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You can only imagine the profanity.

Remember this is the time frame for precious metals and could be a long term bottom.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Financial Astrology June 23, 2013

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
-- George Orwell

We are entering a very important 2 weeks for the markets. As if every week isn’t important. But the next 2 possible 3 weeks should give us some direction in the months ahead.

Assuming the May 22 high on the SP500 was the 4 year top, and this is still an assumption, but it’s getting stronger with each passing week, the overall trend should be down. Shorter term I’m looking for a bounce in the SP500. One reason is the 225 cd (calendar day) cycle I have been following, see the following daily chart of the SP500. The vertical blue lines are the 225 cd cycle. This cycle has seen alternate lows then highs since the March 2009 low. It would now be due for a high on June 28 +- 3 tds. Note it could invert and be a low.

I’m looking for the SP500 to try and get back to the trend line. I’m also expecting this to fail. As discussed I’m looking for big trouble in August and potentially problems in the first week of July and toward the middle of July with Uranus turning retrograde. Following is a daily chart showing the trend channel for the SP500, the lower trend line being the area it may try and challenge but fail. On the downside I’m looking for the mid-April lows to hold around or above 1540. Without getting into a long discussion this chart also shows the Uranus and Pluto 45 degree price lines. One can easily see how they have acted as support and resistance. We are in the 10th week of the primary cycle. If May 22nd was the high for this primary it would be very left translated and therefore very bearish.

To summarise I think the top is in. This assumes the FED doesn’t have a policy flip flop which they do not tend to do. Short term I’m looking for the markets to try and challenge the trend line but fail. August looks bad from an Astrological perspective and July may have problems as well. There is an intermediate term cycle hitting late this week or early July which looks like a high but could invert.

In the short term geocentric Mercury is about to go retrograde from June 26 to July 20. A good description of this period is from Raymond Merriman who says "Takes profits too soon" during Mercury retrograde periods. Things tend to act a little strange over this time frame.

Gold and Silver
Both gold and silver charts look quite frightening; however, there are a number of astrological signatures that point to a reversal in silver and I would expect gold to follow.

At a minimum silver is near an 18 month cycle low. This may also be close to a 4.25 year low. Astrologically Jupiter is going into Cancer on June 25th. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon rules silver. Heliocentric Mercury moves into Sagittarius on June 22 through July 3rd This signature often results in big moves in precious metals and currencies. The Sun is in opposition to Pluto which is often found near big moves in precious metals.

For the Astro types out there Jupiter in Cancer is exalted meaning it operates with it's greatest strength. The fact that is in Cancer means it is subject to the ruler of the house in this case the Moon which is very changeable. What's good one day maybe not so good the next.
With Mercury going retrograde on June 26, precious metals often rise after a short pull back around this date.

The above would appear positive for precious metals with the exception that the Sun while opposing Pluto is going to activating the Uranus / Pluto square. This could result is some more drastic change than anticipated. Nevertheless we are long precious metals. A small position, but enough to make us nervous of course.

In addition the US$ looks like it is starting to rise which will not help a rise in precious metals. If the US$ rises wait on the PM's.

As an aside Jupiter in Cancer may help the home building industries.
Although crude took a beating with everything else it's not as bad and I would expect crude to rebound.

The U.S. President Barack "Pants on Fire" Obama will lay out his administration's strategy focused on tackling climate change in a speech that could have major consequences for the energy industry. Any non-paid off scientist know you measure climate change in centuries not weeks months or years. The real master of climate change can be found at noon time anywhwere in the world by just looking straight up.

No political party can find a way to make money off this so the charade continues. Carbon tax anyone. The governments love those taxes. Let the lies continue.

Other Thoughts
Watch coffee

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 Update

The general market move today is giving a lot of credence to May 22, 2013 being the 4 year cycle top. If this is the case we should start seeing lower highs and lower lows over the next few months as we descend into the 4 year cycle trough.

A point of interest that on May 22, 2013 heliocentric Uranus was at 9degress 4 minutes in Aries. The last time it was there was Sept 3, 1929, the top before the big drop that started the depression.

Considering the Uranus cycle is 83 years, 8 months, 19 days that's amazing!

June 20, 2012 Venus Out Of Bounds

This is the type of big range day I have been expecting.

First mentioned May 12, 2013 and many times since.

Again Venus was coming back from out of bounds.

Declination is the measurement of planets north or south of the celestial equator, which is the Earth"s equator extended into space.

Any planet that goes beyond the Sun's max declination is said to be "out of bounds". The Sun's maximum declination is 23 degrees 27 minutes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sun Spot Activity June 19, 2013

While many are waiting for Bernanke's words I'm looking at a day that has the potential for a CME, Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun.

On a heliocentric chart I've been looking at the Earth opposite Jupiter which is on the opposite side of the Sun, a Mercury Venus square and the latter tied into the Earth / Jupiter opposition by a trine from Venus to the Earth.

Jupiter is the second largest object in our solar system while Venus and Mercury are the two planets inside the Earth's orbit. All have had a history of affecting Sun spot activity. A CME at this time, if Earth directed could affect the June 23 perigee Full Moon and not in a good way.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Financial Astrology - June 16, 2013

This week there will be a lot of news including the FED. Any of which could effect the markets. Friday is also quadruple witching which is often volatile and a big range day.

