Friday, September 28, 2012

Financial Astrology - Full Moon Sept 30, 2012

We are obviously at the month end and quarter end where we typically see window dressing, although at the time of writing, not much yet.

Of more importance this week end we have some potentially very severe Astros. On Sept 29th the Sun translates the Uranus / Pluto square followed by a Full Moon on Sept 30 depending on where you are in the world, which also translates the Uranus / Pluto square.

Both these signatures can result in unusual events both in the world at large and the markets as well. Violence and debt are the major themes. They also point to geophysical stresses which could result in larger sized earthquakes.


  1. Hello,

    Pretty nsaty looking astros this weekend.

    Do you think we'll start Monday down despite beginning of the month being generally up ?


  2. I'm almost flat expecting a down week and possibly the first 2 weeks.

    Of course we have the FED interjecting liquidity and the US elections. When the incumbent wins the stock market is usually going up into the election.

    So....I'm looking at 2 down weeks then up from mid October. I think the big slide is a 2013 event.

    If I'm wrong I plan to jump out the window. Luckily my office is in the basement so I should be OK. yuk yuk

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  4. What do you think of this Sun/Jupiter trine coming up on the 9th (Oct)? We could see a low on Monday the 1st then head up into the 3/4th, maybe a pullback, but then get an exaggerated move up into the 10/11th, what do you think of this possibility??

  5. The Sun always trines Jupiter approx. 5-6 days after Jupiter turns retrograde. The Sun in waning trine to Jupiter has had a history of being near moves both up and down and sometimes nothing although one would think it would be favourable. This time period is filled with aspects which relate to a significant move, Mars conjunct the North Node, Saturn enters Scorpio, Venus enters scorpio and Mars enters Sagittarius. There is also a longer term aspect Saturn in waning trine to Neptune on Oct 10th. The latter has a correlation to 4 year cycle highs given a couple of months either side.

    I always look at aspects within a range of at least + - 3 td's and sometimes much more and use technicals and market cycles to try and fine tune the move. There is a possibility we start lower this coming week and continue lower all month. Very difficult market.