Sunday, April 27, 2014

Financial Astrology - April 27, 2014

A message from a great American. The message would apply to both sides.

"Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception."
-- Mark Twain

Mars is still in orb for this Grand Square although I must admit I was expecting something more dramatic last week for the markets. The Ukraine situation didn't disappoint nor did the increase in significant earthquake activity; however, market moves were not really significant. I'll add "so far".

As mentioned in the last post there are more upcoming trouble spots, first with the Solar eclipse which is negative and in a money sign in Taurus, this week. Then Venus will be  translating the Grand Square in mid-May, Venus rules money and resources amongst other things. Subs have the dates.

After these planets separate, there is still a T-square. Mars has been retrograde (moving backwards as seen from earth) it turns direct in May and forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto in June. The last T-square had Uranus as the focal planet. This T-Square has powerful Pluto in Capricorn as the focal planet signifying changes that can't be undone. Pluto in Capricorn is all about power and money or said another way about the powerful and moneyed. Changes to the powerful can involve gaining more power but could equally mean a removal or end of power. Leaders beware. Pluto in Capricorn can manifest as disclosure of some type of cover-up as Pluto is all about deep, dark secrets. It moves so slowly it can be some time before the secret comes out.

This week is the 12th week of the Primary cycle in the SP500. I'm expecting some volatility with the FED working behind the scenes to prop the markets up. We should see initial support around 1850-1856. If this area is broken on strong volume a trip to the 1833 area is quite possible. I'm looking for a spike low and then up. This week should be very volatile particularly the Nasdaq.

The following chart shows prices falling away from the 50% Fan line which has acted as resistance since mid - 2011. The Fan started on March 6, 2009, the bottom of the 2008-2009 slide.

The Pluto price line (blue line at the top of the chart) has continued to offer resistance.

I guess I would question who is buying at this point.
Based on Bloomberg's Smart Money Flow indicator

Gold is in either the 17th week or 1st week of the Primary cycle. If it is the 1st week, and I believe it is, it should be generally bullish for 4-7 weeks. Of course we have a potential conflict going on. This must be taken into consideration.

Gold often goes down after the Pluto retrograde (April 14) and then a short term up move into the Sun trine Pluto (May 3).

Crude is in the 16th week of it's Primary cycle and appears headed down to a trough.

Keep in mind that war rumors continue which can quickly effect commodities and crude in particular. Also keep in mind we are in the historical seasonal strength period as inventories are built for the summer driving period.

That said I'm looking for a trough around May 14 (Jupiter trine Chiron) or around May 24 (Jupiter trine Saturn). Those dates would be the potential Primary cycle trough dates. Look for support around 100 then 98.20.

Natural Gas also appears to be headed down. This would be the weaker time of the year for NatGas.

We are also coming up to a 18 month cycle low in the US$ around mid-May 2014 as seen on the following weekly chart.. This could be a few weeks either side.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Financial Astrology - April 17, 2014

We are approaching the key date outlined in the 2014 forecast dates subscription. This time frame was first mentioned in a June 2013 post and many posts since.

The post will be short this week as we will be researching the major forecast dates for the SP500 for the 2nd half of 2014 on the week-end and we are awaiting dramatic world events. We'll be adding PayPal and VISA on the blog in May.

From the March 20th Post
"This could be a signature for war or rumors of war, either further activity in the Ukraine or another area of the world. If this is a market or financial system event it may be a decision made by financial powers that won't be disclosed immediately. In this time frame the G20 nations will meet (I believe April 11-14). Could a radical change to the world's financial system be on the agenda? Will we know all the decisions that are made? As noted above this could involve a major bankruptcy. Nation's can go bankrupt. This could also be a signature for a change in the world's reserve currency although I've been thinking this is a 2015 event. This should be watched closely.

I'll mention nuclear event but won't dwell on it.

Whatever happens over the next few weeks many people should feel the tension building up into it. This means there may be more than usual violent events that are sudden. This could also be a geopolitical event and with Uranus and Pluto it could be a geophysical event (earthquake, volcano). If it is something that will change the general belief system of the people, this may be the beginning of something more profound that could affect us for many years."

Please excuse the repetition but the Grand Square is a once in a lifetime event. If interested in previous posts on the subject, use the search blog function and search for "Grand Square" or "April" It is now becoming exact. Following are the dates of the exact aspect next week. Events may occur which have an effect some time into the future. These are all geocentric aspects.

April 20          Jupiter squares Uranus   Jupiter opposes Pluto
April 21          Uranus squares Pluto
April 22          Mars squares Jupiter
April 23          Mars opposes Uranus  Mars squares Pluto

Again events could occur at any time and could stretch into the Solar eclipse or a couple of aspects in May. The energies of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been building for some time and they are about to be joined by explosive Mars.

