Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 update.

From the August 11 post

"August 26 is 14,142 cd (calendar days) from the Dec 6, 1974 low. 1.4142 is the square root of 2. I'll only say sometimes the roots of 2 and 5 mark significant turns in the general markets. There are probably others."

PS There are others, lots of them. Look for numbers in nature and apply then to market moves. I'll bring them up here as they become relevant.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Financial Astrology August 26, 2013


One week left in the month of August and as forecast a few months ago it has been down. From a market cycle perspective this is now either the 19th week of the primary cycle or a possibility June 24 was the trough to the primary cycle and we are now in the 9th week of a newer primary cycle. 

If the latter is the case, we may have just put in the major cycle (nominal 6 week) trough and the market would be headed up. 

If the former is true the market should be heading down into the trough for the older 19 week primary cycle. We need more price action to determine which primary is active.

This weekend and Monday August 26 Venus will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square and with Jupiter forming a powerful grand square. This could move the markets and I'm thinking down; however, the recent trough and turn up on the following chart seem to be pointing the market up.

In addition to the above the Sun opposes Neptune on August 26th. This also has a history of strong moves in the market, both up and down. On August 27 Mars enters Leo, again a history of the market moving strongly while Mars is in the early part of Leo. Moves can be both up and down.

Difficult call. I'm looking for the general markets to struggle early in the week then up and volatile most of the week.

Gold / Silver
Gold put in a primary cycle trough on June 28 and is in it's 8th week. A question is whether the low on August 7 is a trading cycle low (2-4 weeks) or an early major cycle low (5-7 week). The low on August 7th was 5 weeks along. If it was the major cycle trough Gold may have more to run here as it would only be in the 3rd week of a cycle which is 5-7 weeks long. If this is a the second major cycle of the primary then the first major cycle was right translated and I would be looking for the current primary would be right translated as well and therefore positive for more of an increase in Gold.

Watch for resistance around 1412 and 1448. The red retracements on the following chart are from the early May high to the late June low. The blue lines are fib expansions, that is, the fib retracements from A to B taken off C.

It should be noted the Sun opposition to Neptune often reverses the trend for Gold. As noted above that's exact on August 26th.

The low on June 28 may very well have been the 4.25 year low and if so very bullish for Gold.


Crude is currently in the 19th week of it's primary cycle and due for a pull back. The following daily chart for crude shows the Sun (green lines) and Pluto (purple) price lines. It has been quite volatile but seem to be following the green lines up. I'm looking for crude to break through the Pluto price line at approx. $104.30 to signal a possible decline to the primary cycle trough.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Financial Astrology August 19, 2013

"What everyone is looking for, is what is looking."
-- St. Francis of Assisi

We've been looking at the month of August 2013 as being negative in the markets for some time (see the June 16 , 2013 post). We are now in the middle of the first time period mentioned in that post. The SP500 is also 18 weeks along in it's primary cycle and most probably headed down to the trough for the current primary cycle.

The next two weeks look very volatile as we have

August 21       Jupiter square Uranus 
August 22       Sun enters Virgo and Sun quintile the North Node

August 24       Venus square Pluto
August 26       Venus opposition Uranus
August 26       Sun opposition Neptune (crude to)

The Venus transits on August 24 and 26th are forming a grand square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto causing a lot of stress in the financial markets.

I'm looking for the trough of the current Primary cycle the last week in August or August 23rd.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Uranus and Pluto price lines and how they have acted as support and resistance. Recently we have broken through those price lines and the light blue trend line which started last November. The next Uranus / Pluto price lines are in the 1,630 area.

And from the last post. August 26 is 14,142 cd (calendar days) from the Dec 6, 1974 low. 1.4142 is the square root of 2.

Also from the last post a weekly chart of the SP500 which includes a 337.2 week cycle from the work of Stan Harley. (see http://www.harleymarketletter.com/profile.html)

Gold Silver
Gold and Silver have come along way quickly and may see a top around mid week. Note the aspects above on August 21 and 22nd. It appears Gold started a new Primary cycle on June 28 and is therefore 7 weeks along and due for the crest of the first Major cycle in the Primary cycle. Silver is in a similar situation. It is in it's 8th week and therefore a little overdue for it's first Major cycle of it's Primary cycle.

