Thursday, March 1, 2012

SPX Venus Saturn / 22 week

The attached daily chart shows the SP with the recent Venus Saturn aspects.

April 30, 2011 Venus opposition Saturn

Sept 29, 2011 Venus conjunct Saturn

Mar 4, 2012 Venus opposition Saturn.

The 22 and 44 week cycles should be self-explanatory.

There is also an aspect on March 3rd, Sun opposition Mars, which has a good history of occurring near market turns.

Should be headed down next week. What will the Central Banks of the world do with all that money?


  1. The 22-44 week venus-saturn cycle is amazing.

    Have you done alot of back testing on it, is it reliable ?

  2. Some points.
    The 11 / 22/ 44 week cycle is a market cycle not an Astrological cycle. Due to retrograde motion Venus / Saturn do not always match this cycle.

    This time they do and per a recent post we are also late in the primary cycle for the SP500. Also we have another signature this weekend, Sun opposition Mars, which has a history of occurring at market turns.

    Back testing Astrological indicators or any market indicators for that matter is a tricky business. One can easily justify or hide relevant results. I typically look at Astro events and where they occur in the primary cycle. Also I look at each Astro event in a time window, that is NOT a specific day. In the case of the Venus Saturn opposition, given a time window of +- 13 days, a primary cycle occurred approx. 70% of the time. This means 70% of the time a primary cycle (crest or trough) occurs within + - 13 days of the Venus Saturn opposition.

    Looking at previous instances of an aspect like Venus opposing Saturn one should be aware that all the other planets have moved and indeed Venus and Saturn are opposing each other at a different position (i.e. different sign or house). Personally I give more weight to recent instances of an aspect than one that occurred 30 years ago. In short, it is up to the Astrologer to look at all the current aspects and Astrological events and come up with forecast. This is what I do. I trade based on my forecasts so I have “skin in the game”.

    On market cycles bear in mind, they expand and contract for a number of reasons. A very good example is the current monetary easing by Central Banks around the world.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you very much for this eye-opener !

    One more question please.

    Does this cycle consist of 44 weeks with the important weeks being 11,22 and 44 ? So after 44 weeks, the count starts from 0 again ?

    Thanks again

    1. In short yes. Follow the 11 week and you will get the multiples. Based on 5 td's (trading days) per week, 11 weeks is 55 td's. 55 being a fib number of course. I follow most fib numbers especially from prominent lows or highs. (8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc etc.