22 1989.

Some interesting events around that time were;

i)                    The Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress resigned May 31, 1989
ii)                   The Tiananmen Square massacre June 4, 1989
iii)                 There were a number of US / Russia / China issues which may come to the fore once again in 2012.
I'm looking for the same themes to emerge again.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Financial Astrology December 10, 2012

When I first looked at this week I thought it would be the start of a fairly significant downtrend. I’m still expecting such a move but probably a few weeks later with a larger low late January / early February 2013. The upcoming week looks very volatile with the possibility of a smaller down move than originally anticipated.

The following chart shows the primary cycle (nominal 18 week cycle) put in a low on Nov 16, 2012. This was actually an extended primary cycle as it was 24 weeks from the primary low on June 4th. Cycles are normally bullish at the beginning and therefore, based on this cycle, it would look like more upside in the SP500 based on this cycle. Other factors point to a pull back.

It appears Gold and Silver made primary cycle lows on Nov 5, 2012 and Crude on Nov 7, 2012.

Beyond the market cycles mentioned above this coming week has a number of significant Astros. Monday evening Dec 10th the Sun will be quintile Neptune (a Quintile is 72 degrees) and has had a recent history of strong down moves. The following chart shows the Sun Neptune Quintiles (red circles). The chart also shows Mercury transiting through Sagittarius (blue x’s). Mercury in colourful energetic Sag can result in big price swings in many markets. There is another cycle hitting on Dec 10th as well. I’m just mentioning this as I’m still testing it’s consistency.

On Tuesday Dec 11th Mercury squares Neptune. This is almost the same position it held at the Nov 13th Solar eclipse. This can mean a number of things, lies and deceit seems to be emphasized.Since we brought up lies and deceit there is a FOMC meeting ending Dec 12 with the chairman speaking around 2:00pm. This could tie into the Uranus direct and unsettling news.

On Dec 13 Uranus turns direct. This signature can result in wild price swings in many markets. As usual give these aspects +- 3 td's. Watch all markets you are interested in but particularly Gold and Silver and currencies. This signature should be emphasized as there is a New Moon in Sagittarius as well.

There are a number of other astrological aspects next week. One I have shown before is the 3 cycle Heliocentric Mercury chart. That is every 3rd cycle of heliocentric Mercury when Helio Mercury is in Virgo (see green x’s on the following chart) the market often goes down around the time Mercury exits Virgo (see blue circles). Helio Merc leaves Virgo Dec 10th this week. Sometimes it takes a week or so but very consistent.

We are still in the time window for Sun spots and significant earthquakes / volcanoes. The time period around Dec 21st has a number of Astros with a history of geophysical stress. Most of December a Yod is forming between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Yod's involving slower moving planets don't appear that often. This one also has Venus opposing Jupiter at the apex. More on this in the next post as it appears to be a very important aspect.

The Yod looks like this.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012 and November 28, 2012 Lunar Eclipse

Over the next month there are a number of significant Astrological events which could affect the markets. I have been looking at these as generally negative but at the same time some of market cycles we follow would appear to be near troughs and thus should be headed up. My reading of this at the time of writing is we will hit some shocks which will knock the market down then it will go up only to go down again with a more serious low at the end of Jan’12 / early Feb ’13. This may change as the events unfold.

First the general Astro out look.

Starting tomorrow Nov 23 Mars will be in waning square to Uranus and begin it’s translation of the Uranus / Pluto waning square and then Mars conjunct Pluto on November 27 If nothing else this period should be volatile. The last time Mars translated this square was early August 2011. Remember any dates given are a minimum 3 +- trading days (tds). We are still in the time period for significant earthquake activity. Volcanoes to if you have been following that news.

One of the configurations present at the moment is Saturn in Scorpio and both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. This means these planets are in mutual reception. Each in the others sign. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn. This fact, taken by itself, means the mutual reception makes the planets named above stronger. In addition Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the sign of it’s greatest strength. Aspects to these planets will be stronger than normal. Mars conjunct Pluto is an aspect for war. Other principles would be aggression, assertion, leadership and inflammation. Pluto is the principle of power, both to destroy and to rebuild. Pluto demands change, permanent change. These two together could also signify a terrorist act. Pluto also rules debt so that subject may be back in the front page. Think Europe and pick a southern country. Debt can be for companies, banks or even governments entering a financial crises. For the markets, Mars conjunct Pluto is often associated with primary cycle (nominal 18 week) troughs within 6 tds. I’ve been looking at Nov 16 as a possible primary cycle trough.

Saturn in Scorpio creates tension. It is intense, compulsive, vindictive and secretive.
Scorpio covers others people money, death and taxes. Saturn is serious and initiates serious times. This combined with the Mars Pluto conjunction may make for a very serious and unhappy time next week. On Monday Nov 26 the Sun is in waning trine with Uranus which can result in volatility in the markets.

Also on Nov 28 there is a Lunar eclipse. This full Moon eclipse is in the Gemini, Sagittarius axis. It is located at Sun 6 degrees 46 minutes in Sagittarius with the Moon at 6 degrees 46 minutes in Gemini. This is a very interesting placement as there is a Yod formation on December 21, 2012 which has Venus opposite the apex of the Yod very close to 6 degrees Gemini. More about this Yod in a future post, but it is forming now with Jupiter at the apex and Saturn sextile Pluto. Those 2 planets are very strong right now (see mutual reception above. With Mercury turning direct near this Lunar eclipse could we be seeing some secret accidentally exposed. Treachery and terrorists comes to mind. 