Remember there are often 3 Major cycles (nominal 7 week) in the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) and the last Major cycle is the most distorted.

And from the last post Gold reversed on August 6th which was the 4.618 time fib.

We may have an abrupt change in crude with the many Jupiter and Neptune transits both geocentrically and heliocentrically. Since I have crude in the 18th week of the primary cycle I'm looking for a move down to a trough. This would seem difficult due to the problems in Egypt and other Middle East countries but it is late in the primary cycle and therefore due for a trough. The trough may wait until mid September but needs to be watched closely, but then again, what doesn't.

Additional dates to the above to watch for crude

August 18       Mars trine Neptune
August 21       Jupiter trine Neptune

One thing I'll be watching is for the 15 day moving average turn down and cross below the 45 day moving average.

Added Aug 19, 2013 just because it's good.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Financial Astrology August 12, 2013

There is a lot of aspects this month but I still think the critical time is late in the month when Venus translates the Uranus / Pluto square and with Jupiter make this T-square into a potent grand square (Aug 23-26 +- a few). Look for significant market moves or some event around this time. It's possible we get an intermediate high around Aug 21 with the Jupiter square Uranus which is also trine Chiron. The Sun will be moving into the more sobering sign of Virgo on August 22. Virgonian energy expects to work for what it receives. Not given to you by the FED or others.

So this week may be a little lower early in the week and then going higher this week and possibly into the Aug 21 date mentioned above.

Although August is a serious month, late October / November 2013 and April 2014 look worse.

August 26 is 14,142 cd (calendar days) from the Dec 6, 1974 low. 1.4142 is the square root of 2. I'll only say sometimes the roots of 2 and 5 mark significant turns in the general markets. There are probably others.

The heliocentric Venus / Saturn conjunction is often a low then up. This is approximately 230 td's

The following daily chart for the US$ shows the heliocentric Venus Saturn conjunction on August 7 and the 230 td cycle hitting August 12th.

Gold / Silver
Following up on a few Gold posts it never did break through 1333 decisively. Gold looks like it's trying to move up once again. Look at the fib retracements (red) and fib extensions(blue) as possible resistance.

The following chart shows the heliocentric Venus(green) and Jupiter(blue) price lines (90 degree). Gold often reacts to these price lines and often follows them up. The vertical red lines are a 27 td cycle which the precious metals maybe following again.

This is the 17 week of the primary cycle for crude. I've been looking for a pull back possibly the whole week. We then enter a period where there are many aspects to Jupiter and Neptune the co-rulers of crude. This is probably pointing to a volatile period or the trough for the current primary cycle.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Financial Astrology - Aug 5, 2013

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”
 --Robert Louis Stevenson

Today's post will be short as it is a holiday weekend up here in Canada. To my old friends in Northern Quebec I recall today is summer with the Fall starting tomorrow. It's cold up there and the black flies are bigger than small dogs.

As we approach the first important date in August, Aug 7th, I am still out of stocks but holding Gold and Silver. Aug 7th is the geocentric Jupiter opposition Pluto aspect which is approx. 13 years in length. Normally I would put a wider range on such a long-term aspect but in this case just +- 3 td's. Not looking for a crash but a turn down for general equities. Remember this is the start of the Jupiter translation of the Uranus / Pluto square.

And one for interest sake.The high before the March 6, 2009 low was Oct 11, 2007. That's 512 cd's (calendar days).
512 * pi(3.14159) = 1608.
March 6, 2009 + 1608 = August 1, 2013 (red vertical line)

Also note the red fan line is .618 and has acted as support as the market has moved up. We are well above that line now.

The black vertical lines are successive 512 cd's from March 6, 2009 and the fib arcs are unnecessary.

Gold / Silver
From the last post we've seen the "quick move lower" and now looking for a move up in precious metals.

The following daily chart see's Gold on the Venus price line. I'm looking at this as support and we either follow the Venus price line up or it bounces off this price line and we get a sharp move up.

The next chart shows fib time ratios and fib fan lines pointing to a move in Gold around Aug 6.

Crude unexpectedly bounced this week, at least unexpected by me. The following chart shows the 45 degree Sun / Pluto price lines which have acted as resistance. A pull back to the Sun price line (green) or Pluto price line (black) is expected this week. As this is the 16th week of the primary cycle I expect crude to move lower after this week as well.