Sunday, October 27, 2013

Financial Astrology - October 27, 2013

An overall message. Be very careful over the next few weeks.
We are at the time frame originally reported in the June 16th post, that being the late Oct / early Nov period. You may wish to note the next time period mentioned in that June 16 post is around April 21, 2014.

Recent price action is making short term forecasting somewhat difficult. The Uranus / Pluto square on Nov 1 and the Solar eclipse on Nov 3 are powerful astrological events but are more geared to longer term forecast. The following will identify specific dates but don't get too tied up in the short term dates. The Uranus/Pluto square and Solar eclipse are longer term transits but can be set off when transited by other bodies and points.

The Primary cycle action for the areas we cover, that is the SP500, Gold and Crude are as follows.

Primary Cycle (nominal 18 week)
SP500              18th week or 3rd week and there was a primary trough on Oct 9th

Gold                18th week or 2nd week and there was a primary trough on Oct 15th

Crude              11th week and we may be at 1/2 cycle low

The above are suggesting these markets are pointing up. This may be true or they are moving up in anticipation of the FOMC meeting this week. Is QE extended or even increased?

This is the opposite of what we have been expecting from an Astrological perspective. Following is what we see.

Oct 29 - Mercury conjunct Saturn.
Mercury just turned retrograde. The previous Mercury Saturn conjunction was on Oct 8 and was on the point of the Nov 3rd Solar eclipse (as noted in our Oct 6 post). The SP500 has shot up since that date.
The Mercury / Saturn conjunction on Oct 29 is not as close to the Nov 3rd Solar eclipse, but it's  close. This time Mercury is retrograde (moving backwards). Do we get a reversal here? Quite possibly.
For the SP500 Oct 29 is 55 trading days from the June 24 low. 55 is a Fibonacci number where we often see market turns.

Oct 30 - Sun conjunct the North Node
The last time the Sun was conjunct the North Node was Nov 16, 2012. This was a major low from which the SP500 has gone up. Does this mark the end of the move? Quite possibly.

Oct 30 - There are a number of declination parallels involving the Sun, Saturn, the North Node and Mercury starting Oct 30 through to Nov 3. This number of parallels often mark turning points.

Nov 1 - The often mentioned Uranus / Pluto waxing square, covered in a number of previous posts. This can effect the markets and many other areas of life. It's a long term transit with 7 exact hits, this being the 4th of 7. The next is April 2014. Look at this transit as being a key to upsets in government (not just the US), social unrest and changes for those in power.

Nov 3  Solar eclipse
Please see previous posts. This Solar eclipse is at 11 Scorpio 15 close to Saturn. Saturn is still in  mutual reception with Pluto making them both more powerful. Saturn and Pluto can be  2 of the more troubling planets in the horoscope, Saturn being the status quo, time and things that remain the same and also public sorrow, while Pluto denotes change by breaking down existing structures and regeneration. It's change that won't be undone. Pluto also represents great wealth and power and the tasks of bringing hidden information to light.
Being in Scorpio this eclipse could involve other peoples money, pensions and taxes.
Watch closely over the next few weeks. We may not have long to wait for this to manifest.
This eclipse is also in a loose quincunx to Uranus. A quincunx is 150 degree aspect that denotes no common ground. The eclipse is Scorpio, a fixed water sign while Uranus is in Aries a cardinal fire sign. Fire and water can bring things to a boiling point.

I could go on here, let me say I'm looking for a change in trend around this date.

Nov 4  Gold Fibonacci 89 trading days from the June 28 lows. Often markets turns +- a week at least.

Finally, is the SP500 forming a wolfe wave. See the following daily chart of the SP500. This would have been more symmetric if 5 had been at the Sept 19th crest. Nevertheless the SP500 has just broken through the rising diagonal (light blue lines). If we now fall below the upper line of the rising diagonal it would signal a good shorting oppourtunity. The red lines depict where we could fall in time and price if this is a valid wolfe wave. That is Dec 23 around $1,555 SP500. Hard to believe if QE continues.

I've noted a number of items that could effect short term changes in Gold above. Probably the most important is the direction of the US$ which has been down. There is a recurring 40-42 week cycle trough in the US$ which we are now hitting. A move up in the US buck has historically meant Gold is headed down. I say historically since things just aren't happening normally with the QE program and other financial shenanigans.

