Sunday, April 28, 2013

Financial Astrology April 29, 2012

The sun spot mentioned in the last post is now on the far side of the Sun and not a threat to Earth.

On a mundane level next week should continue with more violence, uprisings or accidents (like explosions). Saturn and Mars continue front and center. There may be an underlying theme of fear as well.

On April 28 the Sun opposes Saturn and Mars transits over the point of the April 25 partial Lunar eclipse. We are still in the time band for the Lunar eclipse. The primary cycle (nominal 18 week) is either 9 or 24 weeks along. If this is the 24th week of an older primary cycle, which I think it is, it is late and the above two signatures have a history of occurring at the crest or trough of primary cycles.

In addition on April 29 Jupiter is quincunx the North Node and Venus is opposing the North Node. On April 29 Venus transits over the May 9th point of the Solar eclipse and May 1 Mars oppose Saturn while the Sun is in waxing trine to Pluto. All of these point to a turn, and the end of the current primary cycle within a range of a few days.

Without the interference from the FED I would be fairly confident in forecasting a downturn into the trough of the primary cycle. With the FED pumping out 80 billion a month it makes forecasting more difficult. Nevertheless forecasting is what we do. I’m looking for a reversal by May 6 or May 9, the Solar eclipse. We may have to wait for an event, possibly outside the country, either the mid-east or Europe make good candidates.

From a previous post, the Uranus Pluto square on May 20 is on the Natal Sun of France. The next round of sovereign debt problems may come from France. Watch the time period around May 20 for European financial trouble. This is a long term transit and is therefore in effect now. This could also manifest as social unrest, uprisings or geophysical events.

I'll mention this a little early. The period from May 20 through June 18 may be very volatile or some unusual event will take place. More on this in a future post.

Keep in mid as well the last 4 year cycle trough was March 6, 2009. We are overdue for the crest of the 4 year cycle unless of course, April 11, 2013 was the top. Keep watching this one.

Gold could have more downward pressure. Crude is 7 weeks into a primary cycle and should be a buy on any pullback of 3-4%

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunspot Potential M-Class Flares April 22, 2013

BIG SUNSPOT, CHANCE OF FLARES: Sunspot AR1726 has developed a 'delta class' magnetic field that harbors energy for strong eruptions. This has prompted NOAA forecasters to up the odds of M-class flares to 40% and X-class flares to 15% within the next 24 hours. Because of the sunspot's almost-central location on the solar disk, any eruptions today would likely be Earth-directed. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

The sunspot is more than a dozen times wider than Earth, which makes it an easy target for backyard solar telescopes

Coronal mass ejections have been known to effect the stock market, and not in a positive way. You can monitor this activity at

You may want to monitor geophysical activity as well.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Financial Astrology April 22, 2013

We are now coming into the spring eclipse season. The increase in geophysical activity is not surprising. To repeat the dates from a previous post.

April 25            Partial Lunar     Sun 5TA45  Moon 5SC45

May 9              Solar Annular Eclipse  19TA31

May 25            Appulse Lunar  Sun 4GE08  Moon 4SG08

I also include two charts, shown in a previous post, of the SP500 and some recent eclipses. Red circles are Solar eclipses and blue circles Lunar eclipses. As you can see the market usually moves near an eclipse. If not on the exact date, give them a range of +- 3 trading days and you’ll see many sharp reversals.

The Lunar eclipse on April 25 looks particularly nasty. It’s in two financial signs with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio. This eclipse is also quite close to the forming Mars / Saturn opposition which is exact on May 1. Mars in opposition to Saturn is a signature of tension where more violence can break out. This aspect can also result in a suppression of energy so no damage is done. Remember from a previous post there are a number of Saturn oppositions during this period.

This weekend, April 20-21, we have had Mercury translating the Uranus / Pluto square, another negative for the financial market and Venus passing over the Lunar eclipse point.

On Monday April 22nd Venus will be opposing Saturn. This signature, many times, coincides with troughs of some significance (+- 3 tds). This week will probably see more volatility with another low around the April 25 Lunar eclipse. This could be the trough of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week in the SP500) which is now 23 weeks along and very overdue. Give it a few days +-around the eclipse date. If this is the trough of the Primary cycle, and I think it could be, we should be going up after that but may get a pullback near the May 9 Solar eclipse. We could see a small rebound early in the week but it should not take out the April 11 high in the SP500. I’ll be looking to play the open that way particularly if is down.

On the Solar eclipse there is an approximate 19 year cycle (Metonic cycle) where the eclipse returns to almost the exact zodiac location. If we look back 19 years to May 9, 1994 we see the SP500 is 2 days off a low. Not a major low but a low.

