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Financial Astrology - April 15, 2019

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We are in the 15th week of the Primary cycle which started Dec 24, 2018. We will start looking for a crest formation. Even with an 18 week cycle, the top is a process and the trough an event.
The normal range would be 15 – 21 weeks which would be April 9 – May 20. With the bumpy road I see coming up I expect the crest to be earlier than later. The period around April 29th or the week of May 13 – May 17th may be the trough of the Primary cycle.

Volatility should continue in April 2019 in particular. Longer term I’m expecting bigger moves and changes from 2020 through 2023.

Jupiter square Neptune which we have mentioned numerous times may be the real problem as these planets in aspect can be quite inflationary. This is magnified with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, both in the sign that they rule. There are also large debt problems in many countries, companies and individuals. One of the reasons I’m looking at Gold here is Inflation coupled with the above debt problems. This may be pointing to serious financial problems late 2019 or 2020. This square was exact on Jan 13, 2019 and coming up June 16, 2019 then Sept 21, 2019.

Gold We either put the low in on March 7 or we are putting in the trough to a Primary cycle low over the next 2 weeks. The move up into mid-March was complete. We may see a move in precious metals or currencies with heliocentric Mercury exiting Sagittarius which is close to  April 12.
We are in week 20th week of the Primary cycle.

Crude's Crude started up on Dec 24. We are entering the 15th week of the Primary cycle. I was looking for a move down in Crude but with Jupiter and Neptune active it may move up. The US is looking for a drop in pricing.

We may see some geophysical activity or some type of aggression in April. We will fine tune any forecasts as we approach each week.

The Primary cycle trough was on Dec 24th 2018. We are currently entering the 15th week of the current Primary cycle. This is also 55 Fib along. The Primary cycle is approx.18 weeks and is typically composed of 3- 6 week sub-cycles or 2-9 week sub-cycles.

The Price moving averages, the 15 day sma and the 45 day sma are both in strong positions and pointed up. This may be pointed to a Primary Cycle which is on the long side.

The 15 day sma is red, the 45 day sma is blue and the light blue is the 200 day sma. Note; the normal Fibonacci retracement levels are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0 %, and 61.8%.

One can also use extended retracements which typically use the square roots of one of the above. So, I also use SqrRoot(61.8) = 78.6  and SqrRoot(78.6) = 88.6

The SP500 is approaching the Sept 21, 2018 all time high. This may act as resistance as we approach the $2,940.91 area.

The green vertical lines are a 27 CD (calendar day) cycle next due April 22, 2019. The other vertical line is blue and a 144 td cycle next due April 19th. They are close.

The above daily chart shows upcoming medium term cycles at the bottom of the chart.

Light blue is the 40 week
Red is the 20 week
Light green 10 week

The month of April looks more volatile with the potential for 3 changes in trend. April has 3 planets going retrograde. Jupiter turns retrograde on April 10th then Pluto and Saturn. There are also a number of aspects involving the South Node of the Moon which may be pointing to past actions which require attention now. It should be noted these are 3 large, slower moving planets. It will take a number of days around the exact date to complete the planet moving retrograde.

On the following chart are the 3 planets going retrograde.
Jupiter orange arrow pointed left
Saturn blue arrow pointed left
Pluto red arrow pointed left

The green squares show Saturn opposite the Moons North Node.

The vertical blue lines are the 65 week cycle which hits again on May 6, 2019.

Jupiter square Neptune will be with us for most of the year. Due to retrograde motion Jupiter will square Neptune 3 times. This combination can point to an increase in spending, inflation, currencies and potential debt problems and bankruptcies. This could be on and off all year. Neptune alone is about illusion and delusion. Jupiter can be very favorable but can tend to overdoing things.

When looking at any Astro analysis for 2019 we should remember the effect of Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn conjunct Pluto. These aspects will be with us all year and beyond.

