Saturday, October 27, 2012

Financial Astrology Oct 29, 2012

This coming week should be more than interesting. Cycle wise stocks, gold and crude are all near the end of their primary cycle (aka nominal 18 week cycle). The SP500 is 21 weeks along, gold 24 weeks along, which is extended and crude is 18 weeks along. So all 3 are due for a trough, then up. Up but not very far. I believe the crest for the 4 year cycle was in on Sept 14, 2012 with a high of 1,474.51. I also am looking at the extended Fibonacci at 127.2% or SP500 1,464 as strong resistance (see chart below). This next move up would therefore be a lower high and we may see a series of lower highs as the market moves down into the 4 year low in 2013.

This week has 2 astrological signatures which have a strong history of turns in the primary cycle. Mars opposition Jupiter on Oct 28 has a history of primary cycle crests (+- 8 tds) but also has some instances where it marked a trough. The same with Gold. This signature has more of a history of crests in the market with this signature. On Nov 1st there is an even more powerful aspect, Venus in opposition to Uranus. This does have more of a history of Primary cycle troughs in the SP500 and Gold.

Venus will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square which may bring out the debt issues once again. Watch for the Uranus / Pluto square being hit again around Nov 23-26 when Mars translates the square. This looks like another low forming.

All things considered I’m looking for next week to be very volatile but up. With the above signatures we also have Mars travelling through Sagittarius, a volatile aspect and of course Saturn entered Scorpio a couple of weeks ago. There is still an accounting required for all the debt problems which have been incurred. Saturn will demand an accounting before leaving Scorpio.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Saturn in water signs often equates to flooding. This has a particular history with Scorpio.

In addition Monday, October 29 is a Full Moon. Both New and Full Moon’s have been marking short term turns in the market. Although this Full Moon is not in perigee, and therefore not a Super Moon, the Sun is in a grand trine with Chiron and Kronos, the latter being a Uranian point. This may be pointing to a very positive Full Moon. It will be exact at 3:48 pm EDT in New York. On the down side the Sun is still in orb to the Saturn conjunction of last Oct 25, but it is waning.

So I’m looking for next week to be volatile but we should be looking for a trough in all 3 markets we cover and thus any positions should be to the long side, at least to start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move up starting Monday although it may decline at the open.

Keep in mind everything is driven by the US$, at least for now. We are still looking for a low then up in the US buck based on the 17 and 18 month cycles (see chart below). This should put in a low late Oct / early November. Watch for this low as it will change the direction of commodities and stocks.

The west coast of Canada has been experiencing fairly strong earthquakes one day before the Full Moon tomorrow. See the Oct 1, 2012 post, "Recent Earthquakes near Full Moon". Remember we have a Total Solar eclipse on Nov 13, 2012.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Financial Astrology - Oct 22, 2012

This Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 Mercury will be conjunct the position of the Nov 13, 2012 eclipse. I monitor planets conjunct eclipse position before and after the eclipse event. This may have a negative effect on the markets on Monday or + - 2 trading days which will mean today as well. It may also be a signal for increased earthquake activity. Also the Sun enters Scorpio on Monday and will be conjunct Saturn on Oct 25. All are typically negative events.

And happy 25th anniversary of Black Monday back in 1987.

In follow up to the Sept 17, 2012 post, notice the fib extension at 127.2 or approx. 1465 for the SP500 has held up as strong resistance.

The US$ is putting in a 17-18 month low. Hard to imagine it going up with the printing presses churning out new bucks. If it did start going up commodities would be coming down. Seems like a deflation vs inflation battle. Watch closely.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse

We are now approaching the Autumn eclipse season. This year there is a Total Solar Eclipse on Nov 13 and a Lunar Eclipse  on November 28, 2012.

This post will concentrate on the Nov. 13th Total Solar Eclipse. I’ll put in a summary at the end for those who do not wish to read the entire post.

Generally speaking a Total Solar Eclipse is the strongest type of eclipse and the central path of the eclipse is the most important. This is followed by Partial Solar Eclipse’s and lastly the Lunar Eclipse. This of course depends on the aspects and placement of the other planets and points. It is possible a Lunar Eclipse could be the most powerful.

Eclipses are often used to help determine world events and there effect on countries, capitals and leaders. They also have an effect on the financial markets no doubt due to there effect on mass consciousness. The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the eclipses for the past few years. Red circles are Solar eclipses and blue circles are Lunar eclipses.

The Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 21 degrees 56 minutes of Scorpio when taken at New York. It should be noted the eclipses have just changed signs to the Scorpio / Taurus axis. These are the financial signs and may increase the potential for the upcoming eclipses to affect the financial markets more than in the recent past. Saturn has just entered Scorpio. Saturn is all about accountability and Scorpio is the sign dealing with debt and deficits. Saturn here is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn making each planet more powerful than usual. My experience is these two planets are powerful enough and don’t need help.

