Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crude May 30, 2012

Today had another quintile aspect, Venus quintile Uranus and moves down in a number of markets. One of those markets was crude.

Following is a daily chart of crude and a Fib grid showing June 11 as the next Fib(987). It also shows crude is sitting on long term support today May 30, 2012.

The next few weeks may be very volatile. There is a Lunar eclipse and Neptune retrograde station on Monday June 4. June 5 has Venus occulting the Sun. This has had a record of occurring near the death of a world figure. Neptune going retrograde is often found near double bottoms. Check the SP500.

Mentioned before is the Uranus square Pluto which occurs on June 24. This is a long term aspect which financially has to do with debt. Being long term it would typically need another aspect to trigger it. The same week the Sun will be translating the on June 29. This also has everything to do with revolts, uprising and the changing of the status quo. With Uranus involved this may be sudden and unexpected. There are other aspects that week including Venus and Saturn going direct and Jupiter squaring Neptune and opposing the North Node.

June should be quite a month. We'll expand on the above as we approach the dates.

Mars Squares June 4 Lunar Eclipse Today

Mars will square the June 4 Lunar Eclipse today. Possibly a rough session for stocks and commodities.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Potential Big Move Tomorrow May 24 or May 25

Look for a potential big move in the SP500 on May 24 or May 25. Could be up or down, but I think down.

May 24 has Mercury conjunct the point of the previous Solar eclipse on May 20th.

May 25 is 2.618 of the time from July 7, 2011 to Oct 4, 2011.

Monday, May 21, 2012

After the May 20th Solar Eclipse

The May 20th eclipse does not appear to have had any great effect at this point. The markets did move on Monday May 21st but little else. The effect of eclipses can hang around for many months. Two immediate dates are May 24 when Mercury transits over the eclipse point and June 12/13 when Jupiter does the same.

In the meantime it appears the stock market is taking off after a slide for most of May to this point.

The SP500 is either starting a ½ Primary cycle (8-11 week) if this is the 11 week cycle or the first major cycle trough (5-7 week) if this is the 6 week cycle. It all depends when the last primary cycle bottomed March 6 or April 10. April 10 looks stronger but I don’t know at this time.

Regardless these are fairly short term cycles but the short term trend should be up for a couple of weeks. Watch for reversals around June 4 and mid-June.

There were rumours today of QE 3 but we best stick to cycles and not rumours. It appears this forecasting task is difficult enough.

This reversal occurred very close to the 78.6% retracement from the May 2, 2011 high to the Oct 4, 2011 low.

Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver appear to have made primary cycle lows on May 16 although today’s action was almost non existent. If the QE 3 or equivalent rumours persist the precious metals should move up quickly. Looking more intermediate term the PM’s have a lot of work ahead of them if they are going to turn around a rather negative outlook. They simply must start making higher highs and higher lows if this cycle is going to last.

Crude is in the 16th week of it’s primary cycle. A low is due at anytime.

Coming up we have the Sun square Neptune on May 23. In addition there is heliocentric Venus opposing Jupiter on the same day. Both these signatures have a history of turns. I'm going to assume we have just seen the turns which they represent. Nevertheless watch May 23 closely.

Another signature Venus quintile Uranus on May 30 has been a signature for down turns over the past two years.

June has many astrological signatures. It's start with a Lunar eclipse which is also a perigee Moon. On the same date Neptune turns retrograde and the next day, June 5th Venus occults the Sun, a rare event.

I also have a 70 td cycle in Silver on June 1st. June 1 is also fib 1.618 of the move down from April 25, 2011 to Sept 26, 2011.
Other astros and cycles for June will be covered in a future post.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook and the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse

A quote from Charles Jayne re: eclipses.

" A good rule to observe is to initiate no vital action or decision within one week or ten days before an eclipse...things that are started shortly before an eclipse have a way of being stillborn, not working out in the manner intended or expected".

The point of the eclipse will be translated by Mercury on May 24 and then Jupiter on on June 12,13.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Venus Retrograde and Solar Eclipse

Another interesting week in the markets coming up. We have Venus turning retrograde on May 15 and an annular solar eclipse on May 20. At the least this should lead to a very volatile week. What..another one!!

Venus, among other things, rules money. During the retrograde period it is not unusual for countries to change monetary policy. This can be global banks or institutions like the Federal Reserve. As such currency,  precious metal and interest rate fluctuations often occur during the Venus retrograde period.

The Venus retrograde date (+- 3 tds) appears to have more affect on the market when the general market is approaching a crest. That is not the case at the present time.

That said it should be pointed out planets in high declination have been said to be more powerful than usual. Venus is currently Out-Of-Bounds. This means Venus is currently greater than the Sun’s maximum declination of 23.27 degrees.

