Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

I’m looking at May being volatile but trending down into early June. June 4 and 5th have the Lunar eclipse which is also perigee, Neptune turning retrograde and Venus occults the Sun, a very rare event. This may mark a low. A number of cycle analysts have this as a low as well. It is particularly difficult forecasting stocks, the SP500 with the constant interventions by the FED.

Look at the periods around May15, Venus retrograde and May 20 the Solar eclipse. These may have some surprises. The Solar Eclipse may mark a time of geophysical stress or terrorism. The same is true around the Lunar eclipse on June 4th.

Solar and Lunar eclipses can have powerful effects on the markets and life in general. The Red circles show Solar eclipses and blue Lunar eclipses. 

I’ll be surprised if we do not see some world event before the end of July. Watch out for CME's.

I’ve been watching Gold to see if it breaks through the April 4 low. It did today and I am out of Gold and Gold stocks and await new signals.

The next level I’m looking at for support is the Jupiter price line (blue on the attached chart). This is presently at 1582 as shown on the following daily Gold chart. Gold is presently in the 19th week of the primary cycle and due for a bottom.

Like Gold Silver is in the 19th week of it’s primary cycle and due for a bottom. As shown on the following daily chart Silver has just hit the Venus price line and may find support here. Watch closely tomorrow. Both Gold and Silver are due for a primary cycle bottom possibly around the Venus retrograde, May 15 or near the Solar eclipse, May 20.

This may have been too far too fast. Watch for a quick reversal. It may be short lived. The red circles on this chart are the Sun quintile Neptune (72 degrees). Also known as the 5th harmonic. Next due Nov 13, 2012.

Updated Dates
Feb 27
March 5, 6
March 8           .
March 13
April 12
May 6 *        Perigee Moon and elections in France and Greece
May 15         Venus Retrograde (see Note 2)
May 20 *     Annular Solar Eclipse
May 24 *      Mercury passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 6        Venus occults the Sun
June 12-14 * Jupiter passes over the May 20 Solar eclipse point
June 25-29     Uranus square Pluto, exact, first of seven
August 15
November 23 *
Note 1 The dates marked with a * are potential times for geophysical events. This only means there is more potential for a geophysical event. The June 6 date can mean the passing of a well known leader.

Note 2  Approximately every 8 years Venus will retrograde near the same degrees of the zodiac. The last time was May 6, 2004 near a low in the DJIA.

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