There are 3 slow moving planets turning retrograde this month as follows. This often results in more volatile markets. These are slow moving planets. There effect is over a long period of time. Jupiter and Saturn are the business planets so th retrograde periods may have more of an effect in the financial markets.

April 10               Jupiter Retrograde
                        Jupiter is at 24 degrees Sagittarius and the 3rd Decan which is the Sun.
                        Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and is in a strong position here
                        Jupiter is a business planet, that is finance, commerce and is the planet of                         capitalism.
                        Jupiter also rules the law, the courts, religion, the Clergy and high courts. The                         justice system.
                        Watch for favorable outcomes in the business world. Watch for issues to arrive                         that deal with finance, debt and banks. These could signal a positive change or a                                    negative one.
                        I am looking at the early to mid April to be the time for a move up in the SP500.

April 24            Pluto Retrograde
                        Pluto is at 23 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto is in the 3rd decan which is                                                     Mercury. Watch for issues with short term communication and transportation.
                        Pluto is about change. This is sometimes radical. One should not fight a Pluto                          transit. The word is “go with the flow”. Pluto is power, influence and as far as                          threats. What is coming is a very powerful force that changes things that will not                           be changed back.
                        This aspect, Saturn conjunct Pluto, will be exact in January 2020. I expect big                           market trouble around those dates
                        With Mercury being the ruler of the 3rd Decan may emphasize commerce, short                            term trading verses long term investments.

April 29             Saturn Retrograde
                        Early in the month Saturn will enter the 3rd Decan of Capricorn on April 4th.                         Mercury.
                        Saturn is another business planet.  Here it is at 20 degrees in Capricorn.  Saturn                          and business can be restrictive. Saturn tends to contraction, cautiousness and                          measures of protection.
                        If the market is low late in April or early May it may be the time to buy.
                        Saturn is about conservatism. Saturn rules farms and farming, mines and                                               industries connected to metals and minerals. Also rules over life threatening                                          epidemics, state funerals, public sorrow and disappointments.
                        In addition to the Jupiter Retro there are two other dates close to the Jupiter                                  Retro

Other pertinent Astro aspects.

April 10           Sun squared Saturn
                       This can be a powerful aspect often associated with crests and changes in                                    trend.

April 14          Sun trine Jupiter
                        Possible powerful cycle. This may point to a crest.

April 15          Venus square Jupiter.
                        Looking for a positive cycle high.

Jupiter will be emphasized on April 14 and 15. Jupiter is still in Sagittarius, the sign that it rules. Sagittarius is to do with the law, religion, philosophy and science.

Any of those dates could mark a move in the index.

Two days that may be difficult are:

Aspects to the South node can be about may be pointing to past actions which require attention now.

April 4                   Pluto conjunct the South Node

April 30                 Saturn conjunct the South Node.

All dates +- 3 td’s (trading days)

See the Bradley Indicator at the end of this section.
If the current volatility continues watch for a cycle turn during the next 2 weeks.

The following daily chart of the SP500 is what we have been showing under the 24 Harmonic chart. This is the basis of what we have been forecasting on.

Following is the 24 Harmonic chart we have shown for many months.

The Jan 2 date was a big range day. It is trying to move through the Jupiter Price line (blue)

The next hits are May 24th, 2019 then July 9, 2019

From the last few posts:
“This coming year could see an increase in geophysical activity, both earthquakes and volcanos.”

See the link under “Earthquakes”. This is an application from the USGS. Geophysical activity has been picking up.

There has been a number of volcano’s erupting as well.  Earthquakes were in Japan, Hawaii, Philippines, others and recently in Indonesia.

On a longer term basis the following monthly chart of the DJIA  shows the 15 year cycle (red vertical lines) and the 45 year cycle (blue lines). The 15 year is due now or took place April – June 2018. The 45 year due in Sept 2019. This is another example of a longer-term cycle possibly distorting shorter term cycles. Bear in mind they need a broad orb.

