Monday, August 27, 2012

Financial Astrology Aug 28, 2012

Tomorrow Jupiter transits over the point of the June 4 Lunar eclipse. June 4 was the start of the move up.

Potentially this should be a s/t turn down in stocks and may mark a low in crude.

Gold is 233 td from the Sept 26, 2011 low and may see a s/t high

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Financial Astrology Precious Metals August 26, 2012

In answer to another question, this one, regarding precious metals. The question is this;
“Pluto turning DIRECT in September please and what effects it will have on both Gold and silver.”

Before looking at cycles, Astros and technicals we should state the obvious. With the FED sending out strong hints about QE3 this should, at the least support Gold and Silver. Gold should take off higher if a firm announcement is made and conversely the US$ should go down.

The following chart shows a number of things. Those who have been following this blog for awhile should recognize the green and blue lines as the heliocentric price lines for Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue). Gold and Silver had followed these lines for support and resistance for some time and then lost their way for a few months. The correlation between these price lines and the actual price of the PM’s seems to be coming back. Remember the areas where the Venus price line crosses the Jupiter price line there is often a reaction. The reaction could be up or down. The next one is September 21,2012. Also note we are approaching a Jupiter price line which may act as resistance.

Also the following chart is a fib grid (red vertical lines) starting at the low in Gold on Sept. 26,2011. Aug 28, 2012 is fib 233 td's from that date and may mark a high and it could be a spike high. Please remember all dates given are + - 3 td’s.Also on the chart is the 200 dma in red which Gold has just broken through.

Regarding Pluto turning direct. Any planet is more powerful when it turns from retrogarde motion to direct. In the case of Gold many Astrologers believe Pluto is in much closer correlation with Gold prices than the Sun, which would be it's traditional ruler. Pluto turns direct on September 18 one day before Uranus  squares Pluto. This is a powerful signature. I'm looking at those dates as a turn in Gold. That week will be the 18th week of the Primary Cycle for Gold and thus could be a top or a bottom. If the FED is still dangling the carrot of QE3 these dates may very well be a top before a sharp decline. I believe these dates will mark a bottom and the end of the current Primary Cycle in Gold and Silver. This is partially based on the knowledge that the ECB will have made it's proclamation on Sept 6 and the German constitutional court ruling will be on Sept 12.

In a nut shell the time period around Pluto turning direct should be powerful and we may see a number of powerful world events. The Uranus square Pluto signature could indicate earthquakes or other geophysical event. If not look to the period around the Nov 13, 2012 total Solar eclipse. On Gold I'm looking for a low in the Sept 18, 19 time frame. If Gold and Silver are still relatively high coming into those dates look for PM's to make a crest of the current Primary Cycle then down.

 Read previous blogs to get an idea of what other forces are being activated with Uranus squaring Pluto and remember, these squares go on until 2015.Following are the dates when the aspect is exact but it's effects will be felt for a number of years.

Uranus square Pluto
June 24, 2012
Sept 19, 2012 (watch this one)
May 21, 2013
Nov 1, 2013
April 21, 2014 (watch this one)
Dec 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2015

The next few months should be very interesting in the markets and world events.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 4 Year Cycle

I received a question from a follower. The questions is this;

“Many people who follow both politics, the technical indicators and astrology are suggesting that we could be in for a very serious correction, or even a crash, between now and next May, possibly even before the end of the year. Do you share this view? If so, when do you think the most likely time for such a decline to begin would be?”

To answer this question I would first say that when everyone is looking for a crash in the same time frame it won’t happen, at least in that time frame.

I follow the 4 year cycle. It last hit a trough in early March 2009. The 4 year cycle is typically composed of either 2 or 3 sub-cycles. This 4 year cycle appears to be on a 3 year sub-cycle type.

The following chart shows the current 4 year and the typical 15.5 month sub-cycles. It should be noted although the first 2 cycles are almost exactly 15.5 months the 3rd cycle of the 4 year cycle typically is the most distorted and can come in either early or late. Note, the 4 year cycle trough is typically quite deep. The red vertical lines are 15.5 months which brings the last 15.5 month to Jan 7, 2013. As stated above the last cycle will be the most distorted. A good rule of thumb would be the 4 year cycle should fall within 1/6 of the cycle length which would be July 2012 to July Aug 2013. I will be looking for Astrological events to try and narrow this date down but a good start would be the exact dates for the Uranus / Pluto square and eclipse dates. November 13, 2012 has a strong total Solar eclipse and is a candidate. I would say a candidate because we need to see the price action leading up to that date.

 There is another cycle worth noting, that is the year ending in "2" cycle for each decade. This is often called the 2nd Year in a decade cycle but it is of course the third year. From my December 11, 2011 post following are some previous years which had significant lows.

2002 July
1992 Dec '91
1982 Aug
1972 Nov '71
1962 June
1952 May
1942 April
1932 July

There is also an approximate 12.5 year cycle for lows or the start of significant down turns.


If I had to pick a time for a crash right now I would be looking at mid Sept or the period around November 13. We'll try and identify the 4 year low, which could be a crash as cycles, price action and Astrology develop.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology August 20, 2012

There are 2 Astrological signatures coming up which have a strong history of reversals for stocks. That said we must understand short term actions and news items can affect the markets in the short term. If, for example, the FED announces QE3 on August 31 the markets will be going up even though they are overbought and due, at the very least, for a short term down turn.

