Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 28, 2011 US$ Index

There is a Neptune direct date coming up on November 9th. Approximately 18 days before a Neptune direct date, the Sun always trines Neptune. Approximately 11 days after the Neptune direct date the Sun always squares Neptune. This creates a window around the Neptune direct date.

This time the dates are:

October 20th the Sun trines Neptune.

November 20th the Sun Squares Neptune.

The US$ often makes a turn during this period or just outside. It can either be a crest or a trough.

The following two daily charts are of the US$ index. The light blue circle is the Sun trine Neptune. The red square is the Sun square Neptune and the green arrow pointing to the right is the Neptune direct date.

The dark blue line depicts the approximate window length where I would expect a turn in the US$. Note sometimes it is just outside this window.

I should note, following market cycles I have been waiting for the US$ to turn up since June of this year.

This week look to November 3,4 for possible big range days or reversals in stocks. November 3rd has both Mercury and Venus trining Uranus and Nov 4 both Mercury and Venus are on the point of the partial lunar eclipse of November 25, 2011.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 24, 2011

The comments will be brief with further comments as the week unfolds.


I suspect the SP will retrace some of it’s gain’s early this week as it has moved too far, too fast since the Oct 4 low. Friday was the fib 13 from the Oct 4 low but there are a cluster of fib numbers from previous highs and lows most of this coming week. A move back to 1200 would be reasonable.

The SP moved up to the geocentric Neptune price line (light blue) where it is expected to meet resistance.

One could pick almost any day this week but the following have been picked as key dates this week:

Oct 24 Uranus squared Hades with the moon opposing Uranus and the Sun almost trining Hades. It is exact tomorrow.

Oct 26 Super moon and Venus waxing square Mars

Oct 28 Of these dates Oct 28 would appear most significant from an Astro perspective as it has the Sun opposing Jupiter and Jupiter trine Pluto.

It should be mentioned Nov 3 is shaping up to be a powerful day with both Mercury and Uranus just passing into Sagittarius and both trining Uranus. They are both almost on the point of the Nov 25, 2011 solar eclipse as well. It could be one of those dates we remember.

November 2 is the market cycle date I have mentioned in the last few posts.


Gold and Silver appear to be turning down. There is a Venus waning square to Neptune on Oct 31 which is often found just before more significant downturns in Gold.

Gold may affected by the Nov 3 date as well.


See Gold for comments affecting Silver as well.

Silver has move down to the heliocentric Jupiter price line where it has gotten support in the recent past. Any significant break and silver could move down quickly. My bet is Gold moves down as well.


Crude continues in a trading range and needs to close above 90.00 to show signs it is breaking out. If Oct 4 was the 17 month low we should expect a breakout soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct 17, 2011


The indexes have advanced sharply since early October which may have been the 15.5 month cycle low discussed in previous posts. Astro wise this uptrend looks like it will continue. Any sharply rising trend, as we have seen, will have a pull back. Pull backs should be buying oppourtunities if the 15.5 month cycle low is in.

Potential pull back dates are

Oct 20 Sun Waning Trine Neptune

Oct 26 – 28 Perigee Moon on Oct 26 and Sun opposition Jupiter and Jupiter Trine Pluto on Oct 28.

Early November there are some very positive transits. More on these in a future post.

From a previous post we also had Oct 17 and Nov 2 as non-Astro, financial cycle dates.

It should be emphasized there are some very powerful dates around Oct 28 through Nov 3 where actions could manifest that would effect many markets. Perhaps the European debt crisis is back on centre stage or other world event.

Also remember I mentioned the Uranus Hades square which is near the end of the month as well.


Precious metals should be in a time band where a move up is more probable. This maybe short lived. As mentioned in a previous post, this is based on heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius. Due to the position of Gold and Silver in the current financial cycles any crests forming in the next couple of weeks could turn down quickly.

Again the dates to watch are (see above)

Oct 20

Oct 26-28


See Gold comments

Silver once again was crawling up the heliocentric Venus price line but seems to have stopped at the May 12, 2011 low.


Crude was due for a 17 month cycle low and may have hit it. I say may have because there are some transits in early November which could have a direct effect on crude and a possible double bottom, that is the lows of Oct 4 are revisited. Those dates are:

Nov 4 Mars opposition Neptune (note Neptune is almost standing still and can be viewed as stronger than normal).

Nov 9 Neptune stationary direct.

Mars and Neptune can equate to deceit and subterfuge of some kind so be aware of this around that time period. This could also represent the exposing some type of lies or deceitful behaviour.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Potential Reversal Dates

Tomorrow Oct 13 or Friday Oct 14 are possible reversal dates for stocks and possibly Oils.