Although we do not have enough data the 45 year cycle pointing to Sept 2022 this could also be the 90 year cycle. We do not have enough data to make the 90 year call. For a 90 year cycle I’m looking at the years 1842 – 1932 and then 2022.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows 2 Envelope channels. Red is the centered 
20 week envelope channel. Blue is the centered 40 week envelope channel. The dark blue squares are the Sun / Neptune square which is often a short term change in trend.

We have had this noted it was due for a sell.  Also note the dark blue squares. They are the dates of the Mars square Uranus transit.

The red averages are based on the 20 week so they are shifted 10 weeks or a ½ cycle.

I brought up Iran on the last couple of posts. I’ll come back to those charts on any potential signs of conflict. It is getting close. Watch the news for problems with Iran.Watch for news from India and Pakistan as well.


Other cycles and Astrological events are the 20 year cycle and heliocentric Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The vertical black lines are the 20 year cycle. Note the lows. It is due again near March 2022 but it needs a wide orb.

The blue x’s show when heliocentric Jupiter is in Sagittarius. This, most often, has the market moving up. The next chart shows both these items. The aspect Heliocentric Jupiter in Sagittarius came from MMA. And timing solutions.

2019 Eclipses

See the previous blog post for more details on the eclipses. More on the July eclipse in a couple of weeks.

Date                Eclipse                                   Saros Cycle               Sign

Jan 6, 2019     Solar Partial                            122                              15Cp25
Jan 21, 2019   Total Lunar                              134                              00Le51
July 2, 2019     Solar Total                               127                              10Cn37
July 16, 2019  Partial Lunar                           139                              24Cp4
Dec 26, 2019  Solar Annular                          132                              4Cp6

The Bradley Indicator
This stock index forecasting tool was designed by astrologer Donald Bradley and published in 1947 in a booklet titled "Stock Market Prediction".
On the cover this tool is called the Planetary Barometer and inside the booklet it is called a Siderograph. Now it is simply called "the Bradley". The

Bradley is meant to forecast major and minor turning-points (where a trend will reverse) in either the Dow Jones Industrial Average or SP500 indexes. Bradley's work was obviously on the DJIA.

It does not forecast or anticipate whether that turning-point will be a high or a low. It has no polarity. The Bradley may turn up while the DJIA turns down. The amplitude of the Bradley swing is also not important. It only finds periods where trend changes occur.
It should be understood Astrologers in decades gone by who had no computers, spreadsheets, or databases to analyze data typically worked with much smaller data sets than we do today. This maybe why the Bradley worked so well when it first came out in 1947 but now is somewhat unreliable. Now, it goes through periods where it works fairly well but then can stop operating for months at a time. Originally it was for geocentric astrology (Earth centered) but there are now heliocentric models (Sun centered) and others.

In Bradley's own words:
"At no time must the reader gain the impression that a siderograph, as such, is a prediction of what the stock market will actually do. Nevertheless, observation proves that basic reversals in collective attitudes, clearly predicted by the line, are inevitably mirrored in stock averages"

So if the Bradley only identifies trend changes, what are trend changes?
- a rising market changes to a falling market
- a rising market changes to sideways
- a sideways market starts going up
- a sideways market starts going down
- a market going down changes to a rising market
- a falling market starts going sideways

The red line is the Bradley Indicator.


We are in the 20th week of the Primary cycle. The trough was either March 7th or it is forming. Watch the 38.2% Fibonacci level on the Gold chart, currently at 1295.20.

On occasion the Primary cycle can extend away from it’s more normal length of 18 weeks It is possible that March 6 was the Primary cycle trough. This would make the following weeks more positive.

Gold has been in a trading zone since late December 2018. I’m looking for Gold to break up or down. I’m watching the Fibonacci levels at 38.2% and 23.6%. 

Note the blue Fibonacci retracement grid. I’m looking to put sell stops at the 50%  levels.