April 29          Solar eclipse

It has been mention this is a Cardinal Grand Square, that is the planets are all in Cardinal signs. The Cardinal signs mark the change of seasons so expect changes to occur from the Cardinal Grand Square. Cardinal signs are also the forceful, action oriented signs. Expect the results of the square to manifest as concrete events and expect the unexpected with Uranus involved.

Certainly events in the Ukraine fit with this Grand Square but as we just said, expect the unexpected.

Briefly this Grand Square is about change, geopolitical events, war and possibly increased geophysical events. Following are the types of energies that could be expressed through this Grand Square.

If there is a monetary event it will probably be to do with debt or taxes, remembering money is debt so the status of a currency could be an issue. US$ or some other currency?

Uncovering lies and falsehoods. This could be financial but also something like Fukushima or any hidden truth may be uncovered.

It is also about violence, riots and uprisings and certainly the Ukraine situation fits the bill but there are a number of boiling pots in the world. Aspects would suit some type of terrorist activity. The energies of this square are going to hit the USA and Putin in particular and could affect United NationsIranIsraelChinaVenezuelaCanadaCuba, BurmaSomalia and perhaps not surprisingly the union of England and Scotland.

Other events that would fit are war, cyber war, nuclear incident, earthquakes and terrorism. Watch for the power of truth and justice but also self righteousness, judgmental behavior.

It is interesting to note the Grand Square will hit the Nasdaq Stock Exchange when transiting Mars hits the Nasdaq's natal Uranus. It is most exact on April 23rd but could hit at any day next week.

Watch the news from many sources over the next week as the main stream news organizations don't always report everything that's going on (to say the least). That means in any country. I've found twitter a good alternative for breaking news but you need it verified from a number of sources.

Following is a map of the April 29 Solar eclipse path.. As mentioned in a previous blog the Solar eclipse in 2014 are in the money signs. This eclipse is quite negative. The eclipse has some similarities with a chart when drawn up for the time the Malaysian flight MH370 took off on March 8, 2014. Will the period around April 29 produce more information about the lost plane?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Financial Astrology - April 13, 2014

This weeks message will be short as we have covered the Grand Square in a number of previous posts. The markets have headed down. I'm expecting a bounce this week (subs have the date).

The teeth of the Grand Square are from April 20th to the 23rd but events can happen at any time. Unfortunately this won't be the last bad aspect. Although it is major, the Solar eclipse on April 29th  has a message of powerful actions and suggests great loss.

For eclipses the Lunar Eclipse before the Solar Eclipse, the energy is worse and dangerous. For eclipses where the Solar eclipse is before the Lunar Eclipse the energies are generally better. This time the Lunar is before the Solar. For 2014 the Solar eclipses are in the money signs of the zodiac. So we have a negative Solar eclipse in a money sign. Nuff said.

The last few years of Lunar and Solar Eclipses on the SP500 chart follows. The Lunar Eclipse could be a turn. Blue circles are Lunar and red circles are Solar eclipses.

In May Venus (rules money and resources among other things, like copper) will translate the Grand Square.

We have arrived at the critical time period. A serious geopolitical problem may be the best outcome and the Ukraine seems to be the main issue at the moment. With Uranus involved this could change to some other geopolitical issue or war or geophysical event quickly. You can't say we don't live in interesting times.

All normal market analysis may pale compared to the events just ahead. Astrology's strength is timing.

"Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied"
-- Leonard Cohen

We are down to the 50% retracement of the move up from Feb 5th low to the April 3rd high. See the following daily chart of the SP500. This is the 10th week of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week but ranges from 15-23 weeks). The high was in the 8th week so pretty much centered. For the last few years the Primary cycles have been predominately right translated (high closer to the end of the cycle) which is bullish. This may indicate a bearish trend developing. For now just something else to watch.

Jupiter will be on the Invariable Plane (for Astrologers) starting April 16. It is part of the Grand Square and will square Uranus and oppose Pluto on April 20. Difficult news often comes out on the week end. I've mentioned numerous times Jupiter opposing Pluto is a classic bankruptcy signature and this has Uranus (sudden changes) in the mix.

As pointed out recently the Pluto price line (blue line) has acted as strong resistance.

The following daily chart for Gold does not look promising at the moment. I'm waiting to see the effect of the Pluto retrograde which often moves Gold forcefully. Give it 5 days either side. It can start long trends. I'm not ignoring the Ukraine situation that could drive up the price of Gold. Also remember the 13-13.5 cycle is due to trough out June / July this year.

Gold is currently in the 15th week of the Primary cycle. It was in the 10th week at the recent high which would be slightly right translated and bullish. Of course the Grand Square will have an effect so I'm in a wait and see.

I'm also watching copper. Wars need copper and it just made a long term cycle low. At least the old fashioned wars did.