The 2 Astro signatures mentioned above are
Aug 24 Sun opposition Neptune and
Aug 26 Mars waning trine Neptune

In addition on Aug 26 the North Node moves to a position that is opposite the May 20, 2012 Solar eclipse. On Aug 28 Jupiter is on the June 4 Lunar eclipse. June 4 was the low that started this rally. On Aug 24th the Moon starts a transit through Sagittarius. On Aug 22 Mercury returns to it's shadow date, that is it returns to the position it was at when Mercury went retrograde on July 15, 2012.

Aug 20 is fib 55 td's from the June 4th low.

Gold and Silver appear ready to move up. The Sun Neptune opposition is an aspect for both troughs and crests for PM's, however, Mars enters Scorpio on Aug 23. Gold usually goes up strongly at some while Mars traverses Scorpio.

Crude may be looking at a short term pull back as it is up against resistance. If indeed we get a pull back crude should find support in the 87.00-88.00 area.

Again, all dates are +- 3 tds.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Financial Astrology August 15, 2012

Although volume is pitiful I'm looking for a short term down turn in the SP500 no later than tomorrow. I don't like forecasting so close to option expiry but there you have it.

Overnight we have Venus opposing Pluto and Mars conjunct Saturn. Both have a history of occurring near changes in trend. Venus will be translating the Uranus Pluto square for the next 2 days. Remember the Uranus Pluto square is all about the debt problems, social unrest and changes in big government and any large, entrenched institution.

Regarding the forecast for some type of disaster situation, that was probably the Iran earthquake. 300 dead and climbing. Thousands injured from the 2 earthquakes.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Non-Financial - Astrology

I don't very often post on matters other than the financial markets, however there are a number of long term events occurring over the next few days.

In my last post I mention the Venus / Neptune / Hades aspect today. I'm now adding an aspect that occurs Monday August 13. That aspect is North Node on the Saturn / Pluto mid-point. Reading from COSI "The Combination of Stellar Influences" for this aspect.

"The misery of the masses, common suffering shared with many people together".

See what happens.

Enough said.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology August 6, 2012

We have arrived at the time frame where a significant crest should be found in stock market indices. The week of Aug 6 has 2 long term transits if the Astrologer uses Uranian points.

In this case we have Pluto opposing Kronos on Aug 7 and Neptune trine Hades on Aug 9th with Venus translating the trine by conjunction with Hades and trining Neptune. In between on August 8th, Mercury turns direct, often a sign of a change in trend.

Cycle wise August 8th is fib 89 td’s (trading days) from the April 2nd top and August 7th is 55 td’s from the May 18th low.

The following week looks volatile with Venus opposing Pluto on Aug 14, Mars conjunct Saturn on Aug 15 and Venus square Uranus on Aug 16th. The above are all Geocentric aspects. Heliocentric aspects during the week of Aug 13 look volatile as well.

Aug 12  Helio Saturn enters Scorpio
Aug 13 Helio Mars enters Sagittarius
Aug 14 Helio Venus conjunct Uranus
Aug 16 Helio Venus squared Pluto
Aug 16 Helio Jupiter squared Neptune
Aug 17 Helio Mars squared Neptune
Aug 17 Helio Mars opposition Jupiter

It should also be noted August 15th is 225 days along in 2012. 365 days times .618 = 225 and the square root of 5 = 2.236 or, sliding a couple of decimals 224. August has been a troublesome month.

To summarise, we should be seeing a top in the next 2 weeks and probably near August 9th. Long term transits like the ones mentioned above are background noise until something sets them off, like a transit. The Neptune trine Hades may be set off by the passage of Venus, which rules money among other things. If there is a top in the coming week we may see a great deal of volatility the next few weeks after the top is in.

Note: many of the Astrological cycles / aspects can be interpreted to affect many different things. Neptune / Hades could be interpreted as pointing to problems with water, oil or gas pollution or a gaseous chemical spill or attack. It could also be interpreted as a large scam, lie or falsehood that is not entirely out in the open...yet. Nothing much good comes from Hades contacts other than there may be some new antiquities found. In this case something to do with or under water. This could signal an event which is detrimental to the markets. The fact that Venus is translating the Neptune Hades trine brings monetary issues to the fore. If we use the Gemini rising chart for the USA, see following chart, we see transiting Venus and Hades are sitting on the natal Venus in the 2nd house of money and resources. What is more worrisome is the fact Hades has just arrived in the second house and will be there until 2032.

Gold, Silver
Gold is 12 weeks along the Primary cycle which started on May 16. We are in the time frame for a Major cycle (nominal 6 week) cycle low and may have just had it on Aug 2.

Gold also climbed back out of the forming triangle we have been following. See the chart below. If we do head lower, watch for support around the previous lows. Gold putting in a higher low would also be positive going further into August.

In summary I expect Gold and Silver to either start up from here, or very shortly.

Silver is 6 weeks along from the start of it's Primary cycle. It is due to start up but showing few signs of doing anything. Just sit and watch for now. When Silver moves it moves quickly.

Crude is 6 weeks along it’s primary cycle (nominal 18 week) and probably put in a Major cycle low on August 2nd in which case we should see crude moving up from here as it will be the start of the 2nd Major cycle of the Primary cycle.

Still looking for the US$ to move down after the Uranus retrograde. If it does not move down over the next 2 weeks we'll stop looking for it to do so.