That being said we have been looking for the markets to go up since the general markets have put in a Major (6-7 week) low and were early in the Primary cycle. The news from the FED will probably drive the market either up or down so we will wait before making a forecast this week. A reminder Venus comes back in bounds on June 20. We were looking for volatility and a big range day. This certainly ties into a FED announcement.

Crude is one market that appears to be headed up after putting in a Major cycle low.

Silver is also in an interesting position as shown on the following daily Silver chart. The heliocentric price lines for Venus and Jupiter are crossing which often triggers a move. Watching for now.

On the general market I’ve been following a 225 cd (calendar day) cycle which hits June 28th. It has been at highs and lows so use technicals to determine a high or low as we approach the date. As usual give it +- 3 td’s. 225 = 365 * .618 or the sqrt root of 5. See the following daily chart of the SP500

Longer term  I’ve been looking at 3 periods going forward where things look particularly negative from an Astrological perspective.

I will come with more exact date as we approach those time periods and we see the price action going into them.

August 2013

Late October / early November 2013

April 2014

The following weekly chart of the DJ shows;

 Uranus square Pluto (blue squares)
Next exact dates
Nov 1, 2013
April 21, 2014 (could be a doozy)
Dec 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2015

Jupiter square Uranus (red squares)
Aug 21, 2013
Feb 26, 2014
April 20, 2014
Jupiter opposition Pluto (red 2 arrows)
Aug 8, 2013
Jan 31, 2014
April 20, 2014

Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto will be in a T square in the August 2013 period. This should be construed as negative. All three planets are in cardinal signs making them more potent. Astrologers may wish to look at April 20, 21st 2014 as particularly stressful.

A number of Astrologers look at the hard aspects (squares and oppositions) from Jupiter to Uranus and Jupiter to Pluto as bankruptcy aspects. This could be individuals, companies or countries.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Financial Astrology - June 13, 2013

It's quite possible the general markets go up strongly tomorrow. As mentioned previously Mercury is coming back in bounds by declination and Venus is trining Chiron which is almost stopped as it goes retrograde on June 16th. Mercury is also parallel Jupiter as it comes back in and the Sun is quintile Uranus.

The above coupled with the fact we just put in a Major cycle low (6-7 week) and the SP500 kissed the up trend line and moved up quickly means we should have a big day and I'm leaning on it being an up day.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Financial Astrology June 9, 2013

It’s an interesting world we live in. Another Astrologer pointed out exactly 64 years ago on June 8, 1949 George Orwell published his book “1984”. It appears we are living that Orwellian future with the President of the United States, after acknowledging the government has been gathering phone records of U.S. citizens stated “nobody is listening to your telephone calls”.

1984 is worth reading once more. Can the “Ministry of Truth” be that far away? The “Ministry of Truth” controlled information: news, entertainment, education, the arts etc. Or the “Ministry of Peace”, which was of course, in charge of war. I think I just committed a “thought crime” and will be sent away for reprogramming or perhaps to the “Ministry of Love” where guests were beaten and tortured. For now the latter is reserved for non U.S. citizens.

I wonder if I’ll get on a list for writing the above? Or will you for reading it?

And now the weekly analysis.

The SP500 dropped into it’s Major cycle low (6-7 week) on June 6th. This ends the first Major cycle of the Primary cycle which started on April 18th. We therefore begin the 2nd Major cycle which would typically be bullish. If still bullish we would take out May 22 high and typically not until the end of the Major cycle that would be forecast to be in the weeks of July 15 or July 22. That would be normal.

The up coming weeks may not be normal, however. We still have the Uranus / Pluto square in aspect and it will be translated by Venus (money and resources) on June 11 and June 12th. This could be pointing to those two days being very volatile.

In addition we have a long term aspect on June 11th, that is Saturn in waning trine to Neptune. On it’s surface trines would be good. It is usually just coincidence if long term aspects seem to effect the exact day of the aspect.

The two planets involved here are completely different. While Saturn deals with reality, hard work, structure and cold hard facts. Neptune on the other hand is about ideals, visualization, idealism and spirituality. Neptune is also about illusion, deceit, confusion, wishful thinking and escape.

At it’s most positive the combing of these two planets would result in “dreams coming true”. It appears what is manifesting is the lies and deceit that have been covered up are meeting the hard light of day, Saturnine reality. There’s going to be a reckoning at some point. As stated previously this is a long term transit, these energies have been forming for some months and will be around for a few months after the waning trine on June 11th.

History teaches us the freedom’s our forefathers fought and died for can be given away easily and quickly but are very hard to get back once lost. Judge yourself accordingly.

The long term Saturn waning trine Neptune has an impressive record of appearing at long term cycles in U.S. stocks, both crests and troughs. This time, due to retrograde motion the trine will be exact On June 11 and July 19. Look 6 weeks before June 11 and 6 weeks after July 19. The only long term aspect that is due (at least what I am aware of) is the 4 year cycle crest and I am expecting it in that time frame. We may have already had it on May 21, 2013 but when Neptune is active double tops are quite common. If we are looking at another crest, I believe it will be on or by July 17th.