Use the dates detailed for the SP500 for Gold as well.

The following chart shows two daily envelope channels. The vertical red lines are a 20 day cycle.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (blue vertical lines). The last being
March 27, 2019. The next is April 23, 2019.

The Moon takes 27 days to orbit the Earth and the Sun takes 27 days to revolve once at the Sun’s equator.

The red lines headed up are the Mars price lines. Gold had been moving up and have found both resistance and support at the Mars price line. The darker red Mars lines are the main aspect. Moving below the red Mars price line was bearish now we need to move above the red Mars price line as a positive sign for a move up in Gold. Gold may follow the red, Mars price line up. Watch closely.

The small blue x’s on the chart show when heliocentric Mercury is in Sagittarius. We often see changes in trend in Gold when Mercury enters heliocentric Sagittarius.

Looking at this whole chart it is based on a 24 harmonic. If you count each line from one darker red line to the next you will find there are 15 of them. 15 * 24 degrees = 360 degrees.

Watch the same dates as noted above, 3 Retros etc.
The following chart shows when Mars enters a new sign (red squares). It often affects Gold. Mars is in Gemini and changes signs into Cancer on May 15, 2019. Note the sharp move up.
Watch for geophysical activity around this timeframe.


Oil is recovering from a strong move down and now 15 weeks up. The low on Dec 24 was the Primary cycle low and may turn out to be a larger cycle low.

Price has broken through the 15 day sma. and 45 day sma. Averages are pointed up and look positive but a Primary cycle is due.

The USA has asked that crude prices be reduced.

April 14 has the Sun trine Jupiter and April 15 Venus squares Jupiter. Jupiter events should be apparent.

Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of Crude. April 10 +- 3 tds may have been a strong change in trend for crude. Price has fallen back for a couple of days.

Beyond affecting crude these two planets have to do with illusions and delusions.

The Sun square Saturn is often a strong price move in many markets.

This puts us entering week 15 of the Primary cycle.

On the next chart note how price often follows the Sun price line up (green line) and often stops and reverses at the Sun price line or the Pluto price line (blue). We often get big range days.  The red vertical lines are the 40 cd (calendar day) lines. Crude price often bounce on a Pluto price line (blue) as well.

Watch the green Sun price line and see if crude follows that price line up and look for a potential turn down near the 40 day cycle.

The Sun will square Pluto on the weekend. This may be an aspect to change the trend in Crude.


  1. From the "summary":"The period around April 29th or the week of May 13 – May 17th may be the trough of the Primary cycle." How come it's the trough? Do we go higher from the current level? If so, that doesn't match with other points you wrote saying the crest is forming. Unless you expect to see some meaninful pullback from now to mid-May, at which point it becomes the trough for the next cycle up. Please clarify thanks

  2. Yes I'm looking for a low near the dates I posted, April 29 or May 13 - May 17. We may go higher first and the crest is forming. The formation of highs is a process which can take a period of time. I'm looking for the Primary cycle low (18 week).

  3. Hi sir. You are looking for a new bottom for Gold in this week it means the gold can break the Fibonaci 50 and 38.2???

  4. The break of the Fib 50% would indicate a low is being put in. Late Jan and early March hit resistance in the Fib 50% area.

  5. PS..wait until price breaks through the Fib 50% area.

    1. Hi sir, s&p will have strong turning day April 26-May 6? It may go up then moving down ?

    2. Hi sir. Gold is moving down

  6. I set a sell stop at 1273 which is the Fib 50% retracement. A low in the next few days maybe the Primary cycle trough.

  7. On the short term it should go up. Unsure on longer term.

  8. I'm looking for Crude to turn down into the 18 week +- cycle trough. We are in the 15 week now.

  9. For the SP500 we should have a pull back low May 6 to May 11 +- 3 td's.
    Watch out for an unplanned event which may effect the markets.

  10. Do you have a target level in mind? Thanks