I'm still looking at June 28 being the 4.25 year cycle low for Gold. This will be confirmed if we break above the August highs. In the mean time there would  / should be a pull back if the US$ reacts to the 40-42 week cycle. Look for this in the month of November. A reversal in Gold could occur around the Nov 1, 4 dates above or a little later in November where we have many significant heliocentric (sun centered) aspects and multiple planets changing direction (see the last post for dates).

Also watch Nov 11 for a swing in Gold.

Daily chart of Gold

Weekly chart of US$

Crude is meandering lower but just hit a hammer doji on Oct 24 and hit the 61.8% retracement of the move up from April 18 to August 28. Looking back a few months this area may serve as support. This is approx. at the 1/2 primary cycle where we often find turns. This area needs to be watched particularly around the critical dates defined above Nov 1,4 +- a week.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Financial Astrology - Oct 20, 2013

In follow up to the last post and the Lunar eclipse on Oct 18 it appears this will not trigger a sharp down move in the general markets. The resolution in the US both for opening the government and increasing the borrowing limit albeit for a short time have calmed the situation.

There are a couple of smaller transits this week but the 4th exact waxing square of Uranus and Pluto on Nov 1st in conjunction with the Solar eclipse on Nov 3 should be dominating the Astrological background.

The shorter term transits may result in a small pullback or big range days in many markets. They are:

Oct 21             Mercury retrograde
Oct 23             Sun enters Scorpio
Oct 25             Sun waning trine Neptune

The week of Nov 4 will also be the 19th week of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) in the SP500. It has had a range of 15-23 weeks so we are in the time frame for a Primary cycle low, however the combination of the Uranus / Pluto square and the Solar eclipse may signal a more severe sell off in a number of markets.

The following daily chart of the DJIA shows the recent history of the geocentric Uranus / Pluto square (blue square) and Solar eclipses (red circle). It also shows the heliocentric Jupiter / Uranus square (red square) on Nov 12 and the heliocentric Jupiter / Pluto opposition (red double arrow) on Nov 13. Not shown is the one and only heliocentric Uranus / Pluto square on Nov 23. As mentioned before Jupiter in hard aspect to Uranus or Pluto are bankruptcy aspects.

The above concentrates on Uranus / Pluto due to it's importance. There are other important transits in November. Geocentrically Jupiter turns retrograde Nov 7, Neptune turns direct Nov 13 and Chiron turns direct on Nov 19 while Mercury turns direct Nov 10. That's a lot of planets changing direction which usually means changes on the earthly plain.

Should be a wild ride and more than just the stock market...(social unrest, possible geophysical upsets).

Gold is in the 17th week of it's Primary cycle and thus would be due for a trough early Nov. We've been looking for a bottom in Gold around the Nov 1, 4 time frame. See previous posts. If it goes down hard it should be a time to buy. See the previous few Gold posts.

Shorter term there is a 27 td cycle due for a small low on Oct 23. The 27 td cycle is shown by the red vertical lines on the following daily chart.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where Money Comes From

If you are not sure where money comes from this is worth a look.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Financial Astrology - October 12, 2013

This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, but I thought I should post my thoughts on the upcoming Lunar eclipse on Oct 18. I started a description in the Oct 6 post, which is still valid, but had a number of questions on this eclipse, which I will try and cover here. To be clear Solar eclipses are typically more powerful than Lunar eclipses, however, Lunar eclipses can have a strong effect.

The first point I should make is I am NOT forecasting a definite market crash. We should be alert during the next few weeks as the potential for a negative market move is possible. Keep in mind there are also some positive cycles over the next couple of weeks which would contradict the following.

What follows is some interesting Astrological similarities between the upcoming Lunar eclipse on Oct 18, 2013 and the full Moon of Oct 18, 1929.

First a chart of the DJIA for the 1929-1930 period. We can see the Full Moon was at the beginning of the worst part of the fall in 1929.

The next chart shows a dual chart of the New York Stock Exchange (inner wheel) and the transiting planets (outer wheel) as of Oct 18, 1929.