Watch the news next week.Certainly Greek finances and the US fiscal cliff would fit the scenarios above. I'll be looking for natal charts of countries, leaders and events that tie into 6 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini. Planets in the early mutable signs can trigger earthquakes. I continue to worry.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

The bounce may be over. Note the SP500 is once again at the 78.6% retracement.

Watch this area. It may go above the 78.6% retracement slightly. If it goes through with strength, substantial volume. then it could get back to the 127.2% area but I doubt it.

There are some tough astrological events right ahead. I'll post on Thanksgiving as it is not Thanksgiving where I am.

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012

This would be a good place to see a bounce. Were at the 50% retracement of the move down from early April'12 to early June'12.

After the bounce, Astros look testy. Mars square Uranus on Nov 23 the Mars conjunct Pluto on Nov 27, one day before the Lunar eclipse.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Financial Astrology - Nov 12, 2012

A quick note. I'll fill in the details later.

I’m currently looking at a bounce this week (Nov 15,16) then down into month-end (Nov 22- Nov 29). Looking out further, up into Dec’12 then down for a major low late Jan’13 / early Feb’13.

At this point 2013 does not look good from a financial perspective. There is also the spectre of multiple larger scale earthquakes which of course will effect the financial markets but may result in much larger problems.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Note on Recent Trade - Nov 8, 2012

As the SP is not advancing into the Nov 9 date I am out of the trade which was looking for an advance then a hard down.

Bought Gold intra  day today.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Earthquakes - Nov 13 Solar Eclipse

We've had a string of strong earthquakes today, the strongest being a 7.4 Mag in Guatemala.

As discussed a couple of weeks ago in the Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse post strong earthquakes were expected around the eclipse. When looking at eclipse related events use a time period of +- one week as a minimum.

This whole period is ripe for geophysical stress but the following days may be more exact.

Nov 23-29, this obviously include the Lunar eclipse of Nov 28

Dec 13

Dec 21- 25, nothing to do with the Mayan forecast as far as I know.

The next couple of months worry me.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Financial Astrology - Nov 5

I'll wait until after the election to write a new post as the election has all the oxygen in the room at the moment. I won't wait for a final result if one is not given either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

I will say this. Neptune goes direct on November 11. Every time Neptune turns to direct motion the Sun trines Neptune approx. 19 days before (this time Oct 23) and the Sun squares Neptune approx. 11 days afterwards (this time Nov 22). If the markets go down at the Sun trine Neptune (which they did this time), the market often goes up for the Neptune direct date and then goes hard down. As the Neptune direct signature is 2 days before the total Solar eclipse of Nov 13, I for one plan to be out of the market on the preceding Friday, which is Nov 9. Note, if the market is not going up into Nov 9th then this trade is void.

In the mean time I wrote the following back in February about this time period.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Financial Astrology Oct 29, 2012

This coming week should be more than interesting. Cycle wise stocks, gold and crude are all near the end of their primary cycle (aka nominal 18 week cycle). The SP500 is 21 weeks along, gold 24 weeks along, which is extended and crude is 18 weeks along. So all 3 are due for a trough, then up. Up but not very far. I believe the crest for the 4 year cycle was in on Sept 14, 2012 with a high of 1,474.51. I also am looking at the extended Fibonacci at 127.2% or SP500 1,464 as strong resistance (see chart below). This next move up would therefore be a lower high and we may see a series of lower highs as the market moves down into the 4 year low in 2013.

This week has 2 astrological signatures which have a strong history of turns in the primary cycle. Mars opposition Jupiter on Oct 28 has a history of primary cycle crests (+- 8 tds) but also has some instances where it marked a trough. The same with Gold. This signature has more of a history of crests in the market with this signature. On Nov 1st there is an even more powerful aspect, Venus in opposition to Uranus. This does have more of a history of Primary cycle troughs in the SP500 and Gold.

Venus will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square which may bring out the debt issues once again. Watch for the Uranus / Pluto square being hit again around Nov 23-26 when Mars translates the square. This looks like another low forming.

All things considered I’m looking for next week to be very volatile but up. With the above signatures we also have Mars travelling through Sagittarius, a volatile aspect and of course Saturn entered Scorpio a couple of weeks ago. There is still an accounting required for all the debt problems which have been incurred. Saturn will demand an accounting before leaving Scorpio.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Saturn in water signs often equates to flooding. This has a particular history with Scorpio.

In addition Monday, October 29 is a Full Moon. Both New and Full Moon’s have been marking short term turns in the market. Although this Full Moon is not in perigee, and therefore not a Super Moon, the Sun is in a grand trine with Chiron and Kronos, the latter being a Uranian point. This may be pointing to a very positive Full Moon. It will be exact at 3:48 pm EDT in New York. On the down side the Sun is still in orb to the Saturn conjunction of last Oct 25, but it is waning.

So I’m looking for next week to be volatile but we should be looking for a trough in all 3 markets we cover and thus any positions should be to the long side, at least to start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move up starting Monday although it may decline at the open.

Keep in mind everything is driven by the US$, at least for now. We are still looking for a low then up in the US buck based on the 17 and 18 month cycles (see chart below). This should put in a low late Oct / early November. Watch for this low as it will change the direction of commodities and stocks.

