Sunday, February 27, 2011

FED - Expect the Unexpected

From an astrological perspective the Federal Reserve Board is coming into another period of stress and volatility.

This is looking at a natal chart of the FED based on a time of Dec 23, 1913 at 6:02pm EST at Washington DC. Late February to early April has a number of significant longer term transits, some of which hit major points on the FEDs natal chart.

Long Term Transits
Feb 20 Mars conjunct Neptune (and Mercury)
Feb 26 Jupiter Squared Pluto
Feb 28 Neptune Trine Hades
March 3 North Node enters Sagittarius
March 5 Uranus Squares the North Node
March 7 Neptune Sextile the North Node
March 11 Uranus enters Aries
March 28 Jupiter opposition Saturn
April 4 Neptune enters Pisces

Chart of the FED with transits as of March 18, 2011

March 18th was chosen as it is the date transiting Uranus hits the Mid-heaven of the FED natal chart. As this is a longer term aspect we cannot expect news or an event on that specific day, but somewhere around that date. Uranus conjunct Mid-heaven will also be forming a T square with the natal charts Pluto Sun opposition.

It should be noted the Sun conjuncts Uranus on March 21, within one day of the spring equinox, a day which has often seen large swings in the markets. As can be seen from the list of transits the Sun will also be squaring the North Node during this period.

In general this would appear to be a very volatile month. As for the FED, something sudden and unexpected may spring up. With the T square from transiting Uranus at Mid-heaven to the natal Sun / Pluto opposition this may be an event that changes the very nature and purpose of the FED. It could also be the cancellation or extension of quantitative easing. Whatever is in store it should be of great significance.

Any day could be significant but the following dates are a little more significant than others.

March 1
March 2
March 15
March 18, 21

Uranus and Neptune changing signs are generational events with orbits of 84 and 164.8 years respectively.

As I believe the current rebellions in the mid-east were triggered by the Jan 4, 2011 Solar eclipse, see previous post, it's interesting to note the following.

Solar eclipses can be divided up and part of Saros cycles which are approximately 18.03 years. 3 Saros cycles is approximately 54 years and the Solar eclipses will come back to approximately the same position in longitude. It is of the utmost interest that 54 years ago we had the Suez crisis.

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards"
-- Lewis Carroll, The White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jan 4, 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse

The effect of a solar eclipse is said to be before and after the exact date. Some would say the effect after is to the next solar eclipse. The main effect of a solar eclipse is often said to be the visible path on earth.

Assuming the above, the following is a solar map of the Jan 4th partial solar eclipse.

Watch the countries that are touched by the visible eclipse path. Tunisia and Egypt were in the visible path but so are parts of Europe. These yet may have a reaction to this powerful eclipse.

At the time of the Eclipse the powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus was almost exact and was being trined by Venus. Venus was also squaring the Chiron, Neptune conjunction.

The following is text from COSI "The Combination of Stellar Influences" by Reinhold Ebertin first published in 1940 regarding Jupiter / Uranus

"A love of freedom, the urge for independence, the obstinate adherence to one's own principles..."

"The urge for independence..."

The effects of this eclipse and Jupiter Uranus conjunction will be felt for a long period of time.

Briefly, what is coming up is a period where the debt crisis comes to the fore once again and a period of geophysical stress which may start as early as this week with a perigee full moon.

This coming week may be the turn in the stock market many have been waiting for. If so it may be deep but very fast.

Other issues coming are the Jupiter Pluto square, exact on Feb 25 which should emphasize debt problems but also has a history of terrorist activities.

More on these subjects in a future post.

And I couldn't resists putting in this quote from the Israel newspaper Harretz.

"How pleasant to see the United States digging itself a deeper hole every day with its declarations and suggestions to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: Yes to resigning now; no to resigning now; lift the state of emergency; dissolve parliament, perhaps; talk to the Muslim Brotherhood; don't talk to them. And what about the ping-pong between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama? Is anything more entertaining than watching the U.S. president, who just a few weeks earlier admitted the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, attempting to create another democratic state in the region?"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stocks - 34 week Cycle

Following is a weekly chart of the DJIA. The red vertical lines show a 34 week cycle. As can be seen this cycle has pinpointed intermediate term lows.

The 34 week cycle next hits on approx Feb 14 but 1 week, at least, should be allowed on both sides meaning the cycle could hit Feb 7 - Feb 25. At the present time this looks like it may be forming a crest rather than a trough (inverted) and would need an immediate and fairly deep reversal to see a trough in this time frame. It's possible this may mark the start of a move down into the March 28 time frame where Jupiter opposes Saturn (red double arrow symbol). With the FED active this may mean nothing at all.

The next daily chart of Oil shows the Sun and Mars trines to Saturn which occur Feb 6. Both these signatures have been followed by declines in Oil (sometimes small declines). This is particularly true for the Sun trine Saturn which occurs shortly after the Saturn retrograde.

The red vertical lines show the 13 week cycle which is due for a trough around Feb 21 but give it a few days either side.

Of possible interest is the current rebellion in Egypt. Political affairs in Egypt seemed to be affected by Saturn in Libra. Leadership and government tend to change when Saturn is transiting through Libra, a 29 - 30 year event.

Modern Egypt was founded by Muhammad Ali in 1805 with Saturn in Libra. Egypt gained independence from Britain in 1922 with Saturn in Libra. Egypt became a Republic in 1953 with Saturn in Libra. Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981 with Saturn in Libra giving rise to Mubarak taking power. Perhaps it would be prudent for Mubarak, son and family to get the hell out of their while the getting is still good. The planets say it's time for a change.