A number of points worth noting. The chart in the inner wheel of the NYSE has Jupiter conjunct Neptune both opposing Saturn. Every October the Sun will transit over this point. Could this be one of the causes of the stock markets negative history in the month of October?

From COSI "The Combination of Stellar Influences"
Sun on the mid-point of Jupiter / Neptune
"A lack of self control, irresponsibility, speculation, a squandering of physical strength. The act of deceiving or the misfortune of being deceived."

Jupiter on the mid-point of Saturn / Neptune
"The tendency to be upset or depressed easily."
" The methodical execution of plans, the slow attainment of success through intense activity and great pain-staking effort."
COSI was published in 1940.

Let's hope it is the latter.

Saturn opposes the Jupiter Neptune conjunction. Saturn is concrete reality. Neptune on the other hand is delusion, deception and possibly involve inflation or deflation. Jupiter stands for expansion and optimism while Saturn is staid and somber. Thus there is conflict which gets emphasized when other planets transits hit these points. In this chart we also see Jupiter trine Pluto, the latter being a money planet and often other peoples money.

Now look at the outer wheel which shows the transiting planets as of Oct 18, 1929. The Sun is transiting over the Jupiter / Neptune conjunction and therefore opposing Saturn thus bringing light to these energies. The Moon, is a Full Moon sitting on Saturn. The opposition in the natal chart is being lit up by the Full Moon. Also note the position of Uranus at 8 Aries 46 and retrograde. It is very close to the 2nd decante of Aries which is ruled by the Sun. Uranus is all about sudden changes and surprises.

Now the same type of chart with the New York Stock Exchange in the inner wheel and the transiting planets as of October 18, 2013.

A number of points worth noting. The Sun is back sitting on Jupiter / Neptune but this time it is in a more powerful Lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in fiery Aries dampened in this chart by it's transit over Saturn. Transiting Jupiter is in a wide square to the Sun. Of interest is Uranus. It is back to almost the same position at 9 Aries 55 and retrograde. Again close to the second decante of Aries.

My original forecast was for the general markets to rise here into early November. It's possible the market slide could start near the upcoming Full Moon. If so I will have to revisit my forecast for a down move in late Oct / early Nov. Again, this does not guarantee a crash is coming but the energies are there and it is more possible than normal. No matter what happens the next month should be unusually volatile in many markets.


The Sun in waxing Square to Jupiter on Oct 12 is often is a sign of a change in trend starting approx. 1 week after the exact date of the square.

The current chart looks like the start of a free fall in Gold so..........

Note the last post in Gold. Late Oct / early November could be significant. If going down hard a sharp reversal maybe a big surprise. Note the Oct 11 post on Gold. Manipulation is rather obvious. We are in the 16th week of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) which averages 15-21 weeks. We are due for a Primary cycle trough in the late Oct / early Nov time frame. A number of forecaster and cycle analysts have noted the 6 week cycle has been quite consistent in Gold.

Gold may be retesting the June 28th low. You may recall I am currently looking at June 28 as the 4.25 year cycle low. If we go below that low we may be setting a new low for the 4.25 year cycle.  If Gold does make a strong move I'll be watching the US$ as well.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gold Oct 11, 2013

Someone or something keeps selling Gold in after hours, thin markets thus guaranteeing a lower price for what they are selling and also driving down Gold futures.

See my last blog post

and a recent article.

The question is why and who.

Be very careful with Gold as we approach month-end as we have a number of market and Astro cycles which point to a move up.

Monday, October 7, 2013


You can't make up stuff like this.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Financial Astrology - October 6, 2013 - Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013

As we await decisions in the US re: the government shutdown and more important borrowing limit I'm looking for potential days where the markets will move up. This post will also cover the upcoming Lunar eclipse on October 18th. The Solar eclipse on November 3rd will be covered in my next post. I'm still looking for the Nov 1-4 period as being very important for the markets. This was first mentioned in my post of June 16, 2013. Dates are all +-3 td's (trading days).

