Sunday, May 26, 2013

Financial Astrology May 26, 2013

A short week in the US markets and it will be difficult to forecast direction. Mercury and Venus are still out of bounds meaning expect volatility in most markets. Mercury will move back in bounds on June 14 and Venus June 20. Reversals or erratic action are common around those dates. Further comment as we approach those dates and see the price action that got us there. As one reader stated “the new rule: Tuesdays are always UP”.

As for current aspects, Sunday May 26 has the Sun in waxing square to Neptune. This has a strong correlation to price swings in US markets. Also over May 27, 28 Mercury then Venus will be conjunct Jupiter. On it’s surface these aspects would be construed as positive and would point to up-days. and positive news. However, there is a minor aspect called a quintile. In this case Mercury, then Jupiter, then Venus will be quintile Uranus. A quintile is a 72 degree aspect. This is also known as the 5th harmonic or (360 degrees / 5) = 72. For Fibonacci fans (there’s a joke there) 72 * 2 = 144.

Quintiles are seldom used aspects. Some definitions:
“aspect of creative freedom”
“doing thngs that separate from the crowd”
“unique approaches to art”
“The quintile gives one the ability to create unique and rare forms and to manipulate matter in ways that benefit the greater society and which uplift humanity as a result.”

All the above seem relatively positive. We may see something quite unusual occur May 27 or May 28 or unusual news. A problem maybe they are all aspecting Uranus. It is still in close square to Pluto and the energies of violent storms, earthquakes and an environment of scandals is still strong. In addition Jupiter is still in Gemini where Jupiter is in it's detriment, that is acts with the least strength.

This square is leading to changes in the structure of large organizations and the government. The full effects are ahead of us as this is the 3rd in a series of 7 exact squares. I’m assuming the real sh&t will hit the fan when the actions of the world’s central banks end in failure. Big trouble periods are August 2013 and April 2014. In the mean time the flagrant manipulation of markets continues. Valid price discovery is a thing of the past. This isn’t just the U.S. FED. Check Europe and Japan. Central Banks fear deflation more than they fear the wrath of the people.

As we wait for these epic events we must try and decipher the current market activity.

I’m looking at April 18 as being the trough of the last Primary cycle (nominal 18 week). This puts us in the 6th week of a new Primary cycle and therefore we are due for a pullback which appears to have started. Assuming we get through the 1632 area I’m looking for a move down close to 1610. This low maybe in the week of June 3rd. Following is a daily chart of the SP500.

The first thing central banks dislike is deflation, the second is Gold. Nevertheless the planets don’t care. Some aspects noted above have an effect on precious metals. The Sun waxing square to Neptune has a correlation to both troughs and crests. The following chart does not appear to be forming a crest so I’ll be looking for a low, which we may have already had, then up.

Venus and Jupiter aspects have a history of moves in Silver. So here we have Venus conjunct Jupiter but in close quintile to Uranus. Venus and Jupiter conjunctions typically viewed as positive but with Uranus possibly a surprise or unusual event.

The following daily chart of Gold appears to be forming a “W”bottom but it needs to get moving up on good volume. Watch Gold and Silver very closely.

Also in it’s 6th week of the Primary cycle it appears to be started down into a trough. This may end up being closer to June 3rd when Saturn transits over the point of the April 25 Lunar eclipse or June 7 when Neptune turns retrograde.

US readers enjoy a day off on Monday. Others like myself, carry on. I’m in Canada and the markets are open tomorrow but without that US money it will be very slow.

Those with a little time on their hands may want to peruse the following.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inter Week Update May 22, 2013

There are a number of negative astrological aspects for the next week starting tomorrow. Don't be fooled by a bounce, the general US markets should be going down further. I'll look at levels on the weekend.

Although not forecasting strong earthquakes, there are a number of aspects which would make this a possibility.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Financial Astrology May 20, 2013

We’ve got tornado's and volcanoes going off on top of the political problems at home and abroad. All tie into the Uranus Pluto square which is exact tomorrow May 20th.

But what of the stock market? Benny and the ink-jets continue printing, however I had pointed out a number of dates where a reversal is more probable. We are there.

May 20 – 23 we have Mercury and Venus going out of bounds by declination. I had posted a chart of the S&P showing some previous history. It follows again, along with a chart for Gold as well. I’m looking for a s/t turn in the general markets down (not a crash) and a s/t turn up for Gold and PM’s



There are other Astros in effect this week, one of particular interest is May 23 when Vesta translates the Uranus / Pluto square.

Also on the horizon is the Lunar eclipse on May 25, Sun waxing square Neptune on May 26 and Jupiter quintile Uranus (this may be a beauty) on May 28.

In short we should see some s/t turns in the general markets down and Gold up early this week and the next two weeks very volatile.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Troublesome Period Coming Up

The dates from the previous post still stand. I am wondering about the next few weeks particularly now through June 7th.

A study of Astrology gives the student the ability to identify dangerous or eventful periods. They do not always manifest. I look at the next few weeks as one of those periods.

From my experience people tend to ignore religion until they are in difficult circumstances. Personally I've been downed in a helicopter, was a guest in a Brazilian jail and stranded in a snow bank on an old mine road at 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit with night setting in and a number of others. These and other occasions get me thinking about religious matters. Not to mention reaching for the Gideon when alone for the evening in broken down motels.

With the up coming few weeks I thought I'd get a jump on my religious thoughts by listening to the great Tom Waits.

Keep your heads up.

