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Financial Astrology, Forming YOD, December 21, 2012

Note: This post has little to do with daily stock market movements.

This post will discuss the forming YOD between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. I look at such configurations as having an effect over a longer period of time and it is when some other planet or point aspects the YOD that it is activated. Normally YOD’s between slower moving planets, such as listed above, are rare occurrences. Surprisingly, in this case, a very similar YOD took place around May 22, 1989. More on that shortly but first here is what a YOD looks like. I have drawn up both charts used in this post with a New York city location even though I live in Canada.

A YOD occurs when at least 2 planets sextile one another while both quincunx  a third planet. The third planet or Apex of the YOD

In this case Saturn is in sextile to Pluto. Currently these two planets are also in mutual reception, that is, each in the others rulership and therefore making each other stronger than usual.

Both of these planets are in quincunx (150 degrees) to Jupiter which is at the Apex of this YOD. To highlight them the three planets are in blue circles on the above chart.  A quincunx is an aspect which shows where things don’t work well together, they are off balance and a choice must be made. The two planets may not inhibit the other but will not work well with each other. Undisciplined thinking is common.

Pluto represents wealth and power (old money), things in life which are hidden, violence and transformation. Change which is permanent and final. Pluto is in Capricorn and therefore currently affecting big business and any large organizations like the government, religious organizations. Saturn represents the status quo, public sorrow, loss and threatening epidemics. Saturn is in Scorpio where it may be more intense than usual and perhaps best described as cruel.

Jupiter represents a nations wealth, banks and bankers, the religious and judicial world, the justice system and prominent judges. Jupiter currently is in Gemini the sign of its detriment, where it operates with the least strength. Jupiter is going to have the energies from Saturn and Pluto bearing down on it through the quincunx aspects. Jupiter known as the greater benefict may have trouble assimilating these energies. The negative side of Jupiter would be over doing a response to the energies. These energies are the energy of the power of large entrenched organizations and that do not want to change. Through this YOD change may be coming but it will be difficult and perhaps overdone. A choice must be made. Retaining the status quo is a choice.

The point opposite the Apex pinpoints where the new orientation will center itself. In this case it is obvious from the chart above that Venus is opposing the Apex. At approx. 7 degrees in Sagittarius. What is not obvious is this point is very close to the position of the Sun during the last Lunar eclipse at 6 degrees 46 minutes in Sagittarius. This YOD should be very powerful.

It is said the energy coming Saturn and Pluto go to Jupiter then all the energy comes back to Venus opposing the apex. So we may have something coming up which is related to the wealth or resources of a country. Could it be the fiscal cliff issue currently being negotiated. Could be, but who said it was the U.S of A. Venus also relates to issues of peace and diplomatic resolutions. There is a certain violent and secretive nature to this YOD.

The next week or so should see the results of this YOD materializing. Look for isues involving large organizations been pressured to change or move in a direction they do not want to go. Jupiter will flavour this energy and I suspect it will be over done. With Saturn public sorrow is already with us with the recent killings in Connecticut. The move to curtail gun sales is already on the move before few real facts have emerged. Are prescription drugs at all an issue with the killer?

As noted above the previous YOD involving these planets was around May 22 1989.

Some interesting events around that time were;

i)                    The Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress resigned May 31, 1989
ii)                   The Tiananmen Square massacre June 4, 1989
iii)                 There were a number of US / Russia / China issues which may come to the fore once again in 2012.
I'm looking for the same themes to emerge again.

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