I have been looking for a low around Oct 8 then moving up to the Nov 1-4 period then down hard. The situation in the US has clouded this outlook. The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the approx. forecast, the red lines. This could go much lower than shown on this chart. The upcoming blue circle is the Lunar eclipse on Oct 18 and the red square the Uranus / Pluto square on Nov 1 and the red circle the Solar eclipse on Nov 3rd. Note, I have the Nov 1-4 high at the Uranus, Pluto price lines as they have acted as good support / resistance in the past. This is around the $1720 area.

Potential big range days and market move / turn dates below. At the very least the markets should be volatile. The notes here are for the SP500. We may see divergent lows and highs in the major indexes (i.e. SP500, DJIA, Nasdaq).

Oct 8          Mercury conjunct Saturn and both on the point of the upcoming Nov 3 Solar   eclipse. This is also a geocentric Bradley turn date (note: sometimes useful).

Oct 10        Venus goes out of bounds by declination.         

Oct 18         Lunar eclipse (see below)

Gold is 14 weeks along in it's primary cycle and getting into the timeframe where a pullback into the primary cycle trough is due. This would put the trough in the last week of Oct or first week of Nov. Technical signals are not consistent and rumors of manipulation are rampant.

From another post by Raymond Merriman. There are many similar posts.

"On Tuesday, October 1, about 2:00 AM Eastern Time, it was reported that someone put in an order to sell 8,000 contracts of Gold on the COMEX. This is 800,000 ounces of Gold, or about $1B (billion). With no liquidity in that market at that time, Gold plunged sharply, to 1276.90 within 24 hours, its lowest level since August 7."

Nevertheless we work with what we have. Gold may also be putting in a head and shoulders top which would also point to a down move.

I'm looking for Gold to be choppy to down for most of October and then possibly a dramatic rise around the Nov 1-4 dates noted above.

We may have just put in a Major cycle (6 week, but really 5-7 weeks) low in crude. If that is the case we should see crude start to move up. Watch the 15 and 45 day moving averages. We want to see the 15 dma start to turn up and cross the 45 dma. This may be a good buying opportunity right here.

The October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse
This section may be more appropriate for Astrologers. I'll try and write this so it may be some benefit to all. At the bottom you will see a chart which is composed of two parts, an inner wheel and an outer wheel.

The inner wheel is the chart for the commencement of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792.

The outer wheel is the placement of the current transiting planets as compared to the planets in the inner wheel.

We are comparing the positions of the transiting planets to their position when the New York Stock Exchange began. Note: there are many other ways to forecast future events with astrology.

This being a Lunar eclipse a rule of thumb is they may have an effect for about 6 weeks on either side of the actual eclipse. Generally the effect of an Eclipse is not necessarily bad.

This eclipse occurs with the Sun in the third decante of Libra and therefore influenced by Venus and Mercury. The Moon is in the third decante or firey Aries and therefore influenced by Mars and Jupiter. Much more could be written about eclipses.

This eclipse may have importance to women. It is also pointing to an eclipse which is negative and challenging but not necessarily explosive. The eclipse takes place one day after the US borrowing limit is hit. I find it difficult to believe US politics would go this far but the date is close.

Let's remember the Lunar eclipse is going to effect the whole world so where things manifest is difficult to forecast. With Mars and Venus on the scene, violence / women perhaps we should be looking to the mid-East.

Our purpose is to try and discern the eclipse's effect on the markets which is why I have included the chart with the New York Stock exchange.

If you can go back and review the stock market data in mid-October for a number of years. For older data use the DJIA. What you will see, in many years, is a pull back in prices and of course the many crashes which have occurred in the October time frame.

Now look at the chart at the end of this post. Every October the Sun will transit over the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and oppose Saturn in the 10th house of the New York Stock Exchange natal chart.. They will not be exactly on October 18, but will be close.

From COSI "The Combination of Stellar Influences"
Sun on the mid-point of Jupiter / Neptune
"A lack of self control, irresponsibility, speculation, a squandering of physical strength. The act of deceiving or the misfortune of being deceived." COSI was published in 1940.

This does not sound positive for the markets but could be overridden (as in speculation, squandering noted above) by a euphoria if the US can approve a new borrowing limit and open the government for business.

The transiting Moon is conjunct the natal Saturn. "Separation, suffering. The separated wife, the widow. Again the theme of women tied into this eclipse.