Sunday, July 28, 2013

Financial Astrology July 28, 2013

“The future influences the present just as much as the past.”
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Some time ago we identified three future time periods which looked difficult for the general markets. They were;
August 2013
November 2013
April 2014

Obviously the first time period has almost arrived. The transit we have been focusing on is the Jupiter translation of the Uranus / Pluto square. This is an aspect defining bankruptcy or default. Jupiter will be opposing Pluto on Aug 7 and squaring Uranus on August 21st.

I'm looking for a shock to the financial system during one of the above time periods. This may play out with significant moves in each of the three months. Bear in mind we are looking for a crest for the 4 year cycle.

Over this weekend and through July 31st Mars will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square. We may see some volatility early in the week. This is an aspect that would normally construe violence. Mars is currently in the sign of Cancer where it is in it's fall, the sign where it acts with the least strength. Thank goodness.

The following weekly chart of the SP500 shows the geocentric aspects of Jupiter and Pluto. When looking at long term aspects (Jupiter / Pluto is approx. 13 years) it is useful to go back and review the stock market reaction at critical aspect points in the past.

Small red dot - Jupiter Pluto conjunction - 0 degrees
Small blue dot - Jupiter Pluto quintile - 72 degrees
Red square - Jupiter Pluto square - 90 degrees
Large blue circle - Jupiter Pluto trine - 120 degrees
Red 2 arrow - Jupiter Pluto opposition - 180 degrees.

As an example looking at the previous 2 conjunctions. November 1994 started a long move up which ended around Sept 2000 near the oppositions (there are 3 exact hits due to retrograde motion). The last conjunction shown is around December 2007 just before the large move down. We have arrived at the opposition again. The Jupiter Pluto opposition will be exact on August 7 and again due to retrograde motion on Jan 31, 2014 and April 20, 2014 as well. The periods around any of these dates should see the general markets as unstable but since these are long term aspects we can't expect them to be exact. Typically we need a faster moving planet or astrological point to define a more exact date.

At the end of the month Venus will translate the Uranus / Pluto square on August 24 and August 26. This time period may point to a more severe correction. For Astrologers this Venus aspect is going to turn the Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto T-square into a powerful grand square.

At the bottom of this chart are the term's of Greenspan and Bernanke at the FED. You may draw your own conclusions on the FED's monetary policy and it's effect on the markets.

Gold / Silver
In follow up to the last post, we were looking for a strong move through 1333. As can be seen on the following daily chart for gold, it made it up to this area but failed to move though it convincingly. The longer gold hangs around this area the greater chance of failure. The primary cycle count I am using for gold is 15 weeks along and therefore in the time period for a dip into the primary cycle low.

Seasonally this is around the beginning of the period of seasonal strength for gold. This combined with the unstable astrological aspects we may see a quick move lower then up at some point in August.

As noted in our last post crude has turned down. July 19 was most likely the primary cycle crest and we are therefore falling into the primary cycle trough.

There will be a number of volatile aspects involving Jupiter (see notes above) in August and I'm looking for crude to make a primary cycle low and be very volatile during August (see approx. dates above). Jupiter is co-ruler of crude with Neptune.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Financial Astrology - July 21, 2013

“If they will stop telling lies about me, I’ll will stop telling the truth about them.”

-- Adlai Stevenson

So, I'm out a little early and watching. Sometimes things look clearer when you have no financial commitment in the markets. Although the nastier transits are at least a week away we are in a period of change. This period of change can be defined by:

July 17 Uranus turns retrograde

July 20 Mercury turns direct almost exact square from Uranus

July 19 The Saturn Neptune trine completes. This aspect is very slow and will have an effect for some time though diminishing in strength each passing day..

July 22 Venus changes sign into Virgo
             Sun changes sign into Leo
             Mars conjunct Jupiter ion Cancer. Interesting because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer              while Mars is in it's fall in Cancer (in short Mars weak, Jupiter strong)

The start of the nastier transits will be July 27 when Mars opposes Pluto to start the Mars translation of the Uranus / Pluto square. The Sun squares Saturn the same day.