The west coast of Canada has been experiencing fairly strong earthquakes one day before the Full Moon tomorrow. See the Oct 1, 2012 post, "Recent Earthquakes near Full Moon". Remember we have a Total Solar eclipse on Nov 13, 2012.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Financial Astrology - Oct 22, 2012

This Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 Mercury will be conjunct the position of the Nov 13, 2012 eclipse. I monitor planets conjunct eclipse position before and after the eclipse event. This may have a negative effect on the markets on Monday or + - 2 trading days which will mean today as well. It may also be a signal for increased earthquake activity. Also the Sun enters Scorpio on Monday and will be conjunct Saturn on Oct 25. All are typically negative events.

And happy 25th anniversary of Black Monday back in 1987.

In follow up to the Sept 17, 2012 post, notice the fib extension at 127.2 or approx. 1465 for the SP500 has held up as strong resistance.

The US$ is putting in a 17-18 month low. Hard to imagine it going up with the printing presses churning out new bucks. If it did start going up commodities would be coming down. Seems like a deflation vs inflation battle. Watch closely.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse

We are now approaching the Autumn eclipse season. This year there is a Total Solar Eclipse on Nov 13 and a Lunar Eclipse  on November 28, 2012.

This post will concentrate on the Nov. 13th Total Solar Eclipse. I’ll put in a summary at the end for those who do not wish to read the entire post.

Generally speaking a Total Solar Eclipse is the strongest type of eclipse and the central path of the eclipse is the most important. This is followed by Partial Solar Eclipse’s and lastly the Lunar Eclipse. This of course depends on the aspects and placement of the other planets and points. It is possible a Lunar Eclipse could be the most powerful.

Eclipses are often used to help determine world events and there effect on countries, capitals and leaders. They also have an effect on the financial markets no doubt due to there effect on mass consciousness. The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the eclipses for the past few years. Red circles are Solar eclipses and blue circles are Lunar eclipses.

The Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 21 degrees 56 minutes of Scorpio when taken at New York. It should be noted the eclipses have just changed signs to the Scorpio / Taurus axis. These are the financial signs and may increase the potential for the upcoming eclipses to affect the financial markets more than in the recent past. Saturn has just entered Scorpio. Saturn is all about accountability and Scorpio is the sign dealing with debt and deficits. Saturn here is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn making each planet more powerful than usual. My experience is these two planets are powerful enough and don’t need help.

This eclipse has an antiscia of 8 degrees 31 minutes of Aquarius, is part of Saros cycle 133 and is part of a Metonic cycle. It was mentioned above the central path of a Total Solar eclipse is the strongest part. Generally speaking this is true but an eclipse can effect any part of the world. It is a world event. The following is the eclipse path for the Nov. 13 eclipse. To look at the effects of an eclipse allow a couple of weeks for world events and 3 trading days + - for an affect on financial markets. It may have longer effects on the financial markets as well. When looking for world events, scan the news, as sometimes it is an important decision the effects of which may not be seen for some time. Following is the eclipse map.

The Nov 13th Total Solar Eclipse is also a perigee New Moon. In fact all Solar Eclipses are New Moons. Perigee means the Moon is at it’s closest to the Earth for that rotation or at least within 90%. Based on studies, most notably by Richard Nolle, indicate perigee New Moons have an effect on earthquakes. Although the strength of an eclipse is along the eclipse path an earthquake could occur anywhere in the world. If looking at the eclipse path the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand would be prime candidates as would the Ring Of Fire. They are almost retracing the eclipse of 19 years before. Also in the path would be the western coast of South America. Beyond earthquakes, with Scorpio so highlighted, there could be heavy rains and floods.

In addition the Saros series 133 has been associated with earthquakes. See,

Metonic cycle points to issues involving the Eurozone, changes to Maastrich Treaty.
Without going into the history, the Metonic cycle is a 19 year cycle for eclipses. If an eclipse is in a Metonic cycle that means the same day 19 years ago an eclipse occurred at almost the same position in the Zodiac. We can then review events around the eclipse of 19 years ago as similar or related events may occur near this eclipse.Following is the eclipse map for Nov 13, 1993.

On November 1, 1993 The Maastrich Treaty took effect, formally establishing the European Union. 19 years later could we be seeing changes to this treaty?

Also in November 1993 NAFTA passed the legislative houses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Could there be changes or discussion of changes near the Nov 13 eclipse date?

As mentioned earlier this eclipse occurs at 21 degrees 56 minutes in Scorpio. This is in opposition to the Natal Sun of Israel and in opposition to the Natal Sun of Palestine based on the termination of the British Mandate. The chart is at 00:00 hours on May 15, 1948 at Jerusalem. Will we see changes to the Israel / Palestinian relationship?

Although I don’t often look at fixed stars it should be noted the Sun and Moon will be conjunct the fixed star Unukalhai. This has the reputation of being unlucky. It is associated with accidents and violence, poisonings and infections. The Moon’s South Node will be conjunct the fixed star Algol. It has the reputation for violence and extreme danger. This could be an intense time for any of the items discussed.

This eclipse is obviously 7 days after the US election. One rule of eclipses noted by Charles Jane is events occurring shortly before and after eclipses become unpredictable and fated and may not work out as planned. The point here is, whoever ends up winning the election may have to deal with some unexpected issues or events.

