Sunday, September 29, 2013

Financial Astrology - Sept 30, 2013

Now this should be an interesting week. The Astros point to a week where chaos in the markets could be seen. This, coupled with the possible shut-down of the US government should be a week to remember.

For starters the Sun is in waning square to Pluto on October 1. This is the start of the Sun's translation of the Uranus / Pluto square which is moving toward an exact square on Nov 1st and is a sign for a turn in the markets. In the past this has been a sign for a turn both up or down. As reported a number of times, aspects to Pluto often mark times when Gold moves (see Gold below). Again up or down. The Sun then opposes Uranus on Oct 3 just ahead of the jobs report. Of course there may be no jobs report if the government is closed. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes or surprises.

This could be a wild ride in the markets, and if the government does not close, or closes and then opens I would expect a big up move in stocks.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Uranus and Pluto price lines and how they have acted as support and resistance in the past. There should be resistance around $1790 in the SP500. If it breaks up from there it may really go.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the retracement from August 28 to the top. We may see a turn up or at the 50% retrace.

Looking out a little further Oct 17 is the day the borrowing limit for the US treasury is hit. This will bring on another Republican / Democratic confrontation. If it can't be resolved it may bring on further negative effects in the US stock market.

As stated above major aspects to Pluto can effect Gold prices. Watch Gold closely this week particularly around Oct 1st when the Sun is in waning square to Pluto.

Looking out further this is the 14th week of the primary cycle in Gold and therefore the primary cycle trough may be in the timeframe around November 1st when the Uranus / Pluto square is exact and the Solar eclipse on November 4th.

In summary we may see Gold rising if the US shutdown takes place but when the government opens up again, see Gold run lower into the early November time frame.

I can't see how Saudi Arabia can be too pleased with recent developments in Syria and now Iran. As they are still the key producer of crude they can use this as a bargaining chip or weapon. They have done it before if you can remember the events of the 1970's. This is not an immediate issue.

Closer to this week, crude is in the 7th week of the primary cycle and thus due for a trough then up. I would say the low should be in during the coming week but could be delayed by the possible government shutdown.

The following daily chart shows the current low at 102.17 or 38.2% of the retracement.

Given a fairly broad range Mars opposes Neptune on October 19 and could be around a s/t low or high. Could this be a signature for another major earthquake? Possible.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Financial Astrology - September 22, 2013

Looking back at the June 16, 2013 post the next time period identified is early November. This could cover late October as well but more price action is required. For trading purposes we need to identify if early November is a high or a low. I'm leaning on this time period being a high then down and possibly severely.

The astrological activity which drew my attention to the November time frame was the Nov 1, 2013 geocentric Uranus Pluto waxing square. This is the 4th square out of 7, the last of which is March 2015. From previous experience with these longer term astro cycles it is often one of the middle aspects where we see the biggest moves. So the square on Nov 1 and the next square which is April 2014 are prime candidates for big moves. Another point worth watching is Nov 23 where we have the heliocentric Uranus Pluto waxing square. This happens once and like the middle aspects of a multi-pass geocentric square this is another point where their could be big moves.

As mentioned in previous posts eclipses are powerful points, both lunar and solar but the solar eclipse are typically more powerful. The following daily chart shows a brief history of eclipses and the upcoming eclipses.
Oct 18 Lunar eclipse (blue circles)
Nov 3  Solar eclipse. (red circles)

Give them a range of +- 2 tds.

Heliocentrically Jupiter will be waxing square Uranus on Nov 12 and oppose Pluto on Nov 13 thus forming a potent T-square. As stated a number of times these are potentially bankruptcy aspects, countries, cities, companies, individuals and groups.

All considered late October / early November appears to be a time frame for a bigger move. If the index is still up look for price action and technical indicators that would point to a large move down.

Blue square is the Uranus waxing square Pluto
Red square is the heliocentric Jupiter waxing square Uranus and Jupiter opposition Pluto

Looking ahead this week

A significant non astrological event is the German elections. You may have noticed a quiet period from Europe where all of the financial problems seem to have disappeared. I would look for these financial problems to appear in the news again. This shows the control Germany has over the European Union and why it will eventually fail.

Astrologically this week has Saturn conjunct the North Node. Although this appears as a potent aspect, especially since they are in intense Scorpio, there is no consistent history of this aspect signaling the beginning of big moves. Sometimes this aspect will signal small moves at best.

That said, we are looking at June 24 being the last primary cycle trough which would put us in the 14th week of the primary cycle. We may have just seen the crest of the second major cycle and thus headed down in the short term. I'm expecting the next couple of weeks being choppy, ups and downs. With the reputation of market crashes in Sept / Oct. the next month+ deserves careful attention. As noted above I'm looking at late Oct /  November as a potential for a move down. It has crash potential but April 2014 appears worse.

Surprising moves in precious metals last week. I'm still looking at June 28 being the 4.25 year cycle low. This puts us in the 13th week of the primary cycle. Watch the fib retracements on the following daily chart to determine the immediate direction. We may be in the middle of the precious metal market trying to put in a major cycle (nominal 6 week) low. If this is the 13th week then the end of October / early November would be the primary cycle low timeframe (18 week). Watch the dates mentioned above under SP500 for moves in precious metals in late Oct / early Nov.

