Saturday, May 29, 2010

June 2010

To start with a general outline of June 2010 market activity we are looking for turn dates around June 11/14 and June 25/28. The latter could be related to some world event. There is a lunar eclipse on June 26th. With the Sun in exact opposition to Pluto on June 25th this could portend a significant event.

It should be noted the official start of the Korean war was June 25, 1950, sixty years ago, to the day.

June should continue with the market volatility we have seen in May as long term aspects and astrological events continue to unfold.

June 6 has Jupiter entering Aries on June 6th and joining Uranus in a conjunction on June 8th. More on this in a future post.

June 11 has heliocentric Saturn in waning square to Pluto and on the 12th a new moon. June 10th has geocentric Mercury changing signs into Gemini. This is the first Mercury sign change since it's retrograde period and therefore at the longest period of time since it's last sign change. This can often result in a more significant change in trend than the usual Mercury sign change.

Short term, for the trading week of June 1 in the US, we may see a short term bounce. Following is a daily chart of the SP500. The green lines show a descending wedge pattern which often resolves to the upside.

Although I have brought up the period in late-July / August of this year as representing a period of time with many stresses and shocks I believe we can say June 2010 is the start of this period. We have seen over the past months, even years, events taking place that have been historic in nature. Expect more and expect the events to be more severe. These will affect all parts of our life and should be reflected in geophyical events on earth as well.

Those individuals who have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto (and more) aspecting the planets in their natal charts will feel these transists on a deep inner level as well as experiencing them on the outward level as well.

From here on in to at least the end of the year we should see:
Technological and scientific breakthroughs
Revolution in the air
Geophysical upsets

As far as the markets, extreme volatility with a possible crash. Again late July / August looks critical but look for problems to arise at any time forward from here.

More on these aspects later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Looking for a market bounce May 27/28. This would be a short term move as volatility should continue into June.

Await the start of the move. Don't blindly use the dates.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week of May 24, 2010

I'm looking for a bounce in stocks as measured by the SP500 early in the week. The bounce may be short lived as their are some short term CITs due on May 28.

Although Gold has fallen as forecast it may have further to go. As I covered my shorts I will looking to go short again on a breal between 1150-1160.

Generally the market volatility should continue. There are many long term astrological aspects occurring and this is only going to continue. As discussed late July / early August has a particularly heavy period of long term astros. My advice to investors is get out of the markets and traders be nimble. Take profits fast.

With the world-wide debt problems occurring this is a recipe for deflation. I would expect the central banks of the world to respond with more quantitative easing. When the debt problem becomes well pubicised in the US, both federally and state government debt, the shell game may be close to over. You will want to be in cash and precious metals in the safest banks and currencies you can find.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Brief Look Forward

A brief astrological look forward for those with no astrological background.


Although there has been much written and discussion in astrological circles, periodicals and magazines very little about the ominous, forming astrological configuration has made it to the general public.

This short article will try and summarise these events without going into too much astrological jargon. Most people’s view of Astrology is the sun sign silliness typically seen next to the cartoons in the newspaper.

In fact Astrology is a huge subject studied by many scholars for many centuries. There are various areas of specialities. This article covers mundane astrology, that is, the astrology of events. There will be no mention of when Mr. tall dark and handsome will appear or when the businessman will make his first million.

The movement of the planets appears to have a correlation to events on earth. These can be political events, geophysical stresses and the mood of the population. Anyone of these can be included but always open to interpretation. What we need is a concrete measuring tool to see if events in the sky have an effect on issues here on earth or, as it has been said “As above, so below”.

Of course we have such a measuring tool. Something that is recorded each day, even second by second and retained for decades and soon centuries. It is the result of the work of a large group of the population. If astrology works it’s effect should show up in this record.

That record is the historical prices of the stock market, commodities and bonds etc. Nothing in the history of man has been so meticulously recorded, studied and analyzed. What a perfect measuring tool for the effects of the planets on events on earth.

I have studied this subject intently for a number of years and have convinced myself that not only is there an effect of the planetary movement on the stock market, the stock market follows certain mathematical and geometric rules that aid in forecasting. This is not an instant guide to wealth as the cycles and astrological events must be interpreted to derive a valid forecast.