As noted in a previous post Mercury will be turning retrograde while squaring Neptune on election day. The only other election day where Mercury was changing direction we had the now famous hanging chads in Florida. I am expecting some type of similar issue involving a vote counting fraud, voting machine problem or some issue where the results of the election are not clear or the results challenged. Could the issue be resolved or come out in the open close to the Nov 13th date?

i.)         The Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse may affect the financial markets more than previous recent eclipses.

ii.)        Possibly related to a period of geophysical stress. The eclipse path will be across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and points to South America. 

iii.)               Possible effect on the European Union and possibly Israel and Palestine relationships. Since the eclipse path runs through Australia and New Zealand, these countries should be watched as well.

iv.)               Effect on US election results.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Financial Astrology Early Oct 2012

There are going to be a number of aspects involving Mars over the next week and 1/2. Mars contacts often brings violence and conflicts.

In addition over the next few days there are a number of aspects often found near a change in trend. This would be unusual with the US elections a few weeks off and the recent FED actions.

Nevertheless, the following aspects have a history of turns in the stock market.

Oct 3 Venus changes sign into Virgo and Venus opposing Neptune

Oct 4 Jupiter retrograde (Jupiter is still in Gemini and therefore still in it's detriment). Mars opposes the North Node.

Oct 5 Saturn and Mercury change signs into Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio means it is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn making both planets stronger for some time. Mercury opposes Saturn that day and trines Neptune

Oct 6 Fiery Mars enters fiery Sagittaruis.

Oct 7 Mars squares Neptune.

Oct 9 The Sun trines Jupiter and Venus trines Pluto.

Oct 10 A long term aspect, Saturn in waning trine to Neptune and Pluto is parallel the North Node.

Oct 15 On a New Moon Mars trines Uranus.

There are of course many more aspects but the above have had a history of occurring near changes in trend.

In addition the SP500 is 17 weeks along the Primary cycle which has an average length of 15-23 weeks, so it is the time frame for a crest and down into the trough.

I'm looking for a turn, this week or early next week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Recent Earthquakes near Full Moon

7.3  Near San Aqustin Columbia  (depth 168.3 km)

6.2  Near Miyako, Japan  (depth 9.7 km)

The next couple of months should see more larger earthquakes with an emphasis around Nov 13, Nov 28 and Dec 13, but they could occur at any time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Financial Astrology - Full Moon Sept 30, 2012

We are obviously at the month end and quarter end where we typically see window dressing, although at the time of writing, not much yet.

Of more importance this week end we have some potentially very severe Astros. On Sept 29th the Sun translates the Uranus / Pluto square followed by a Full Moon on Sept 30 depending on where you are in the world, which also translates the Uranus / Pluto square.

Both these signatures can result in unusual events both in the world at large and the markets as well. Violence and debt are the major themes. They also point to geophysical stresses which could result in larger sized earthquakes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spanish Uprising

Today Mars is on the Nov 13, 2012 eclipse point. I've been writing about this for some time.

Check out Spain. Best on twitter. Violent protests as the people want to bring the government down.

Also at

I use these aspect before an eclipse to gauge the strength of the eclipse. Looks like Nov 13 +- should be a dandy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Financial Astrology Sept 24, 2012

In follow up to last weeks post the following daily chart of the SP500 is an update to the chart on the previous post. As can be seen the SP500 has followed the $1,460 level very closely. $1,460 is very close to the 127.2% fib retracement.

 It should be mentioned the $1,460 level is very close to the Neptune price line as well. It is acting as resistance. See the grey line on the following daily chart.

The current level should be watched closely. Any break above on good volume may be pointing to the next fib retracement level at 161.8% (the golden mean) or $1,521 value for the SP500.

With the central banks of the world in print mode it is very difficult to forecast future levels of anything. Nevertheless, that is the purpose of this blog so on we go. The next few weeks should be very volatile, with a Martian flare (think conflict, explosions etc.). This should all be part of the social unrest and debt problems that have been with us for some time and unfortunately some time into the future.There maybe some Islamic phobia in the mix as well.

I'm am looking for a pullback into October before we start moving up once again. If nothing else the the Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox (Sept 22) have often marked changes in trend in the markets and the events of mankind.

Mars will be conjunct the point of the November 13, 2012 total Solar eclipse in September 25th. I believe this will be a powerful Solar eclipse which will be covered in a future post.

Next weekend Sept 29 and 30 should also be eventful as the Sun will translate the Uranus / Pluto square while Mars is parallel Pluto on Sept 29. On Sept 30 the Full Moon will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square. Remember the Uranus / Pluto square is almost exact as it was conjunct on Sept 19.

On Oct 4th Jupiter will turn retrograde while it continues to be in it's detriment in Gemini. The same day Mars conjuncts the North Node which has a strong history near reversals in the stock market. Please remember any dates given are +- 3 trading days.

On Oct 5 Saturn and Mercury enter Scorpio and Oct 6 Mars enters Sagittarius, a fire sign. When Saturn enters Scorpio it will be in mutual reception with Pluto, that is they are both in the sign of the other planets rulership. This makes both planets stronger and can work together. Scorpio is a money sign. It has to do with money (assets), taxes, sex and death. Withe the other issues the world is dealing with I believe taxes will become a bigger issue than they are presently. This is a worldwide issue not tied to one particular country. With fleeting Mercury moving into Scorpio the same day we may see a quick focus on taxes that recedes just as quickly. Don't worry, it will be back. Any time planets change signs can be a potential for changes in trend in the markets.

We are also coming into another long term aspect on October 10, Saturn in waning trine to Neptune. Given a few months this signature has a correlation to crests in the four year cycle in the markets.