On Gold I’m expecting the two cycles (see previous posts) I had been following that were pointing to a high are going to invert and therefore pointing to a low. After such a move down, Gold may get a dead cat bounce then some sideways action. I view it as unstable with the possibility of further sharp moves closer to the two eclipse date noted above.

Watch the larger Gold miners. We may lose some of the smaller players. Goldcorp and Yamana both have good production profiles going forward. I worked in the mining industry for a number of years. This is definitely not the time to be high grading.

Gold is also known to have an 8.5 year cycle with 1/2 cycles of 4.25 years. This weekly chart of Gold has been posted before but now updated. We are in the time frame for the 4.25 cycle trough.

On some late breaking news Bernanke will miss the annual Jackson Hole monetary policy symposium in late August. One wonders what could be more important. I’ve been looking at the mid-August to mid-September as a critical time for the markets. It could be narrowed down to mid to late August.

Early Post April 21, 2013

While I'm working on the weekend post I found the following link interesting. Note; some crude language.

We need more humour in this world. 
Back to work.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Early Warning April 19, 2013

Early Warning. The next two weekends look particularly troublesome and probably for the stock markets of the world. Additional details on the week end. This is just a heads up in case you are pondering any trades.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Financial Astrology April 16

I'm almost flat waiting for another signal we are going lower. Not mentioned in my last post, this evening, April 16, the Moon will translate the Uranus / Pluto square. Pluto is almost exactly in the position it held when it turned retrograde on April 12. This weekend Mercury will do the same by translating the Uranus / Pluto square. Either or both could be eventful and not in a positive way for the markets. The fact they are occurring after hours and over the weekend may point to financial problems in other countries. I'm thinking France.
The Sun conjunct Mars has a record of turns but based on history must be given a wide birth, like +- 8 trading days.

In addition to the above by April 20 there will be Venus, the Sun and Mars in Taurus with Mercury joining them there on May 1st. Taurus and it's opposite sign  Scorpio are the two primary money signs and therefore events should be related to resources and money in what ever form it appears. This could also be decisions about currencies, debt etc.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gold Cycles April 15, 2013

We’ll mention Gold first after the big precious metals slide on April 12th. Many pundits are now out calling for the end of the Gold bull or at least much lower prices. After the last few weeks they may have a point. Others, including me, are concerned we may be heading into a deflationary period. Although not mentioned I believe this is the FED's biggest worry and why they are, in effect, printing money to the tune of 80 billion per month.

There are two cycles for precious metals I follow which are due soon. These are the 89 week (21 month) and 144 trading day cycle. There charts follow.

89 week – due late April / early May as a lower high (note; some have this as a lower high in June) remembering cycles sometimes invert.

144 td – due May 6 +- a few trading days

In addition to these cycles there are longer term cycles that may be hitting. Please review the January 1, 2013 post and look for comments and charts for Gold. Following is an update to the chart first posted on January 1st. This current fall may be the formation of the 4.25 year low. If that is the case we may see more downward pressure before a sharp reversal higher. Technically this looks quite bearish. I'll be looking for a bounce once the downward pressure eases. Precious metals will now have to prove they are turning bullish as the current charts look quite bearish.

From the above cycles we may get a short term reversal in Gold and Silver and see them put in a lower high before they fall further.

Major indices are still headed up but I'm looking for a 5%-15% correction. There are a number of oppositions to Saturn coming up and a Lunar eclipse on April 25. I'm looking for the start of a turn down before or on April 25 the day of the Solar eclipse.

The Saturn oppositions are:
April 22 Venus opposition Saturn
April 28 Sun opposition Saturn
May 1  Mars opposition Saturn.

You may recall Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto making it stronger than normal. Saturn is in the intense sign of Scorpio. We'll be feeling the effects of the Saturn quincunx Uranus on April 12 for some weeks.

One other aspect worth noting is the Sun conjucnt Mars on April 17.

Let's not forget the long term transit of Uranus squaring Pluto. The next exact date is May 20 but their effects are felt right now. Mercury will be translating this square on April 20nd and 21st.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 10-12, 2013

Per the last post the next few days could be dramatic, with volatility the least of the concerns.

Not shown on the last post was an 89 week cycle for Gold. This is a crest to crest cycle as shown below. The crest would be due last week in April / first week in May approximately as it could push into May. The vertical blue lines on the chart show the previous 89 week crests and the upcoming cycle This is also known as a 21 month cycle. We are running out of time here and Gold may be headed up shortly. The Pluto retrograde on April 12 has a good history for Gold turns +- a few days.

Note: We must always be aware of possible inversions where an expected top becomes a bottom. Good luck.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Financial Astrology - April 8, 2013

This post will delve a little deeper into the Astrology of the month. As usual there are many aspects I’ll try and concentrate on the more important one’s.