Although we were more bullish we are in watch and evaluate mode (aka watch and sweat mode).

My current count has crude in the 23rd week of the primary cycle and thus due for a trough. Crude looks like it is starting a move down but events in the middle east may hold it up a while longer. I'm waiting for a potential low.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Financial Astrology - Sept 17 Update

With Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the North Node in aspect tomorrow there is a possibility of something significant happening. With Venus and Pluto involved it could mean money, interest, taxes etc. Money includes gold.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Financial Astrology September 16, 2013

Each week I review the astrological aspects and attempt to come up with a forecast based on a myriad of possibilities. Last week I suspected the Mars Saturn square on Sept 9, with some other aspect, was an indication of impending war. That didn't happen and the forecast for the stock market for the week was wrong.

That said I'll attempt a forecast for the coming week. Bear in mind the FED meets on Tuesday and Wednesday with results out at noon on Wednesday and Bernanke's speech at 2:00pm. This is obviously critical. Will the current QE be reduced or will it continue at current rates? The astrology is not clear but would appear to be pointing at a restriction in money and therefore a pullback in the rate of QE. Venus conjuncts Saturn on Sept 18 then they both conjunct the North Node, Venus on Sept 19 and Saturn on Sept 25.

Sept 20 has Venus at 11 degrees of Scorpio which is conjunct the upcoming Nov 3 Solar eclipse. Sept 20 also has Pluto turning retrograde direct. This is exact after trading hours.

I'm looking for the general market to be fairly volatile until the FED announcement on Wednesday. Assuming we are still up the Venus and Saturn aspects mentioned above should depress prices. If prices do retreat they may not stay down long as there may be a great deal of fanfare immediately after The German elections on Sept 22.

I just heard Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from the FED chairperson sweepstakes. Let me be first to recommend Maxine Waters for the job.

We are in the 12th week of the primary cycle in Gold and a number of technical indicators are pointing down and sentiment for Gold is negative although I'm bullish. Gold prices are now at the 50 % retracement of the move from June 28 to August 28. See the following daily chart for Gold. Watch the fib retracements. Also watch if Gold can pull up off the fib arcs as shown on the chart.

Pluto direct, often marks a trend change in Gold +- 6 td's and most often after the actual direct date. I'm looking at the June 28 low as the 4.25 year low and therefore we should be looking for a strong move up in Gold in the next few weeks.


Watching crude for signs of topping. If the mid-east problems get off the front page I would look for a pull back in crude. Cycle wise the next two weeks would be a good time period for a pull back in crude.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Financial Astrology September 9, 2013

"Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”

― Mark TwainThe Mysterious Stranger 1921

We continue with rumors of war and awaiting the FED decision on tapering or not. Both of which make forecasting more difficult but on we go.

Monday Sept 9 Mars is in waning square with Saturn. This signature is a little weaker than other Mars / Saturn contacts but does have an association with primary cycle troughs and crests if given a wider time period. Probably of more importance is that Mars and Saturn are known in mundane astrology as war aspects. Just think of the Martian energy being frustrated by the restriction and repression of Saturn. Frustration is  then released and bombs are dropped or investors sell their stock out of repressed anger.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows price has followed the light blue trend line up. I'm waiting to see this trendline break and then the index would fall to it's primary cycle trough. This is the 21st week of the primary cycle. There are a couple of other alternative counts, but my opinion is the 21st week. It's possible we just had the low but it is not very deep.

On Sept 12 there are other significant transits. Neptune trines Hades. Hades is a Uranian point. This combination may be pointing to lies / deceit and is a signature that may point to chemical weapons or accidents involving chemicals. Let's hope the latter is not the case.

Also on Sept 12 we have Mars in waning square to the North Node. This aspect is best described as associations or groups which deal with conflict, or are experiencing conflict. I read this as continued problems centered on the Syrian conflict.

The transit of the month would appear to be Venus conjunct Saturn on Sept 18. This is tied into a number of other transits. First the Venus Saturn conjunction. This is happening on the day of the FED meeting and is quite close to the announcement. During the conjunction both Venus and Saturn are very close to conjuncting the North Node. The exact dates are Sept 19, Venus conjunct the North Node and Sept 25, Saturn conjunct the North Node. Venus representing money and finances in general is under some restrictions and will effect large groups. The Venus Saturn conjunction on Sept 18 is also sextiling Pluto. In this case Pluto, in Capricorn, is almost standing still and hence more powerful as it prepares to go direct on Sept 20. This appears to make the Sept 18 aspect more powerful. Please remember I use an orb of +- 3 tds for most aspects.

Sept 20 also has Venus at 11 degrees of Scorpio, which is conjunct the upcoming Nov 3 Solar eclipse. Are these days important? A recent example was August 21 where the North Node of the Moon was conjunct the upcoming point of the Nov 3 Solar eclipse. That was the day of the chemical attacks in Syria. Nov 3 is going to be a day to watch. The Solar eclipse may be a nasty one.