And Go Leafs Go

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Financial Astrology May 12, 2013

We are entering a period where both long term and short term transits are pointing to a reversal down in major market indices. It is possible the high in the SP500 was May 9, the Solar eclipse. If not there are a number of key transits coming up in the next couple of weeks. Whenever there are this many potent transits the markets are usually quite volatile. Volatile means up and down, not just up.

The dates I’m looking at

May 12            Mars opposition North Node. Has a history of some big moves but many instances where nothing of note happens.

May 16            Mars transits over the point of the May 9 Solar eclipse. Can be a powerful move and in this instance down.

May 17            Looking at heliocentric transits, most transists are geocentric unless otherwise noted. May 17 has a conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, an unusual event with some history of turns.

May 20            Uranus in waxing square to Pluto. This is the long term transit mentioned many times over the past few months. Long term transits like this typically need some trigger to manifest it’s energies. (see May 23)
                        You can search this blog for descriptions of the Uranus / Pluto square.
                         In the following weekly chart of the DJIA the blue squares show the Uranus Pluto square. The May 20 square is the third occurrence out of seven exact squares out into March 2015. Also on this chart the red circles show the Jupiter / Saturn trine coming up in July 2013. More about this important aspect in a future post.

May 23            Vesta, a prominent asteroid translates the Uranus / Pluto square.

May 25            Lunar eclipse

May 26            The Sun in waxing square to Neptune. This aspect has a strong history of turns and usually troughs then up given a range of +- 6 trading days. We are obviously in no position to talk troughs in any major US market unless we get a strong pullback almost immediately. With the following, this is possible.

There is another astrological configuration occurring over the next few weeks which I have been studying and can be seen in the following daily chart of the SP500. This gives the following dates and may be quite accurate.

May 20, 21
May 23
June 10
June 14
June 20

Looking at the recent history the May 20, 21 or 23rd should mark intermediate lows. Watch these dates closely. As May 20 also has the square between Uranus and Pluto this new Astro event may affect precious metals as well. On this chart May 20 is the next vertical red line.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Addenum to last post

The last post identified France and Syria as potential problem near the May 20, 2013 square between Uranus and Pluto. I'll add Pakistan to the list as follows. The square is hitting the Ascendant of the Pakistan formation chart.

The same rules apply. These are two slow moving planets. Their effect is active now and well after the May 20th date. For any of these country charts the Sun can represent the country as a whole or the leader.

There are other countries but these stand out. For example Canada chart is being ht by this square. Canada is looked at as quiet country except of course for the Liberal Party. Oh, I meant the Fiberal Party.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Financial Astrology May 5, 2013

For Astrologers reading this blog I’ll start with the chart for France. This is the 5th Republic chart which began with the publication of the New Constitution on October 5, 1958 in Paris. The following chart is a dual wheel with the chart for France in the inner wheel and the position of the transiting planets in the outer wheel dated for May 20, 2013. You may remember I’ve been mentioning this date for some time. It is the day the Uranus and Pluto are exactly square. Since these are two very slow moving planets they are in effect right now. They are all about social unrest, tearing down the old and possible aggravated problems in the financial system mainly debt and taxes. The main point to note is the Uranus Pluto square is hitting the Sun in the France chart. I’ve circle those planets in red.

This could manifest in a few ways as mentioned above. Social unrest, riots, French debt problems, problems with taxes. Don’t dwell on the exact date as the forces are active now and well after the May 20th date. I don’t like mentioning some things and this is one. Pluto also rules all things nuclear and France has many nuclear reactors. Enough said.

Syria is in the news this weekend with Israel’s bombing. Following is another  biwheel chart with the Syrian chart in the middle and the transiting planets for May 20 in the outer wheel. Again the key planets are noted. The Uranus / Pluto square is hitting the Sun in the inner chart.

As far as the markets are concerned the points I made in the previous blog still apply. They are:

1.) I’m looking for a reversal by May 6 or May 9, the Solar eclipse. This could be a pull back but not a crash in the main market indices. The markets could bounce after the pullback. This may get very volatile once again. We may have to wait for an event, possibly outside the country, either the mid-east or Europe make good candidates.

2.) The next round of sovereign debt problems may come from France. Watch the time period around May 20 for European financial trouble. This is a long term transit and is therefore in effect now.

3.) I'll mention this a little early. The period from May 20 through June 18 may be very volatile or some unusual event will take place. More on this in a future post.

4.) Keep in mind as well, the last 4 year cycle trough was March 6, 2009. We are overdue for the crest of the 4 year cycle

Also remember we have a Solar eclipse this week on the evening of May 9. Amongst other problems this can be a time of increased geophysical activity.

In addition to the above following are charts for the SP500 and NAS 100. It is unclear whether the primary cycle started  February 26 or April 18. If it was April 18 then we are 3 weeks along and due for a trading cycle trough. If it was February 26 we are 10 weeks and 3 weeks among the second major cycle. This would also be due for a trading cycle but typically not so large a pull back. Wait and see.

The Nasdaq had a surge from which we often get pullbacks before it continues moving up. I'm looking for a pullback with the same timeframe as mentioned for the SP500.

Finally I had been looking at an 89 week cycle in Gold until I saw the Pluto retrograde and other transits which heralded in the big drop. Nevertheless this cycle has been strong, pointing out crests. We may yet get a move up or this will be an inverted cycle and put in a low. I'm looking for a move up in Gold over the next couple of weeks and volatility.