Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012 and November 28, 2012 Lunar Eclipse

Over the next month there are a number of significant Astrological events which could affect the markets. I have been looking at these as generally negative but at the same time some of market cycles we follow would appear to be near troughs and thus should be headed up. My reading of this at the time of writing is we will hit some shocks which will knock the market down then it will go up only to go down again with a more serious low at the end of Jan’12 / early Feb ’13. This may change as the events unfold.

First the general Astro out look.

Starting tomorrow Nov 23 Mars will be in waning square to Uranus and begin it’s translation of the Uranus / Pluto waning square and then Mars conjunct Pluto on November 27 If nothing else this period should be volatile. The last time Mars translated this square was early August 2011. Remember any dates given are a minimum 3 +- trading days (tds). We are still in the time period for significant earthquake activity. Volcanoes to if you have been following that news.

One of the configurations present at the moment is Saturn in Scorpio and both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. This means these planets are in mutual reception. Each in the others sign. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn. This fact, taken by itself, means the mutual reception makes the planets named above stronger. In addition Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the sign of it’s greatest strength. Aspects to these planets will be stronger than normal. Mars conjunct Pluto is an aspect for war. Other principles would be aggression, assertion, leadership and inflammation. Pluto is the principle of power, both to destroy and to rebuild. Pluto demands change, permanent change. These two together could also signify a terrorist act. Pluto also rules debt so that subject may be back in the front page. Think Europe and pick a southern country. Debt can be for companies, banks or even governments entering a financial crises. For the markets, Mars conjunct Pluto is often associated with primary cycle (nominal 18 week) troughs within 6 tds. I’ve been looking at Nov 16 as a possible primary cycle trough.

Saturn in Scorpio creates tension. It is intense, compulsive, vindictive and secretive.
Scorpio covers others people money, death and taxes. Saturn is serious and initiates serious times. This combined with the Mars Pluto conjunction may make for a very serious and unhappy time next week. On Monday Nov 26 the Sun is in waning trine with Uranus which can result in volatility in the markets.

Also on Nov 28 there is a Lunar eclipse. This full Moon eclipse is in the Gemini, Sagittarius axis. It is located at Sun 6 degrees 46 minutes in Sagittarius with the Moon at 6 degrees 46 minutes in Gemini. This is a very interesting placement as there is a Yod formation on December 21, 2012 which has Venus opposite the apex of the Yod very close to 6 degrees Gemini. More about this Yod in a future post, but it is forming now with Jupiter at the apex and Saturn sextile Pluto. Those 2 planets are very strong right now (see mutual reception above. With Mercury turning direct near this Lunar eclipse could we be seeing some secret accidentally exposed. Treachery and terrorists comes to mind. 

Watch the news next week.Certainly Greek finances and the US fiscal cliff would fit the scenarios above. I'll be looking for natal charts of countries, leaders and events that tie into 6 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini. Planets in the early mutable signs can trigger earthquakes. I continue to worry.


  1. It seems like Nov 23 was not really a turbulent day for the markets, all markets went up steadily. But 27 Nov after Mercury goes retrograde direct and (it is a turning date on the Gann square of 9 calculated from the Oct 4 2011 bottom) looks like a date when the SP 500 might reverse and come back down.

  2. Could be. I give all astro events a minimum of 3 trading days +-. Nov 27 has Mars conjunct Pluto (very war like) and Nov 28 a powerful Lunar eclipse. Dec 3 is fib 987 trading days from July 2. 2010.