I had mentioned Crude getting to the 105 area. Ignoring astros, Crude could either explode higher due to events in the Ukraine or the USA releases crude from the strategic reserve and brings the price down. Crude is in the 14th week of it's Primary cycle. So far it's top was in the 7th week so a little on the left translated side and therefore a little bearish for the cycle; however, as stated above it could explode higher.

The US$ looks ill.

From someone I have long respected.
"The corruption of the exchanges catering to high-frequency traders condones front running of public order flows by HFT (high frequency trading) computers tarnishes a once great history. Public investors are fleeing in droves for good reason. It looks like Wall Street owns its regulators & like public elites, never get prosecuted for their crimes. I'm disgusted with the moral degradation in a financial industry where I've spent the past 50 years of my life."
--Ian McAvity

You may want to re-read the March 30th post.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update April 10, 2014

The danger period in the markets I have been mentioning for some time has started. From the last post "start heating up April 8 and forward "

We are going down but won't go straight down so expect volatility. The Feb 2014 lows are critical support that must hold or this will be very big.

The rest of the month will probably see a number of violent and unstable events. Don't count out large scale earthquakes, severe weather or other disasters.

Watch the US$.

Good luck and stay safe.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Financial Astrology - April 6, 2014

We won't rehash the forming Grand Square again, but will provide a summary and some new information. For new readers, many of the past two months posts, and older, have provided information on this unique Astrological event that was first suggested in the June 16th, 2013 post as follows.

"Longer term  I’ve been looking at 3 periods going forward where things look particularly negative from an Astrological perspective.

I will come with more exact dates as we approach those time periods and we see the price action going into them.

August 2013
Late October / early November 2013
April 2014 "

From the same post.

"April 21, 2014 (could be a doozy)"

It has been covered in some detail many times since. If interested you can use the search function on the blog and search for "Grand Square".

As this involved 4 planets two of which are the long term waxing square (Uranus and Pluto) it can effect a period of time around the April date. In fact we have already seen some events triggered by this powerful square.

1. Russia takes over Crimea
2. Strong Earthquakes
3. Volcanic activity
4. Separation is being discussed in a number of countries
5. The issue that I have mentioned a number of times is a change in the reserve currency of the world. Russia and possibly some other countries want to sell oil in something other than the US$. This will not happen quickly but events started in April may lead to changes in the reserve currency.
6. Hostile language between China and Japan and of course North Korea and other geopolitical problems.
7. Russia looking to buy crude from Iran in something other than US$ and possibly barter. Other countries may be looking at the U.S. reaction to this very closely.

I would expect more of the same. Don't discount terrorist activity or any of the possible events mentioned in previous posts. If this is a financial event / decision it may be hidden from the public at first.

Subscribers have the forecast dates and dates for the two eclipses in April. The potential effects of the Lunar and Solar eclipses are noted. Eclipses in general are good timing tools and point to further trouble down the road.

NOTE: I'll be adding Paypal and credit card purchases to the site before the 2nd Half of 2014 forecast dates are advertised sometime in May.

The four planets that are involved in the Grand Square are Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. I'm looking for this to really start heating up April 8 and forward into at least late April and possibly into mid-May. There may be decisions made that are not known to the public immediately (Again, I'm thinking currencies here).

Two of the four planets, Uranus and Pluto will have an exact waxing square. This is the 5th in a series of 7. The following daily chart of the DJIA shows the 7 occurrences (blue boxes). Four have taken place, then this one in April and then two more.

We continue to follow the 50% Fan line (blue) on the following daily chart of the SP500.

The SP500 briefly broke through the Pluto price line. This looks like stiff resistance around 1875-1880.

Caution is warranted. There may be extreme volatility ahead. Remember the FED did not see bubbles in 2000 or 2007. Following is a weekly chart of the SP500 showing the bubbles they could not see.

I follow market cycles, Astrological cycles and events and market technicals.

Looking at Gold market cycles I would expect Gold to be heading down into a 13.5 month cycle low in June / July. That said the Astro events we are about to experience may move Gold up, particularly the Pluto retrograde on April 14th and the violent signatures of the week of April 21.

We are in the 14th week of the Primary cycle and may have just bounced off the 50% retracement of the move up from Dec 31, 2013. If so expect the move up to continue this week.

I have mentioned debt as a possible problem coming out of this Grand Square signature. Since money is debt it could affect the US$ in a negative way and therefore be positive for Gold going forward.

The precious metals market is still being manipulated.

There were two positive Venus signatures recently. Venus rules copper. We may be seeing a bottom in copper. Watch closely next week.

Watch the $102 area. If broken we could move quickly up to $105. Re-read point 7 above. This could get wild.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Update April 4, 2014 Russia, Crude and the US Dollar

Ignoring the comments from the readers the following link is one of the things I've been concerned about in recent posts.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update April 2, 2014

For those who have followed this blog for awhile I've been forecasting geophysical upsets in this time frame.

There should be more in April and May particularly around the Lunar and Solar eclipses and April 23rd.

These guys forecast these events years ago.