As stated in previous posts the next few months are prime time for larger earthquakes and volcanoes. The next couple of weeks are prime prime time. So is the period around the November 13 Solar eclipse. I don't have any trips lined up to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific, but if I did I would cancel them.

Monday, September 17, 2012

SP500 Sept 17, 2012 - Fibonacci Extentions

Todays daily chart is a good example of using Fibonacci extentions.  This is based on the swing low from April 2, 2012 to June 4, 2012. I am looking at the 78.6% and 127.2% retracements.

78.6% is the square root of 61.8% and 127.2% is 1.618% * 78.6&.

Once the market breaks above the 78.6 retracement on July 30 that makes the target the 127.2. In our example today we have now reached the target on Sept 14 and should be out of the trade. If the 127.2% extension is broken to the upside then the target is 161.8% at 1521 for the SP500. Normally I would say this trade is over but with the recent FED moves we are in unknown territory where the 161.8% retracement may be reached. Watch closely.

Another chart I'm watching closely is the 4year cycle chart. The 4 year cycle bottomed march 6, 2009. The 4 year cycle is normally composed of either 2 or 3 cycles. The current 4 year looks like it is divided into 3 15.5 month cycles which would put the end at late Dec 2012 or early Jan 2013. Note, the last cycle of any larger cycle typically distorts. Many cycle analysts would give the 4 year cycle a range of 3 months either side. This means we are in the range now and will look to other cycles and techniques to fine tune the location of the low.

It is possible this was an extremely short 2 phase where the 4 year cycle ended Oct 4th. It did break through the 23 month average which is one requirement for the 4 year cycle low.

At this point I think it is still to come, perhaps after the US elections.

This week should be very active with Pluto turning direct (Sept 18), the long term Uranus Pluto square (Sept 19) for the second time and  Mercury translating both on Sept 20. Social unrest, violence and debt problems should all be in the fore. The following week we have Mars transiting over the point of the upcoming Nov 13, 2012 total Solar eclipse. The next 2 weeks could have geophysical events as well.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Financial Astrology Sept 13 FED

To borrow from a market letter writer, I am shocked, shocked the FED will be buying mortgage backed securities into the unknown future. This is going to create jobs? "Thank you Benny and the Jets".

For me, I covered a small short and am buying Gold ETF's, stock and some metal. For Oil buying ETF's and oil company stock. Some other companies which should benefit from a weakening US dollar. I'm buying lightly and carefully, still wondering how long market indices can keep going up with a poor performing economy. Certainly as long as Bernanke keeps adding liquidity into the system.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Non Financial Astrology - Eclipse, Jan 4, 2011

This post is in follow up to the Feb 13, 2011 post regarding the Jan 4, 2011 partial Solar eclipse. You may recall it is the visible eclipse path that often is affected by the eclipse. You may wish to read that post now.

Following is the eclipse path for the Jan 4, 2011 eclipse. Notice it was across the countries involved in the Arab Spring and the southern European countries that have been involved in the financial debt problems.

The eclipse occurred at 13 degrees 38 minutes of Capricorn. Today the mid point of Mars and Pluto is within a few minutes of opposing the eclipse. This should be a good example of how eclipses can be in effect for long periods of time.

What is the meaning of the Mars / Pluto mid point. From COSI, The Combination of Stellar Influences

"The attainment of one's own objectives by means of ruthlessness extended to others, brutality and cruelty. A person who wants to use force or compulsion at every occasion."

As this mid point moves relatively slowly we may be seeing more ruthless activity in the Arab states affected by the eclipse (see map above). We may also be seeing some violent behaviour or demonstrations in the southern European countries that were in the visible eclipse path.

Critical dates can be found in September 9, 2012 post. There may be others.

Financial Astrology - Update Sept 12, 2012

I didn't put the following in the last post due to all the news coming out this week from the FED and German court. Such major news tends to skew results. I decided to include it now.

Thursday Sept 13 has a signature, Venus in waxing square to Uranus, which has a strong correlation to crests in the SP given a range of 6 td's. That's 6 trading days either side we should see a crest in the SP500.

Since the SP500 is now in the 14th week of the primary cycle which has been in the range of 15 - 23 weeks. So this index is very right translated and therefore bullish by this measure.

And just because they are good.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Financial Astrology - Upcoming dates

We are out of longs and sitting with a small short on the SP500.

Looking ahead for potential CIT dates (Change In Trend) I have the following

Sept 19 Uranus waxing square Pluto, the second exact hit. Pluto turned direct the day before so it is standing still and Mercury translates the square on Sept 20. All the issues previously posted regarding this significant square come into focus.

Sept 25 Mars is at the position of the Nov 13 Solar eclipse. I’m expecting this eclipse to be particularly powerful. I don’t view this as positive.

Sept 29 The Sun translates the Uranus Pluto square.

Oct 4 Mars conjuncts the North Node and Jupiter turns retrograde. The next day Saturn enters Scorpio. Mars is high lighted during this period and may mark mid East problems or other war like tones.

Oct 10 Saturn waning trine to Neptune. This long term aspect has a correlation to the 4 year cycle crest given a couple of months. We’re in the area.

Nov 6 Mercury turns retrograde and in a wide square to Neptune. The last time Mercury was retrograde, or at least moving out of retrograde into direct motion on a presidential election day was November 7, 2000. You may remember that election which was somewhat famous for it’s Florida recounts and hanging chads.
I believe this is pointing to some type of fraud or deception.

Nov 13 Total Solar eclipse. Looks powerful and may mark a low or other significant event.

