Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pluto Retrograde and other Aspects


Pluto Retrograde
I’ve been off for awhile due to a health problem.

Pluto turned retrograde on April 10th.

The Sun always squares Pluto approx 12 days before Pluto turns retrograde and the Sun always trines Pluto approx. 19 days afterwards.

There is usually a turn in stocks near the date of the trine. It can be up or down.

I think we are going to put in a low around the April 29 date, the date of the trine, and I'm looking at the week of April 23rd for that low.

Should be up for a few weeks after that.

In the event that we are rising going into that timeframe then I would be looking for a move down.

The following daily charts for the SP500 shows some history. Pluto retrograde is the red arrow pointing left. The red square is the Sun Pluto square and the light blue circle is the Sun trine Pluto.


Other Aspects
 Coming up we have Mars turning direct from retrograde on April 13 and the Sun opposing Saturn on Sunday April 15. Given a few days either side, both of these aspects have a history of being close to primary cycle trend changes. Since we have recently moved down they may be a signal for a low or they are associated with a low that is already in.

Other stuff

The recent Pluto retrograde was very close to a significant astrological point, that is the heliocentric node of Jupiter which is approximately 10 degrees of Cancer so Pluto was opposing it. The 8-10 degrees of the cardinal signs Cancer and Capricorn have been associated with earthquakes. There were some powerful 8+ magnitude earthquakes off Sumatra.

Solar eclipses have also been associated with earthquakes. The next Annular Solar Eclipse is May 20, 2012. Although eclipses can effect any area in the world their strongest effect is often along the eclipse path. The following is a diagram of the May 20, 2012 eclipse path. Events may not happen on the exact eclipse date. They may be before or after the eclipse date and are often triggered by another planet or point aspecting the degree of the eclipse. May 25, 2012 is also a date of interest.

This is not meant to be fear mongering or sensationalistic, however, it is worth knowing if one was planning a trip to the far east. Many eclipses pass with no geophysical activity at all. The fact we are in a 22 year cycle high for earthquakes should also be considered. I'll do a separate post on the 11 / 22 year sunspot / earthquake cycle in a future post.

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