The following daily chart of the DJIA shows some of the potential nasty transits. There are others.

A longer term look at some heliocentric transits. This monthly chart of the DJIA shows a longer term look at heliocentric aspects between Jupiter and Pluto. This shows every third conjunct between Jupiter and Pluto (small red circle is the conjunction, every third occurrence has a light blue circle) is near a crest and then moves down quickly. Also of interest is that every third opposition is close to a strong move down, either just before or just after the third opposition (double red arrow with light blue circle). This could be just before or just after the opposition. The next opposition is Nov 13. Note this is a monthly chart and with these slow moving aspects this could be due at any time.

Gold / Silver
When I say I'm out that means everything except physical Gold and Silver.

A strong move through 1333 and I'll be back in gold and silver stocks

Will be watching closely as the Jupiter and Neptune transits are over. They both rule crude and I was expecting a move down or churn.


With the passing of the strong Neptune and Jupiter transits I was looking for a reversal in NatGas. I'm looking for a move above 4.00/NGV to consider getting involved again.

Follow up Note:
There was a 6.5 earthquake in New Zealand. The Sun is active and there is a super Moon tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Financial Astrology - July 18, 2013

I've been warning about this time period for a number of months. I'll be going flat or short, started today and currently plan to remain so until mid-August. I'll assess the situation at that time.

We are also entering a time period where extreme storms or geophysical stress manifests. This starts tomorrow into early next week.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Financial Astrology July 14, 2013

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards"
-- Lewis Carroll, The White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass

Looking at updated charts the index burst through the trend line and the Uranus / Pluto price lines. On the surface this looks like a very positive move. We are in the period of the grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. That's 3 of the 5 outer planets and a very rare configuration. I had thought looking at the recent history this would represent lies, deceit and corruption and it still might but we must consider the positive nature of any grand trine with Jupiter involved. Of course Jupiter could also represent things that are over done. Once this grand trine period is over we will be entering a period of much more dire transits with a T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

A reminder once again, all dates are +- 3 trading days unless otherwise noted. July 17 has the grand trine with Jupiter Saturn and Neptune, Uranus turning retrograde and Mars conjunct Hades. This could very well mark a top then generally down into the T square dates in August. This could stretch into July 19 where the Saturn Neptune trine is exact and one day away from the Mercury direct. This period looks like it will be quite volatile regrdless of what else is going on.

So I'm looking for a top then down in the indexes this coming week. Of course we have Bernanke talking again on July 17 to the House of Representatives and July 18 to the Senate Budget Committee. He has a history of moving the markets when he speaks, even when that was not the intention.

Later in the month I'm expecting things to turn more violent with Mars translating the Uranus / Pluto square.

Gold / Silver
Gold and Silver seemed to react well to the 225 cd (calendar day) cycle which hit on July 1st. It's possible we saw a long term bottom. This was recorded under the SP500 2 posts ago. To repeat "This cycle is based on 365 * .618 = 225 cd's or the square root of 5 which is 2.236, move some decimals and we get 224 cds. 225 is also the number of earth days to make one heliocentric rotation of Venus around the Sun".

This would only be the 13th week of the primary cycle and if it is a low for the primary it would be early. Watch these closely over the next few days. It is quite possible we make an intermediate high in the next couple of weeks and then a low for the primary in late July / early August.

Crude is in the 13th week of it's primary cycle as first noted on the June 9th post and has been a good money maker since. Crude has made a strong move, much of which is due to the troubles in the middle east. Technically it looks strong here and would have a ways to go in the primary cycle.

Astrology on the other hand may be pointing something else out. Crude is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Both are involved in the grand trine with Saturn on July 17 and then the Saturn / Neptune trine is exact on July 19. This is followed up quickly on July 20 with Mars emphasizing the grand trine on the same day Mercury turns direct. Mercury turned retrograde very close to the start of this move in crude.