This whole period may see geophysical events.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Financial Astrology - Sept 4, 2012

Reviewing the dates of the upcoming central banks and other announcements (see previous posts) this may be a good time to get out of stocks and watch for awhile. I'm referring to the U.S. stock market.

For the brave, you may wish to wait for the US employment report on Friday Sept 7th. If positive this could change the short term picture, however, there appears to be too many negatives at this time.

There are also some heavy Astros on the horizon including

Sept 7  Sun waxing square to Jupiter

Sept 18 Pluto direct

Sept 19 Uranus waxing square to Pluto

Sept 20 Mercury opposing Uranus and square Pluto

Oct 10 Saturn waning trine to Neptune

Nov 14 Total Solar eclipse

Some of these aspects have been associated with geophysical stress.

It is difficult to short the market with the central banks being active and safer just to watch for a few weeks. Gold may be coming to the end of it's primary cycle, however, central bank printing may extend the gold rally further.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Financial Astrology - Cycles of the North Node

The next few months should see a lot of volatility in the markets and may witness some significant world events.

The next few weeks, however, may be dominated by central bank issues both in Europe, ECB and the FED in the U.S. The ECB announcement will be Sept 6th and the FED Sept 12. In addition the ruling from the German constitutional court ruling will be on Sept 12th as well. In my opinion, actions of man or countries may speed up or forestall Astrological forces but the Astrological force will always come through. The Astrology for the next few months / years is not very positive. Many of the reasons have been given on prior posts.

One thing I have not mentioned is a market theory developed in the 1930’s by Louise McWhirter.

The basics of the theory are spelled out in her 1938 book, Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting.

The basics are this. The trend in business volume has been found to correspond with the cycle of the North Node which has a cycle length of 18.7 years. The North Node moves backwards through the signs in relation to the other planets.

The high point of business volume is reached when the North Node transits through Leo. The low point of business volume occurs when the North Node transits through Aquarius. The last transit of the North Node through Aquarius was Dec 2007 through August 2009. The low came in at March 6, 2009.

Based on this cycle alone business volume should be increasing soon. Bear in mind we must look at all the Astrological factors taking place. We will be experiencing the Uranus / Pluto square at the least until 2015 and probably longer.

I bring this up at this point because the North Node just entered Scorpio on Sept 1st 2012. According to the theory, whenever the North Node passes through Scorpio and Libra, business tends to go through an approximate three year “transition period” if there are no other unfavourable secondary Astrological factors. The North Node spends approximately 1.5 years in each sign. Using this cycle alone business should start to improve in this 3 year window as the North Node makes it’s way through Scorpio and Libra.

Bear in mind the other negative factors aren’t painting such a rosy picture. We may be looking at a continuing recession into the latter part of the decade. This is my thinking, however, it’s nice to hear of at least one more positive cycle.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Financial Astrology Aug 28, 2012

Tomorrow Jupiter transits over the point of the June 4 Lunar eclipse. June 4 was the start of the move up.

Potentially this should be a s/t turn down in stocks and may mark a low in crude.

Gold is 233 td from the Sept 26, 2011 low and may see a s/t high

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Financial Astrology Precious Metals August 26, 2012

In answer to another question, this one, regarding precious metals. The question is this;
“Pluto turning DIRECT in September please and what effects it will have on both Gold and silver.”

Before looking at cycles, Astros and technicals we should state the obvious. With the FED sending out strong hints about QE3 this should, at the least support Gold and Silver. Gold should take off higher if a firm announcement is made and conversely the US$ should go down.

The following chart shows a number of things. Those who have been following this blog for awhile should recognize the green and blue lines as the heliocentric price lines for Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue). Gold and Silver had followed these lines for support and resistance for some time and then lost their way for a few months. The correlation between these price lines and the actual price of the PM’s seems to be coming back. Remember the areas where the Venus price line crosses the Jupiter price line there is often a reaction. The reaction could be up or down. The next one is September 21,2012. Also note we are approaching a Jupiter price line which may act as resistance.

Also the following chart is a fib grid (red vertical lines) starting at the low in Gold on Sept. 26,2011. Aug 28, 2012 is fib 233 td's from that date and may mark a high and it could be a spike high. Please remember all dates given are + - 3 td’s.Also on the chart is the 200 dma in red which Gold has just broken through.

Regarding Pluto turning direct. Any planet is more powerful when it turns from retrogarde motion to direct. In the case of Gold many Astrologers believe Pluto is in much closer correlation with Gold prices than the Sun, which would be it's traditional ruler. Pluto turns direct on September 18 one day before Uranus  squares Pluto. This is a powerful signature. I'm looking at those dates as a turn in Gold. That week will be the 18th week of the Primary Cycle for Gold and thus could be a top or a bottom. If the FED is still dangling the carrot of QE3 these dates may very well be a top before a sharp decline. I believe these dates will mark a bottom and the end of the current Primary Cycle in Gold and Silver. This is partially based on the knowledge that the ECB will have made it's proclamation on Sept 6 and the German constitutional court ruling will be on Sept 12.

In a nut shell the time period around Pluto turning direct should be powerful and we may see a number of powerful world events. The Uranus square Pluto signature could indicate earthquakes or other geophysical event. If not look to the period around the Nov 13, 2012 total Solar eclipse. On Gold I'm looking for a low in the Sept 18, 19 time frame. If Gold and Silver are still relatively high coming into those dates look for PM's to make a crest of the current Primary Cycle then down.