But what is declination? Much Astrology is dedicated to the study of celestial longitude. That is all planets are interpreted as if they were on the same plane going around the Sun. Thus Mars in 15 degrees in Leo or Jupiter squared Saturn are referring to the planets in longitude, that being on the same plane.

But the planets are not on the same plane. Declination is the measurement of a planets location north or south of the celestial equator, which is the Earth’s equator extended out into space. That said, Venus should be in a more powerful position than usual and thus the retrograde motion may be more powerful than is the norm.

The Venus retrograde date often has an effect on precious metals. Since Gold and Silver are currently in their 20th week of the primary cycle watch the May 15 date closely for a reversal in PM’s. If there is not a reversal the next significant date for PM’s is May 23 where we have the geocentric Sun square Neptune and the heliocentric Venus opposition Jupiter. Bear in mind the start of a new primary cycle should be bullish but if we have put in a long term cycle high around September 2011 this may end up being a short move up in a longer down trend.

The effect of the recent eclipses was shown in the last post. It is shown again below. Again the red circles are Solar eclipses and the blue circles are Lunar eclipses. The next Lunar eclipse is June 4th and is a perigee Moon as well.

The path of the May 20 annular eclipse was shown a number of posts ago. It is again shown below. Although eclipses can have an effect anywhere in the world, it is often most intense along the central path. They have been linked to earthquakes and other natural disasters as well as important world events.

Looking for the broader markets to make a low before early June. Potential dates are;
May 15 Venus retrograde
May 21 Day after the Solar eclipse
May 23 Sun squared Neptune
June 4 Lunar eclipse
The markets could make a double bottom during this time frame.

Gold and Silver are 20 weeks along their primary cycle and are due for a bottom. Potential dates are;
May 15 Venus retrograde
May 23 Sun squared Neptune and heliocentric Venus opposition Jupiter

Crude continues to look weak.

Another site reminded me  of the 1987 crash. Following is a daily chart of the SP500 for 1987 with Solar (red) and Lunar (blue) eclipses noted.

The upcoming eclipses are;
Solar May 20. 2012
Lunar June 4, 20121

Many eclipses pass with no significant event or market action. On the other hand, many coincide with significant market moves. It's time to be very careful.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

I’m looking at May being volatile but trending down into early June. June 4 and 5th have the Lunar eclipse which is also perigee, Neptune turning retrograde and Venus occults the Sun, a very rare event. This may mark a low. A number of cycle analysts have this as a low as well. It is particularly difficult forecasting stocks, the SP500 with the constant interventions by the FED.

Look at the periods around May15, Venus retrograde and May 20 the Solar eclipse. These may have some surprises. The Solar Eclipse may mark a time of geophysical stress or terrorism. The same is true around the Lunar eclipse on June 4th.

Solar and Lunar eclipses can have powerful effects on the markets and life in general. The Red circles show Solar eclipses and blue Lunar eclipses. 

I’ll be surprised if we do not see some world event before the end of July. Watch out for CME's.

I’ve been watching Gold to see if it breaks through the April 4 low. It did today and I am out of Gold and Gold stocks and await new signals.

The next level I’m looking at for support is the Jupiter price line (blue on the attached chart). This is presently at 1582 as shown on the following daily Gold chart. Gold is presently in the 19th week of the primary cycle and due for a bottom.

Like Gold Silver is in the 19th week of it’s primary cycle and due for a bottom. As shown on the following daily chart Silver has just hit the Venus price line and may find support here. Watch closely tomorrow. Both Gold and Silver are due for a primary cycle bottom possibly around the Venus retrograde, May 15 or near the Solar eclipse, May 20.

This may have been too far too fast. Watch for a quick reversal. It may be short lived. The red circles on this chart are the Sun quintile Neptune (72 degrees). Also known as the 5th harmonic. Next due Nov 13, 2012.

Updated Dates
Feb 27
March 5, 6
March 8           .
March 13
April 12
May 6 *        Perigee Moon and elections in France and Greece
May 15         Venus Retrograde (see Note 2)
May 20 *     Annular Solar Eclipse
May 24 *      Mercury passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 6        Venus occults the Sun
June 12-14 * Jupiter passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 25-29     Uranus square Pluto, exact, first of seven
August 15
November 23 *
Note 1 The dates marked with a * are potential times for geophysical events. This only means there is more potential for a geophysical event. The June 6 date can mean the passing of a well known leader.

Note 2  Approximately every 8 years Venus will retrograde near the same degrees of the zodiac. The last time was May 6, 2004 near a low in the DJIA.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gold May 4, 2012

Tomorrow the Sun is quintile (72 degrees) from Neptune. This has marked sharp moves in many markets.

The attached daily report shows a history (red circles) of this aspect. Although it appears on short term tops it may just as well mark a short term bottom. It may effect a number of markets.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Sachs Brothers


Carney has only been rumored for the Bank of England post but I'm betting it will be one of the Sachs brothers.

Does this make anyone else nervous?