In short although most of the technicals look bullish, the Astrological events point to a possible top for crude in this coming week or early in the week of July 22 where we have the super Moon on the Monday and Mars conjunct Jupiter. That said we will be coming into a period of possible violence, riots etc. around July 27 through the 31st as Mars translates the Uranus / Pluto square. If crude marks a top around the July 17-19 dates it could have a quick pullback that could be cut short by an outbreak of violence that sends it sharply higher towards the end of the month.

Both Jupiter and Neptune also rule natural gas. Technically there would be no reason to buy at this point but watch closely as the aspects may point to a move in natural gas as well. That would be a move up.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Financial Astrology July 7, 2013

Behind the wall, the Gods play with numbers"
-- Le Corbusier

Following my post 2 weeks ago the next chart updates activity since that post. As discussed the SP index is approaching the trend line and I thought it would come up and kiss the line then retreat. This is more possible now as we have also hit the geocentric 45 degree Uranus and Pluto price lines.

If you look back these two planets have acted as support and resistance for some time.

If the index breaks through the trend line and Uranus / Pluto price lines on good volume then watch out for fast move up. If the SP500 does head up from here I'd be looking at mid July and probably around the very important July 17th dates where Uranus turns retrograde. I don't think this will happen but it is possible.

We also had shown the 225 calendar day cycle. This cycle is based on 365 *.618 = 225 cd's or the square root of 5 which is 2.236, move some decimals and we get 224 cds. 225 is also the number of earth days to make one heliocentric rotation of Venus around the Sun.

This has been fairly reliable (blue vertical line) on the following daily chart. It has also been on a high / low cycle and I was expecting a high here but we may have had an inversion and a low on June 24th. Watch this closely early next week as this may have recorded a high on June 28 and that would agree with the chart above (i.e. we should be going down).

One more look at the SP500. We are starting the 12th week of the primary cycle and the 5th week of the 2nd major cycle. It is possible we are in the 19th week of an older primary but I'll work with the 12th week for now.

This chart also has a fib retracement for the period from April 18 (the start of the current primary)  to May 22nd the current top. Many things to note but I draw your attention to the fib 38.2% approximately where we closed on Friday. I'm looking for this area to hold. Note the blue and red moving averages which appear to be turning up. Again watch this area closely early next week. We're in a bit of a mess here.

Gold / Silver
I believe Gold is close to a 4.25 year low. Close in this case could be measured in weeks or months as it is the 4.25 year cycle trough. This may take some time but I expect the low before then end of August and it could be any day. The following chart shows the 4.25 year cycle and it is a half cycle to the 8.5 year cycle in Gold trough to trough. Note the fib retracement (red lines). We are coming down to the 61.8% at 1167. The retracement is based on the low in Nov 2008 to the high in Sept 2011.

The following chart shows the 610td time fibs from Jan 28, 2011. We could be seeing the low at any time. That light blue circle near the current bottom is the Sun opposition to Pluto. Pluto aspects very often effect Gold. We will be having a number of these over the next 2 months.

Crude continues on up. Looking for a high mid July around the July 17 date where we have Uranus turning retrograde.

At some point Natural Gas should wake up and we want to be on board, but not yet.

A number of people have asked about coffee. It's still not moving. As mentioned before I'm watching Neptune as it rules coffee and there are a number of significant Neptune transits coming up. I think the interest in coffee is the result of someone else's prediction.

This month has a rare grand trine which hits July 17 when Uranus turns retrograde. The grand trine would usually considered favourably but in this case aspects to Saturn and Neptune have tended to expose lies, deceit and corruption. Watch events closely around the July 17 date. It is important. The Saturn Neptune trine is exact on July 19 an OPEX day and is the day before Mercury turning direct. Could be a day of surprises. Another Astrologer had pointed out Mars will be entering Cancer on July 13 and this could manifest events at the FED.

Later in July Mars will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square. This could be explosive and violent. Don't worry about this though. Events gets worse in August.

For upcoming dates in August, please review the June 16, 2013 post. If you are new here I always use a minimum of +- 3 trading days around all dates unless otherwise noted.

PS I usually don't repeat myself so there are valid dates and comments in recent posts which could affect this and future months.