Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stocks - Jan 19,20 Turn Down

In follow up to the Dec 19 posts Gold and Silver both turned down. Gold may have put in a longer term top. Not so sure about Silver so we are short Gold company shares and flat on Silver.

Regarding stocks we are coming into a period where a reversal is quite likely. Whether stocks can put in a meaningful reversal with QE2 in full swing remains to be seen. At any rate we have the following coming up this week. Multiple planets changing signs is often a sign in a change in the major indexes.

1.) stocks often put in short term swings in the early to mid January time frame. This is often close to the Sun entering Aquarius. This is similar to Hadiks current forecast but for different reasons.

2.) Mars has just entered Aquarius on Jan 15th.

3.) Jupiter will be entering Aries on Jan 22.

4. The Mercury shadow date is Jan 18. Jan 19 is the full moon and 34 td from the Nov 30 low.

Following is a daily chart of the DJIA showing the Mercury retrograde, direct and shadow dates.

Following is a chart of the DJIA showing the dates the Sun enters Aquarius (blue lines)

If we had to pick specific days for a turn in stocks they would be Jan 19-20 +- 3tds. If we do get a turn in this time frame it is looked upon as a short term move as we should see more upside coming into June 2011.