Sunday, June 3, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology, Cycles June 2012

The markets have been volatile and that volatility is expected to pick up. This month has many significant astrological aspects including the long awaited Uranus in waxing square to Pluto on June 24. As stated before this aspect is the first of seven and will extend into 2015. There will be many changes and aspects of our world that will simply never be the same when these squares are complete.

These comments have nothing to do with the end of the world Mayan hype. Let’s remember the Mayans greeted the Spaniards as their returning serpent God. Reality quickly over came the Mayans as they were murdered and their wealth stolen. 

On June 5 Venus occults the Sun, a rare event. The few instances we can track do not seem to effect the markets. Medieval astrology noted the Venus occult the Sun often coincided with the passing of a world leader within a few days.

Nevertheless these are times when large scale changes will effect the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Having headed down for much of May, Lunar eclipses often result in short term reversals in the markets. The Lunar eclipse is exact approx. 7:11 am EDT in New York.  We may start a s/t reversal early on Monday. The moon is also perigee so watch out for geophysical events +- 3 days from June 4.

Also Monday June 4 Neptune will turn retrograde in it’s own sign of Pisces. The positive attributes of Neptune are idealism, spirituality and vision. The negative aspects are illusion, self-delusion, confusion and drugs.

In mundane astrology Neptune rules socialism, left-wing politics, secret plots, fraud, swindling, loss and vice. Watch out for any of these particularly some major fraudulent event and or cover up on a large scale.

Following is a daily chart of the SP500 showing what I’ll call a Fib expansion. These are the blue horizontal lines which are a fib retracement taken from point A to point B and the resulting fib retracement moved up to start at C. If we quickly get down close to 1264 Monday morning watch for a reversal..

The red vertical lines on this chart show a 224 td cycle. The square root of 5 is 2.23606. Moving the decimal point over by 2 we get 224. I'll just say sometimes these cycles work out. The next one is June 11.

Gold finally took off. We are in the 3rd week since what I feel was the primary cycle low on May 16. We are therefore due for a trading cycle. Be careful with Gold here, although I think Gold should trend up to mid-June, possibly around June 11, 12 where geocentric Jupiter  enters Gemini and Jupiter passes over the point of the May 20 Solar eclipse. Chiron also turns retrograde on June 12.

The following daily chart for Gold has a Fib time grid showing June 12 at 1.272 of the time from the Aug 23, 2011 high to the September 29, 2011 low. This chart shows the same relationship at July 25 where the factor is 1.618 and should mark a turn.

Similar to Gold the following daily Silver chart has a Fib time grid showing Monday as 1.618 of the move from April 25, 2011 to September 26, 2011. Watch Silver closely the next few days. Remember all dates mentioned are +- 3 days unless otherwise indicated.

The crude chart shows fib dates from the July 2008 high in trading days (987 td). This lands on June 11 +- 3 tds (there's that date again) and would be perfect timing for a primary cycle trough. The primary cycle is the nominal 18 week cycle. In the case of crude it is typically 15-23 weeks. As mentioned above Jupiter, the co-ruler of Crude changes signs geocentrically to Gemini on June 11 and Chiron turns retrograde on June 12.

General Comments
The Fed meets during the week of June 18 and Greece votes on June 17 so there will be many factors at play. Don’t discount a strong and fast reversal based on a news story that later turns out to be false.

I’ll write a separate post on the last week of June which has the Uranus waxing square Pluto and other transits making it an extremely important week for significant events.

The Uranus waxing square Pluto will have long term effects and has had a history of social unrest, violence, issues with debt and tearing down old structures that will be built upon.

With the perigee Lunar eclipse and other transits the possibility of strong geophysical events and problems with water, either by pollution or damage, is possible.

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