Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Decoder Ring

I got my 2012 Secret Decoder Ring. This means my forecasts should be even better next year.
And don't forget to drink your Ovaltine.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec 18, 2011 Update

As per the last 2 updates this week may be a s/t low in stocks. It is difficult to pick one day because there are both market cycles and Astro signatures hitting almost everyday of the week. If I had to pick one day for a trough it would be Dec 22. It could be earlier so we'll ad +- 3 td's to the forecast.

Crude is in the 11th week of the primary cycle (15-23 weeks) and due for a s/t reversal. Jupiter Astro signatures often signal a reversal in Crude. In this case their are multiple Jupiter signatures starting with Dec 18, Venus waxing square to Saturn and ending Dec 25 with Jupiter turning direct. Picking one date for a trough, I would pick Dec 22 but watch Crude closely all week. Again +- 3 td's.

We are also coming up to a longer term Crude cycle, the 18 month which hits Jan 27, 2012. See the attached chart.

Gold and Silver have broken a number of trend lines and now we have Gold below the 200 dma (red on the attached chart). Gold has spent very little time under the 200 dma for a long time. Although recent technicals have been quite negative Gold may make an attempt to get above the 200 dma.

There is a s/t Astro for Silver indicating a possible trough on Dec 20. This is based on Sun in Sagittarius, Moon entering Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Capricorn.

We've shown this chart a number of times with the heliocentric price lines for Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue). I'm looking for a s/t bounce up to the blue Jupiter line around 31.50. It may be a good target. Note in the past how Silver has hit support or resistance at these price lines and sometimes followed them up.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 12, 2011 Possible Change

In my post of Dec 11 I mentioned "If the markets are moving down into Dec 21, 22 I will be looking for a reversal near these dates."

This may still be true, however, the reversal may be seen earlier in the week. December 19 has a 144 hour fib (see chart below) and December 20 as multiple longer term fib cycles. The following hourly chart of SPY shows the 144 hour fib from the Oct 4th low hits December 19. Remember this is an hourly fib and may not have the strength of longer term fib structure.

Be on alert for a reversal early in the week as well.

Next week is also an 11 week low. See the following daily chart of the SP500. The red vertical lines are the 55 td or 11 week cycle low.

And to a special friend.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 12, 2011 Update

I’m looking for a move down in the markets near Dec 13. Mercury turns direct. This often sees the markets resume the s/t trend that was occurring before the Mercury retrograde. In this case that would be down. Dec 12 is 23^2 from the July 1, 2010 low.

In addition there is a Mars waning square to the North Node which often occurs prior to a move down in the markets. There is a FED meeting announcement on Dec 13th as well and there are difficult aspects to the FED natal chart.

If the markets are moving down into Dec 21, 22 I will be looking for a reversal near these dates.

Dec 22 has the Moon in perigee (closest path to earth), Mercury at maximum west elongation. There is a Uranus waning square to Hades (Uranian point) but this is a very long term aspect. The Sun, however, opposes Hades and square Uranus on Dec 22. The Sun also changes signs into Capricorn. These are all signatures for a change in trend.

If going up into January I’ll be looking for trend changes in the Jan 20-25 period.

As 2012 approaches it is time to look at the 2nd year of decade cycle, that is the 2nd year of each decade has a low of significance.

Here's the history.

2002 July

1992 Dec '91

1982 Aug

1972 Nov '71

1962 June

1952 May

1942 April

1932 July

At this point I'm looking at March, June/July and October as potential time frames for that significant low. More work needs to be done.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Watch Silver. It may be putting in an isolated low today or tomorrow. I think today.