This eclipse has an antiscia of 8 degrees 31 minutes of Aquarius, is part of Saros cycle 133 and is part of a Metonic cycle. It was mentioned above the central path of a Total Solar eclipse is the strongest part. Generally speaking this is true but an eclipse can effect any part of the world. It is a world event. The following is the eclipse path for the Nov. 13 eclipse. To look at the effects of an eclipse allow a couple of weeks for world events and 3 trading days + - for an affect on financial markets. It may have longer effects on the financial markets as well. When looking for world events, scan the news, as sometimes it is an important decision the effects of which may not be seen for some time. Following is the eclipse map.

The Nov 13th Total Solar Eclipse is also a perigee New Moon. In fact all Solar Eclipses are New Moons. Perigee means the Moon is at it’s closest to the Earth for that rotation or at least within 90%. Based on studies, most notably by Richard Nolle, indicate perigee New Moons have an effect on earthquakes. Although the strength of an eclipse is along the eclipse path an earthquake could occur anywhere in the world. If looking at the eclipse path the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand would be prime candidates as would the Ring Of Fire. They are almost retracing the eclipse of 19 years before. Also in the path would be the western coast of South America. Beyond earthquakes, with Scorpio so highlighted, there could be heavy rains and floods.

In addition the Saros series 133 has been associated with earthquakes. See,

Metonic cycle points to issues involving the Eurozone, changes to Maastrich Treaty.
Without going into the history, the Metonic cycle is a 19 year cycle for eclipses. If an eclipse is in a Metonic cycle that means the same day 19 years ago an eclipse occurred at almost the same position in the Zodiac. We can then review events around the eclipse of 19 years ago as similar or related events may occur near this eclipse.Following is the eclipse map for Nov 13, 1993.

On November 1, 1993 The Maastrich Treaty took effect, formally establishing the European Union. 19 years later could we be seeing changes to this treaty?

Also in November 1993 NAFTA passed the legislative houses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Could there be changes or discussion of changes near the Nov 13 eclipse date?

As mentioned earlier this eclipse occurs at 21 degrees 56 minutes in Scorpio. This is in opposition to the Natal Sun of Israel and in opposition to the Natal Sun of Palestine based on the termination of the British Mandate. The chart is at 00:00 hours on May 15, 1948 at Jerusalem. Will we see changes to the Israel / Palestinian relationship?

Although I don’t often look at fixed stars it should be noted the Sun and Moon will be conjunct the fixed star Unukalhai. This has the reputation of being unlucky. It is associated with accidents and violence, poisonings and infections. The Moon’s South Node will be conjunct the fixed star Algol. It has the reputation for violence and extreme danger. This could be an intense time for any of the items discussed.

This eclipse is obviously 7 days after the US election. One rule of eclipses noted by Charles Jane is events occurring shortly before and after eclipses become unpredictable and fated and may not work out as planned. The point here is, whoever ends up winning the election may have to deal with some unexpected issues or events.

As noted in a previous post Mercury will be turning retrograde while squaring Neptune on election day. The only other election day where Mercury was changing direction we had the now famous hanging chads in Florida. I am expecting some type of similar issue involving a vote counting fraud, voting machine problem or some issue where the results of the election are not clear or the results challenged. Could the issue be resolved or come out in the open close to the Nov 13th date?

i.)         The Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse may affect the financial markets more than previous recent eclipses.

ii.)        Possibly related to a period of geophysical stress. The eclipse path will be across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and points to South America. 

iii.)               Possible effect on the European Union and possibly Israel and Palestine relationships. Since the eclipse path runs through Australia and New Zealand, these countries should be watched as well.

iv.)               Effect on US election results.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Financial Astrology Early Oct 2012

There are going to be a number of aspects involving Mars over the next week and 1/2. Mars contacts often brings violence and conflicts.

In addition over the next few days there are a number of aspects often found near a change in trend. This would be unusual with the US elections a few weeks off and the recent FED actions.

Nevertheless, the following aspects have a history of turns in the stock market.

Oct 3 Venus changes sign into Virgo and Venus opposing Neptune

Oct 4 Jupiter retrograde (Jupiter is still in Gemini and therefore still in it's detriment). Mars opposes the North Node.

Oct 5 Saturn and Mercury change signs into Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio means it is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn making both planets stronger for some time. Mercury opposes Saturn that day and trines Neptune

Oct 6 Fiery Mars enters fiery Sagittaruis.

Oct 7 Mars squares Neptune.

Oct 9 The Sun trines Jupiter and Venus trines Pluto.

Oct 10 A long term aspect, Saturn in waning trine to Neptune and Pluto is parallel the North Node.

Oct 15 On a New Moon Mars trines Uranus.

There are of course many more aspects but the above have had a history of occurring near changes in trend.

In addition the SP500 is 17 weeks along the Primary cycle which has an average length of 15-23 weeks, so it is the time frame for a crest and down into the trough.

I'm looking for a turn, this week or early next week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Recent Earthquakes near Full Moon

7.3  Near San Aqustin Columbia  (depth 168.3 km)

6.2  Near Miyako, Japan  (depth 9.7 km)

The next couple of months should see more larger earthquakes with an emphasis around Nov 13, Nov 28 and Dec 13, but they could occur at any time.