Mars continues to be active in the early part of the month. On April 10th there is a New Moon which is close to Mars in Aries, the sign it rules. Martian energy should be present with North Korea continuing with it’s threats probably brought on by the yearly military exercises conducted by the U.S. and South Korea. We can only say, mid-East problems continue as well. Will more aggressive rhetoric and possible action be seen in the coming week? Quite possible. With the other aspects in force the issues around money, bankruptcy and financial problems should come to the fore once again. Read on.

On April 11 The Moon will be on the point of the April 25 Lunar Eclipse. If we include one of the Uranian points, Kronos, the Moon will also be in a Yod Kite formation.

In a previous post on eclipses I had mentioned Solar eclipses are more powerful than Lunar eclipses, and this is generally true. That said the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th looks nasty. For this eclipse the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are two of the money signs of a horoscope. In addition the Moon is close to Saturn in Scorpio and the Sun close to Mars. Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto and is particularly strong. This Lunar eclipse seems to point to increased financial problems and possible disruptive geophysical events (earthquakes).  Watch April 11 closely as it may give us a clue on what to expect on the eclipse date on April 25 or close to it. Give it +- 3 tds.

At this point I’m looking for a low on April 25 but we need to monitor price action leading into that date and what transpires around April 11th. We may see some more serious financial events. Look to those pesky southern European countries and / or the U.S. It is possible we will be on a down trend for most of April in the major indices. As a side note, the last 4 years have had a pull back in April. This may be due to investors selling to pay for capital gains made through the previous year. Remember Benny and the Jets will be on guard levitating the markets higher. At some point the FED’s efforts will fail but I think this is further out in the future.

April 12 has two signatures of note. The first is Pluto retrograde. Surprisingly this retrograde signature is typically not associated with large turns in the major market indices but has had an association with larger turns in precious metals given a window of +- 3 tds. This retrograde period may be stronger than usual as Pluto is stronger than usual due to it’s mutual reception with Saturn.

Some astrologers think Pluto is just as much a ruler of Gold as the Sun. Pluto does rule things from the ground. This may mark a turn in precious metals and looking at the recent past it should be a turn up. It should be obvious with the FED’s QE program, precious metals should be going up, so someone or something would appear to be manipulating the price of precious metals down. It’s difficult to get truthful information on this subject but the rumour is China and Russia are large net buyers of Gold. The last thing the central banks of the world want is a strong Gold price as they want people to have their diluted paper (fiat) currencies. Despite what they are saying there is an obvious currency war unfolding, with each central bank trying to drive down their currency to make there products and services cheaper for export.. This is exactly what happened in the 1930's.

The other aspect is between Saturn and Uranus, two slow moving planets. As stated before aspects between slower moving planets colour a period of time which can cover months or even years with the forces of the planets involved. In this case it is Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) Uranus. Don’t look at this as a one day event.

The quincunx aspect is viewed as a minor aspect where energies can be challenging and where there is a need for change. With these two planets we may feel the fear particularly with the Martian energies earlier in the week. These two planets have opposing energies. Saturn is all about the status quo and preserving it while Uranus is all about what is new and moving out into the future as soon as possible. The Saturn Uranus quincunx represents the friction between the conservative establishment and the rebellion of youth, which want to break out in new directions. It's the battle between the have's and have not's. This planetary pair has a lot to do with world politics, international tensions and perhaps revolutions, particularly politics and economies. These energies will be prevalent for months around the quincunx aspect. This energy has been obvious in the mid-East and Europe and now North Korea. How long before it becomes a bigger issue in the U.S. or a major isue comes to the fore in the mid-East? In my opinion the lack of jobs for the younger age group and the frustration with a do nothing government which keeps on adding to mountains of debt should bring the same rebellious energy to North American shores.

Following is a brief look at the markets we follow.

If February 26 was a Primary cycle low, then we are 6 weeks along and may have just seen the first Major cycle crest. This is a possibility but if we are in the older Primary then the negative Astros we see for April may drag the markets down into the late month Lunar Eclipse. More price action is required to make a firm forecast although I'm somewhat suspicious that a more serious down move is very close.  April 10-12 could be quite negative for the stock market. This may be a battle between negative market forces and the FED interventions which results in continued volatility.

Gold is in a bizarre price pattern possibly showing a double bottom. The period around April 12 may mark a turn up. Watch closely as it may go up quickly.

Crude looks like it just put in the first Major cycle top of a new Primary which is 6 weeks along. I’m currently looking for crude to find support around one of the fib levels shown, put in a Major cycle low and then head up. This may take place as early as this week.

Further Ahead
Looking a little further head we have the next exact square of Uranus and Pluto on May 20. A look at France's astrological chart sees the aspect hitting France's Sun. This may be a sign France's economic problems worsen. Again this is a long term aspect so keep an eye on France and economic news starting now.

The following chart shows the natal chart for France and the outer ring the planetary positions on May 20 and how they align with France's Sun.