I had mentioned the November 2013 time period back in June. November 1st the Uranus / Pluto square will be exact once again and Nov 3 is a powerful Solar eclipse. Jupiter turns retrograde on Nov 7 and Nov 10 Mercury turns direct. A very busy and potentially nasty period.

I had also mentioned March 2014 as a potentially dangerous period. Transiting Pluto will be opposite the natal Sun of the USA chart, a classic war signature or signature of large scale changes in government or finances and the T square is back between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

We will start getting more relevant information from Europe after the German elections on September 22, 2013.

Gold / Silver
I'm still waiting for the Neptune Ceres opposition on Sept 5 to show up in a significant move in Gold. I'm expecting a down move. This may be very dependant on the FED's decision on tapering or rumors of the latter.

Close to the time of the FED announcement heliocentric Mercury will enter Sagittarius, the latter being a period of big moves in precious metals both up and down.

I currently have a small Gold short but was surprised by the move on Friday. The following daily chart shows the fib retracements (red) the early May 2013 crest to the low in late June. The blue lines and fib expansions from the A B C noted on the chart.

A strong move above 1376 1404.80 (changed 09/09/2013) area and this may turn bullish quickly. Gold will be affected by the FED tapering decision.

I have crude in either the 21st week of an older primary cycle or a possible new primary and we are in the 5th week. The latter would mean a very weak ending to the older primary. More price action is required. This may be distorted with all the war rumors and their effect on crude prices.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Financial Astrology September 2, 2013

"there was music in the cafes at night, revolution in the air"

--- Bob Dylan


Revolution in the air indeed, unfortunately for a few more years. The on-going Uranus waxing square to Pluto is the first major aspect following the conjunction of 1965-1966, another time of revolution and war. The last exact square aspect will be March 2015 but it's effects will be felt years afterwards.

We should say before any cycle analysis, or any analysis, one should consider the effect of the possible Syrian conflict and the possibility of FED tapering, or not, being announced in the September meetings.

That said, I'm looking for the SP500 to move down at least early in September. I have the primary cycle at 20 weeks, therefore, overdue. It could be the 10th week but I'm working with the 20th week for now. Watch out for the market opening up on Tuesday and then quickly reverse.

We've just had the Sun waning trine to Pluto on Sept 1st. This aspect has a history of strong moves both up and down.  The first couple of weeks of Sept should be very volatile. We also have Neptune opposing Ceres on Sept 5 but the latter aspect has more of an effect on precious metals. The following week Mars is in waning square to Saturn. Not the aspect you want to see with rumours of war in the air.

I may do a separate post on the Syrian conflict. The week starting Sept 9 does not look good for the citizens of Syria, at least the non-Alawite or non-Shiite ones. If there ever was a signature for chemical miss-use it would be Neptune and Hades. On Sept 12 Neptune will trine Hades. Hades is a Uranian point. This is a long term aspect and needs a window +- some number of days. It is obviously 1 day off the September 11 date. The universe is trying to send a message if the US attacks on September 11.

There are two good markers for a move starting down. They are the trend line from October 2012 (light blue line) and the 38.2% fib retracement at 1629. If these are broken we may be looking below 1600 for support. Also note on this chart, the 15 dma (green) has crossed the 45 dma (light blue) and is pointed down.

The next chart shows a 377 td that started at the March 2009 lows. 377 is a fib number. This looks like a possible s/t low.

We are now getting into the Fall eclipse season with the Lunar eclipse on October 18 and the Solar eclipse on November 3rd. Planets aspecting the point of the eclipse can have an effect, sometimes a big one before and after the actual eclipse date. Monitoring activity around dates when planets or astrological points aspect the eclipse point can help determine the strength of the upcoming eclipse. Sept 7th Venus will be approx. 25 degrees in Libra, the point of the October 18 Lunar eclipse. Remember Solar eclipse are generally stronger than Lunar eclipses and will effect dates further into the future and the past.

The above astrological dates were for geocentric aspects. When looking at heliocentric aspects we see Mars as more prevalent.

War like aspects:
Heliocentric Mars opposes Pluto on Sept 1.
Heliocentric Mars trines Saturn on Sept 4.
This should carry on past these dates when we look at the geocentric aspects.

Financial aspects
Heliocentric Venus translates the Uranus / Pluto square on Sept 13 and 14th.
Watch Gold around Sept 13 as well.

Gold /  Silver

I'm looking for a big move in precious metals. Mars has entered Leo which often coincides with strong moves in Gold. This week on Sept 5th Neptune opposes Ceres, also a signature for strong moves in precious metals particularly Gold. Which way? Current events would point to Gold going up but I sense a down turn. We are in the 9th week of the primary cycle and the 4th week of the 2nd major cycle therefore due for a crest and down into the trough of the second Major over the next few weeks.
Watch the fib retracements on the following chart which is carried forward from 2 posts ago.


Crude is in the 20th week of it's primary cycle and therefore overdue. This will be stretched with potential war rumours and with the potential for oil delivery bottlenecks. I'm looking for continued volatility in crude until the Syrian issue moves to the back burner. I assume Crude will remain elevated until the 3rd or 4th week of September.