 Read previous blogs to get an idea of what other forces are being activated with Uranus squaring Pluto and remember, these squares go on until 2015.Following are the dates when the aspect is exact but it's effects will be felt for a number of years.

Uranus square Pluto
June 24, 2012
Sept 19, 2012 (watch this one)
May 21, 2013
Nov 1, 2013
April 21, 2014 (watch this one)
Dec 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2015

The next few months should be very interesting in the markets and world events.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 4 Year Cycle

I received a question from a follower. The questions is this;

“Many people who follow both politics, the technical indicators and astrology are suggesting that we could be in for a very serious correction, or even a crash, between now and next May, possibly even before the end of the year. Do you share this view? If so, when do you think the most likely time for such a decline to begin would be?”

To answer this question I would first say that when everyone is looking for a crash in the same time frame it won’t happen, at least in that time frame.

I follow the 4 year cycle. It last hit a trough in early March 2009. The 4 year cycle is typically composed of either 2 or 3 sub-cycles. This 4 year cycle appears to be on a 3 year sub-cycle type.

The following chart shows the current 4 year and the typical 15.5 month sub-cycles. It should be noted although the first 2 cycles are almost exactly 15.5 months the 3rd cycle of the 4 year cycle typically is the most distorted and can come in either early or late. Note, the 4 year cycle trough is typically quite deep. The red vertical lines are 15.5 months which brings the last 15.5 month to Jan 7, 2013. As stated above the last cycle will be the most distorted. A good rule of thumb would be the 4 year cycle should fall within 1/6 of the cycle length which would be July 2012 to July Aug 2013. I will be looking for Astrological events to try and narrow this date down but a good start would be the exact dates for the Uranus / Pluto square and eclipse dates. November 13, 2012 has a strong total Solar eclipse and is a candidate. I would say a candidate because we need to see the price action leading up to that date.

 There is another cycle worth noting, that is the year ending in "2" cycle for each decade. This is often called the 2nd Year in a decade cycle but it is of course the third year. From my December 11, 2011 post following are some previous years which had significant lows.

2002 July
1992 Dec '91
1982 Aug
1972 Nov '71
1962 June
1952 May
1942 April
1932 July

There is also an approximate 12.5 year cycle for lows or the start of significant down turns.


If I had to pick a time for a crash right now I would be looking at mid Sept or the period around November 13. We'll try and identify the 4 year low, which could be a crash as cycles, price action and Astrology develop.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology August 20, 2012

There are 2 Astrological signatures coming up which have a strong history of reversals for stocks. That said we must understand short term actions and news items can affect the markets in the short term. If, for example, the FED announces QE3 on August 31 the markets will be going up even though they are overbought and due, at the very least, for a short term down turn.

The 2 Astro signatures mentioned above are
Aug 24 Sun opposition Neptune and
Aug 26 Mars waning trine Neptune

In addition on Aug 26 the North Node moves to a position that is opposite the May 20, 2012 Solar eclipse. On Aug 28 Jupiter is on the June 4 Lunar eclipse. June 4 was the low that started this rally. On Aug 24th the Moon starts a transit through Sagittarius. On Aug 22 Mercury returns to it's shadow date, that is it returns to the position it was at when Mercury went retrograde on July 15, 2012.

Aug 20 is fib 55 td's from the June 4th low.

Gold and Silver appear ready to move up. The Sun Neptune opposition is an aspect for both troughs and crests for PM's, however, Mars enters Scorpio on Aug 23. Gold usually goes up strongly at some while Mars traverses Scorpio.

Crude may be looking at a short term pull back as it is up against resistance. If indeed we get a pull back crude should find support in the 87.00-88.00 area.

Again, all dates are +- 3 tds.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Financial Astrology August 15, 2012

Although volume is pitiful I'm looking for a short term down turn in the SP500 no later than tomorrow. I don't like forecasting so close to option expiry but there you have it.

Overnight we have Venus opposing Pluto and Mars conjunct Saturn. Both have a history of occurring near changes in trend. Venus will be translating the Uranus Pluto square for the next 2 days. Remember the Uranus Pluto square is all about the debt problems, social unrest and changes in big government and any large, entrenched institution.

Regarding the forecast for some type of disaster situation, that was probably the Iran earthquake. 300 dead and climbing. Thousands injured from the 2 earthquakes.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Non-Financial - Astrology

I don't very often post on matters other than the financial markets, however there are a number of long term events occurring over the next few days.

In my last post I mention the Venus / Neptune / Hades aspect today. I'm now adding an aspect that occurs Monday August 13. That aspect is North Node on the Saturn / Pluto mid-point. Reading from COSI "The Combination of Stellar Influences" for this aspect.

"The misery of the masses, common suffering shared with many people together".

See what happens.

Enough said.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology August 6, 2012

We have arrived at the time frame where a significant crest should be found in stock market indices. The week of Aug 6 has 2 long term transits if the Astrologer uses Uranian points.

In this case we have Pluto opposing Kronos on Aug 7 and Neptune trine Hades on Aug 9th with Venus translating the trine by conjunction with Hades and trining Neptune. In between on August 8th, Mercury turns direct, often a sign of a change in trend.

Cycle wise August 8th is fib 89 td’s (trading days) from the April 2nd top and August 7th is 55 td’s from the May 18th low.

The following week looks volatile with Venus opposing Pluto on Aug 14, Mars conjunct Saturn on Aug 15 and Venus square Uranus on Aug 16th. The above are all Geocentric aspects. Heliocentric aspects during the week of Aug 13 look volatile as well.