There are other aspects in the coming week. I think rather than going straight up we enter a period of volatility. This may be a good oppourtunity for traders.

Don’t forget those out of bounds dates from the previous post. Look for swings around June 14 and June 20th. These dates apply to Gold as well.

Short term it is difficult to see meaningful cycles in Gold, undoubtedly due to manipulation in the Gold market. It went down strongly on Friday with the Neptune retrograde. If I tried a forecast at this time I would be guessing, so I won’t for now. Watch those out of bounds dates.

Perhaps a better time to look at Gold will be after June 22nd. That is the date when heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius and often sees moves in the precious metals.

Crude put in a Major cycle (6-7 week) low on June 3rd. It is in the 2nd Major of the Primary cycle which started on April 18. That being the case we would expect crude to move up. Yes Crude is moving up with an over supply situation coupled with declining demand. What fun. Anyway watch the following graph and see if crude breaks up out of the lateral triangle. If yes it’s still bullish.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the perigee full Moon on June 23rd. This is also known as a Super Moon. Perigee means it is the closest pass of the Moon to Earth and in this case it is the closest pass to the Earth for the year. In addition the Sun is conjunct the Uranian planet Hades. Very often found at bad news events. This could be pointing to violent weather, geophysical stress, violence, accidents and generally unpleasant stuff.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Financial Astrology June 2, 2013

Keep an eye out for these. Venus will enter Cancer on June 2 and can be a signal for a change in currencies, sugar, copper, and soybean markets. Give it +- 2 trading days.

For the broader markets I’m looking at the pullback as the forming trough of the Major cycle (6-7 weeks) with a low around 1610 in the SP500. We could bounce first.

Before looking at short term forecasts I should mention there is an important longer term transit occurring June 11 and again on July 19. It was also exact on Oct 10, 2012. The three passes are due to retrograde motion. 

This transit is the Saturn waning trine to Neptune. Based on studies by Ray Merriman this aspect has a strong correlation to long term cycles in the U.S. stock market given an orb of 6 weeks either side. What I’ll be looking for is the crest to the 4 year cycle in this time frame which we may have just seen on May 21, 2013. In addition this trine will be joined by Jupiter forming a grand trine which is exact on July 17

Somewhere close to that date may be the 4 year cycle high as we have more negative aspects in August 2013. The addition of Jupiter makes this a grand trine in water signs which should emphasize emotions. Could it be a time when the illusions (Neptune) of the stock market over the last few months meet the reality of Saturn. This brings us to the case for an emotional rescue. So.......

Monday, June 3rd Mercury will trine Saturn and Neptune so we may get a taste of what this longer term transit will bring. Venus does the same on June 7. June 3rd also has Saturn on the point of the April 25th lunar eclipse and June 7 has Neptune going retrograde. This could be a volatile week.

I’m looking for the Major cycle (6-7 week) low on June 7 or June 12. Give them a +- of 2 td’s. From the following chart this could be the 1st or 2nd Major cycle of the current Primary cycle that started either on Feb 25th or April 18th.

In addition we have Mercury and Venus coming back from being out of bounds. This occurs June 14 for Mercury and June 20 for Venus. June 20th looks like a very potent date. The markets have a history of strong moves for these dates so watch closely.

Gold / Silver
Gold has put in a classic “W” bottom but needs a move up past 1410 on good volume to keep this moving up. The Neptune retrograde on June 7th mentioned above often equate to swings in Gold both up and down. Watch Gold closely around this period as both troughs and strong rallies to crests can occur.

As far as Gold and Mercury and Venus being out of bounds the same dates apply. Looks for swings around June 14 and June 20th.

If Gold does pullback look to the period after June 22 when heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius. This often is a period for precious metals to move. The window would end when heliocentric Mercury leaves Sagittarius on July 3rd.

Crude has turned down and is 7 weeks along from the Primary cycle low and therefore the Major cycle trough is forming. The low could be around June 7 - 11 or the last week of the month.

All of the above depend to a great extent if there is a policy statement change at the FED meeting June 18-19. This could effect things quickly and dramatically.

I view Europe as a financial write off and Japan as a 3 ring circus.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Financial Astrology - Update On Previous Posts

Regular post tomorrow. June looks like another very interesting month.

In response to a couple of eMails I received regarding the forecast for May 20-23. I had posted a notice of these dates on May 12th and again on May 19th.

The point is to see if a move has taken place one often has to view shorter term or  intra-day charts. Looking at a daily chart the moves sometimes do not stand out.

Following is an update to the daily chart for the SP500 followed by a 30 minute chart showing the May 20-23 time period.

Although not obvious on the first chart the 30 minute chart shows the forecasted move down very well.

The volatility should continue in all markets. For this Astrological setup look at the days around June 14 then June 20 when Mercury and Venus come back in bounds. Of the two dates June 20 maybe the most significant.

The point here is dig a little deeper. Although not 100% correct, using Astrology really helps in market timing.