Oct 13 Moon conjuncts Jupiter, see attached daily chart of the SP500. The blue dots are the previous Moon Jupiter conjunctions.

Oct 14 Venus opposition Jupiter, has a history of reversals.

Jupiter is the co-ruler of crude.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10, 2011 Update

As the SP500 is advancing, albeit on low volume, it should hit resistance around

1190 which is the 50% retracement of the move up from July 2010 to early May 2011

1204 which is 38.2% retracment of the move down from early May 2011 to the early Aug lows

1230-1235 which is 38.2% retrace from July 2010 to early May 2011 and a 50% retrace of the move down from early May 2011 to the early Aug lows.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 10, 2011


I suspect we will move lower or sideways for the first couple of days this coming week.

The Sun Saturn conjunction is almost exact during the Full Moon. During the Full Moon the Moon is in a grand trine with Mars and the North Node in the very action oriented, excitable fire signs. If you can’t sleep watch the foreign markets and events the night of Oct 11. Saturn, although usually seen as depressive, can also be seen as the constriction that cause people to act. If we do fall for the first couple of days in the week, watch for a rebound starting on Oct 12th or 13th.

As we move into October there is a forming waxing trine between Jupiter and Pluto which is exact on Oct 28. Jupiter is entering a positive area so this may equate to rising prices in the indexes. This trine is joined by Mars making it a grand trine in earth signs in November. Things may appear more grounded and stable during this period which would be beneficial for the markets. The keyword being “appear” as there is much trouble on the horizon and for the next few years.

As for market cycles we have been looking for a 15.5 month cycle (Merriman/Bressart) low which is the middle 15.5 month cycle of the 4 year cycle. Oct 4 may have been it but is worth watching closely for confirmation as the markets should advance sharply after a 15.5 month cycle trough.

In addition to the 15.5 month there are other cycles hitting on Oct 17 (red line) and Nov 2 (brown line)


Gold is at the 23.6% retracement of the whole move up from Nov 2008 to the early Sept highs and appears to have good support at this level. Any meaningful break through this support could result in a sharp down move. Note the trend has followed the red band on the bottom side of the fork.

As we are approaching the entry of heliocentric Mercury into Sagittarius watch for bullish moves in the PM’s. This transit begins Oct 15th. As stated in a previous post, 80% of the time this is bullish but the other 20% can be quite bearish with sharp swings down.

Next week may be accompanied by volatile currency swings starting Oct 9 with geocentric Venus in Scorpio.


See Gold for comments affecting Silver as well. In addition my favourite Silver chart follows. The green lines are the heliocentric Venus price lines and the blue lines are the Heliocentric Jupiter price lines. Watch these closely to see if Silver follows the Venus price line up or if Silver falls back to the Jupiter price line. I'm looking for silver to fall back to the Jupiter price line and possibly lower.


We have been looking for a 17 month trough in crude oil. Oct 4 may have been it. There are a number of signatures to watch for Oil in the coming weeks. Oct 20, Oct 28 and Nov 9. Give each +- 3 td’s

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct 3, 2011 Update

Of course if the SP500 1110 Neptune price line is broken substantially the next Neptune price line is at 1050.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 3, 2011 Update

I believe we are due at least a short term reversal which could take place tomorrow. Possible spike low then a reversal up or the reversal is Tuesday. If not a reversal one should take place in the first 2 weeks in October.

If there is a spike low the SP may find support around 1110 which is the grey (Neptune) line on the following daily chart.
Towards the end of the month there is a very long term transit taking place on Oct 24th.. That is Uranus in waning square to Hades. Hades is not a planet per se but a Uranian point. Don't expect anything drastic that day as it is very long term event. Hades rules waste, the unattractive side of life, filth and decay. Sounds pretty good so far. Hades also rules ancient secrets and lost wisdom on the more positive side. Uranus of course is sudden changes. the unexpected, originality and freedom. They are both in cardinal signs, potentially giving them more power. watch the blog for further details as this square develops.


Gold is at the 23.6% retracement of the whole move up from Nov 2008 to the early Sept highs. Note the trend has followed the red band on the bottom side of the fork. The trend is uncertain at this time but Gold has the potential for further losses. On Oct 15 Heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius which has a history of being positive for precious metals. Positive approx. 80% of the time. The other 20% has been a history of sharp declines.

Silver may follow the Jupiter line (blue) or follow the Venus line (green) up. Silver often hits a trough when Venus is in Libra. It exits Libra on Oct 9. As mentioned under Gold, the precious metals are often bullish when heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius. This occurs next on October 15.

Crude looks like it is headed down for further lows and may be falling into a 17 month cycle troughdue in late Oct or Nov.