Aug 12  Helio Saturn enters Scorpio
Aug 13 Helio Mars enters Sagittarius
Aug 14 Helio Venus conjunct Uranus
Aug 16 Helio Venus squared Pluto
Aug 16 Helio Jupiter squared Neptune
Aug 17 Helio Mars squared Neptune
Aug 17 Helio Mars opposition Jupiter

It should also be noted August 15th is 225 days along in 2012. 365 days times .618 = 225 and the square root of 5 = 2.236 or, sliding a couple of decimals 224. August has been a troublesome month.

To summarise, we should be seeing a top in the next 2 weeks and probably near August 9th. Long term transits like the ones mentioned above are background noise until something sets them off, like a transit. The Neptune trine Hades may be set off by the passage of Venus, which rules money among other things. If there is a top in the coming week we may see a great deal of volatility the next few weeks after the top is in.

Note: many of the Astrological cycles / aspects can be interpreted to affect many different things. Neptune / Hades could be interpreted as pointing to problems with water, oil or gas pollution or a gaseous chemical spill or attack. It could also be interpreted as a large scam, lie or falsehood that is not entirely out in the open...yet. Nothing much good comes from Hades contacts other than there may be some new antiquities found. In this case something to do with or under water. This could signal an event which is detrimental to the markets. The fact that Venus is translating the Neptune Hades trine brings monetary issues to the fore. If we use the Gemini rising chart for the USA, see following chart, we see transiting Venus and Hades are sitting on the natal Venus in the 2nd house of money and resources. What is more worrisome is the fact Hades has just arrived in the second house and will be there until 2032.

Gold, Silver
Gold is 12 weeks along the Primary cycle which started on May 16. We are in the time frame for a Major cycle (nominal 6 week) cycle low and may have just had it on Aug 2.

Gold also climbed back out of the forming triangle we have been following. See the chart below. If we do head lower, watch for support around the previous lows. Gold putting in a higher low would also be positive going further into August.

In summary I expect Gold and Silver to either start up from here, or very shortly.

Silver is 6 weeks along from the start of it's Primary cycle. It is due to start up but showing few signs of doing anything. Just sit and watch for now. When Silver moves it moves quickly.

Crude is 6 weeks along it’s primary cycle (nominal 18 week) and probably put in a Major cycle low on August 2nd in which case we should see crude moving up from here as it will be the start of the 2nd Major cycle of the Primary cycle.

Still looking for the US$ to move down after the Uranus retrograde. If it does not move down over the next 2 weeks we'll stop looking for it to do so.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology July 30, 2012

Following along from the July 24 post the SP did turn up on July 26 on the Venus quintile Uranus aspect.

I continue to watch aspects leading into the week of August 6 where there are 2 very long term transits noted in bold below. Long term transits can be in affect many weeks or months.

Aug 7 Pluto opposition Kronos (Kronos is a Uranian point)
Aug 8 Mercury truns direct
Aug 9 Venus conjunct Hades (Hades is a Uranian point)
Aug 9 Venus trine Neptune
Aug 9 Neptune trine Hades.

Long term transits like these need a faster moving planet to set them off. In the case of Neptune trine Hades, Venus is translating the aspect, thus we may see some results in the week of August 6. Besides the stock market the Neptune trine Hades may be signalling major water, oil or gas pollution or a gaseous chemical spill or attack. Nothing much good comes from Hades contacts other than there may be some new antiquities found in this case something to do with or under water. This could signal an event which is detrimental to the markets and we would be looking at a high which may last for some time.

As an interesting note, when I was researching the Neptune Hades trine I found the last trine was in April 1909. On further review I found the Anglo Persian Oil Company was formed in London on April 14, 1909. On that date Neptune was in exact square to Saturn. Neptune rules oil.

Aug 8, 9 is 89 td from April 2 top and 55 td from May 18 low. This is a time period for a change in trend. At this time I’m looking at July 24 as being the trough for the 1st Major cycle (nominal 6 week) of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) which started on June 4th. If this is the case the week of August 6 would only be 3 weeks along the 2nd Major cycle. I will need to watch the price action and technicals to watch for a turn. If it is a world event there typically will be no warning in the markets.

Pluto in opposition to Kronos has no faster moving planet to set it off during the week of Aug 6. This may have a more positive effect anyway. The Moon does conjunct Pluto tomorrow, July 30, so watch for some possible action at that time. This would be a great signature for excellence in sporting events for the Olympics. The case mentioned above about a chemical spill or attack…not so much.

Gold broke to the upside of a triangle but not by much. Nevertheless it looks slightly more positive but need to start making higher highs and higher lows. The first hurdle is the July 3 high. PM’s will look bearish if Gold fails to take out the July 3 high and more bearish if it breaks the bottom of the triangle it just exited.

From the July 24 post we may have more upswing here, after the fib 233 td from the Aug 23, 2011 high.

We are 5 weeks along from the Primary cycle trough in crude and may have had the Major cycle crest on July 19. We either just had the Major cycle trough but my bet is it is ahead of us thus we should see a pull back in crude. Once the trough is in Crude could turn more bullish. The August 9 date with Neptune prominent could be the trough in crude.

The following daily chart for crude shows the 17 month cycle (red) and 1/2 or 8.5 months in blue. We just had a 8.5 month cycle low on June 28 with the 17 month next due in early March 2013.