Mundane Astrology – Some Background

Briefly when looking at mundane astrology one of the main tools is the study of planetary pairs and cycles. That is we watch when two planets are together in the sky and then mark what happens at each major angle as the faster planet first separates from the slower planet, makes it to 90 degrees away, then 180 degrees then 270 degrees then back to conjunction or 360 degrees of the circle. Each planet travels at different speeds so, for example, the cycle of Saturn / Uranus is measured in years while the cycle of Mercury / Venus would be measured in days or weeks. There are many other angles which are typically studied (ex. 60 degrees, 120 degrees) but the ones noted above are part of the 8th harmonic aspects, which is the harmonic of manifestation, that is they will appear in concrete form in our life.

All of these cycles are happening at the same time along with other astrological events, Neptune goes retrograde, Mars changes signs etc. etc.

Our purpose here is to make the reader aware of the important astrological cycles culminating in the early part of this decade and more specifically in August 2010. The August timeframe will not be the last of it but it should be a very intense time. This article will concentrate on the financial ramifications, however, the reader should be aware astrological events of this significance can effect many areas of life. Many new age astrologers would say that no aspects can be called good or bad, just challenges to be enjoyed for what they are. To this I respond, crap. The astrological aspects to occur in the summer of 2010 will not be construed by anyone as good when they are happening.

So what are the astrological aspects about to form. In fact their effects have already been felt in the crash of the world’s financial system, the government debt problems (more than Greece here) as we will see. Have you noticed the increase in natural disasters from earthquakes to volcanoes and man-made disasters with oil spills etc. And as of this writing May 22, 2010, the main aspects have not hit yet.

The main aspects that are forming are called a T-square and consist of the following.

Jupiter opposition Saturn (180 degrees)
Saturn waning square Pluto (90 degrees)
Saturn Opposition Uranus (180 degrees)

We also have Jupiter conjunction Uranus which first forms in early June but it does not have the heavy energies carried by the first three. It should also be mentioned these planets are in Cardinal signs, which means they are more powerful and will have a more direct influence.

If any astrologers are reading this, the formation is actually a grand cross with the Uranian planet Hades on the other side of the T-square. So few people follow Hades that we will not mention it here again.

Let’s look back in time when similar aspects took place. They will never be exactly the same.

The two last times these planets were aligned in hard aspects (squares and oppositions) were the early 1930’s and the middle part of the 1960’s.

When Saturn, Uranus and Pluto form hard aspects it is typically a time of socio-economic change, political destabilization, tension and contraction. This is usually a stressful period where evolution is called for but revolution often results. Saturn is about the status quo, security, responsibility, discipline, control, tradition, order and limits. It represents the establishment. Uranus is about change, the unexpected, the non-conformist, the anti-establishment revolutionary, unbound by limits and traditions. It is also about inventions, originality, genius and being a visionary. We may have many new inventions come out of this period. Pluto is about change and transformation at a very deep level, change that is permanent, the basic survival instinct. It also about debts and big government and companies. Elimination and hidden forces are also themes. Forces that want the power over people and things.

Think back to the early 1930’s and middle 1960’s. The images I have are the early formations of the Nazi party in Germany and riots in the US with the army on campuses putting down rioting students due to their opposition with the Vietnam war.

You’ll often find the themes of the time period in the music of the day.

But I had said we would be using stock market or financial information to track the effects of planets in the sky to development on earth. The following chart of the Dow Jones shows most of the past century. It’s in log scale so that the inflated US dollar won’t cover up price movements from decades gone buy.

This is not an inflation adjusted chart. If it was we would see the period in the middle of the chart around the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s pointed down rather steeply as the non inflated adjusted chart as shown shows this as almost completely sideways.

Even on this non inflation adjusted chart we can see the markets moved up from the 1930's to the early 1960's then went sideways around the time period of the Saturn, Uarnus, Pluto aspects and then started up again in the early 1980's.

In the 1930’s the principles of lack scarcity and hard times prevailed. There was economic paralysis in the North America and Europe and unemployment levels rose to historic levels. Remember this was after a bubble burst, the stock market crash of 1929 which was preceded by the roaring twenties. During this time fascist governments and Nazism got there foothold which manifested a few years later.

In the mid-60’s the counter-culture rose up against authority. It was a face-off between the old guard and the new and unconventional. Race riots were in the news and the Viet Nam protests created civil unrest between the establishment and the flower children.

So what to look for in 2010 and beyond. First on the positive side we may see some astounding invention or new technology with the shorter term Jupiter / Uranus conjunction takes place in Aries.

But what of the more negative aspects. Already we are seeing dissidents in the US known as the T Party movement not happy with the federal government. We also have building debt loads in the US. In Europe again government debt is also a problem and governments are scrambling to pay off debts with more borrowed money. Kicking the can down the road, as politicians everywhere are wont to do, is going to have a limited life this time around. Worldwide government debt may well be the largest issue coming out of this T-square time period. If it is, it may be with us for a while since Uranus squares Pluto well into the current decade.

But what of other problems. If the debt problems get worse the stock markets of the world may crash again. This will be at a time when the large baby-boom population is looking to retire. Remember, the pension funds these boomers are relying on are heavily invested in the stock market and bonds. If there are serious sovereign debt issues this often comes with deflation, reducing the amounts in pension funds and life insurance companies.

What is an individual to do to help protect his investments. It may be prudent to get out of the stock market, bonds etc. and hold cash and perhaps 20% in precious metals. I would say before July 2010 and wait until the end of the year. If everything is stable at that point get back in. Look at this as a defensive strategy. You will have only given up any stock market gains and bond yields for 1/2 a year but you have guared against a more serious decline.

Beyond debt problems look for more civil unrest. We have started to see some unrest already in Greece protesting against the needed austerity measures and protests in Thailand with people unhappy with the current government.

Other issues include increased terrorism as the terrorists will use these uncertain times to push their own causes.

We can see there has been an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. This equates well to Saturn (firm stable structures) and Uranus (unpredictable change). Throw Pluto in with permanent change and ruler of things coming from the ground and watch out. There may be more activity. The Lunar and Solar eclipse dates or associated dates are often triggers.

Whatever happens, it won’t necessarily be the same as previous times but with this type of T-square with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto expect the changes to be permanent and lasting and perhaps not too pleasant. As Mark Twain said “History doesn’t repeat – at best it sometimes rhymes”.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th Comment Followup

It appears this week will not be a crash but a prelude to the late July / early August time frame. The next 2 weeks should have a downward bias and very volatile.

Still looking for a CIT in Gold and Oil around May 19th.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week Of May 17, 2010 Oh Oh

Although we were looking at late July / early August 2010 as being the focus of a stock market crash the coming week or possibly the week after have the potential for that crash to either start now or be a prelude to what is coming in the above noted period. It should be noted that many analysts have gone bearish with some expecting a large down move. Whenever everyone is expecting the same thing it won't happen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

Well we were looking for a pull back, but somewhat surprised by it's intensity.
Our short term outlook is as follows.
Stocks rebound somewhere between May 7 and May 11th and continue up until somewhere bewteen May 17-19 then down into June 6-10th. Markets should rally for a few weeks after that but major problems are on the horizon somewhere bewteen late July and the Fall 2010.

Gold should reverse either May 10-12 or May 17-21 with emphasis on the former. If Gold reverses in the May 10-12th time frame it could be sharp and severe. After that we are looking at October 2010 for Gold.
Chart added May 8, 2010. The red lines are 60 cd's. Heliocentric Mercury is still in Sagitarius, however, Geocentric Mercury turns direct on the evening of May 11th.

Oil should reverse either around May 7th or May 17-21 after which it should rally into July 2010.

Charts added May 8, 2010
The 16 and 24 week cycles hit in early May.

The 120cd cycle hits this week.

Remember all dates are subject to change as time progresses and are all +- a few.

This is simply the current roadmap for planning trades. Without a roadmap any road will do.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 3, 2010 Open

The first chart is a 60 minute chart of SPY showing the strong rise out of the Feb,5 2010 lows. It also shows we have been grinding sideways with an attempt on April 26th to break up which failed. This is the type of action often seen at tops and we are looking for a top in this timeframe, that is a top for the primary cycle which started on Feb 5th.

The second chart is a 5 minute picture showing the large red volume bars which depict large volume selling. Note the end of the day on April 28th. It should be an interesting open on May 3rd with the potential for a gap down. We say potential as the PPT (plunge protection team) will be watching this closely as well. If there is large volume buying early Monday we will be adding to shorts.

Astro wise there is some very negative energy Monday and Tuesday. May 5th, Wednesday has heliocentric Mercury going into Sagitarius which usually results in moves in precious metals and currencies. This is usually positive for precious metals but that will depend on where PM's are at the start of Wednesday. As we write this PM's have already made a strong move and a pull-back would seem to make sense.

If Gold is still going up around the Mercury Direct date of May 11th then look to sell. If by any chance it is still going up on May 14th sell as Heliocentric Mercury will be moving out of Sagittarius to Capricorn on May 16th.