Monday, January 7, 2013

Financial Astrology - late March 2013

For the SP500 the 127.2% retracement around $1465 continues to hold.

This was first mentioned in the Sept 17, 2012 post.

If the SP index goes through this area forcefully on strong volume it may make this area a formidable support.

In my second last post I brought up the late March time frame. This appears to be a very important time period for the markets based on a number of Astrological factors.

Although I have been looking for a low late January / early February 2013, and still am, I think the late March 2013 will be a critical time period and a significant CIT (Change In Trend) or a low. The Astrological aspects centre around the Uranus / Pluto square. As covered in a number of previous post this square often manifests as social unrest, debt / financial problems. The square is exact again on May 20, 2013.

March 22 Mars conjunct Uranus
March 26 Mars square Pluto

March 28 Sun conjunct Venus and both conjunct Uranus
March 31 Sun square Pluto, Venus square Pluto.

In addition Uranus is at "8 degrees Aries 32 minutes" on March 30, 2013. When was the last time Uranus was at this position? Recently on July 13, 2013 July 13, 2012 and prior to that date October 1929.

Note: Date changed from July 13, 2013 should have been July 13, 2012 on Jan 11, 2013

As stated above I'm looking for either a significant low or CIT during the last 2 weeks of March 2013.

Slightly earlier, on March 18th, the North Node will conjunct the point of the May 9, 2013 Solar eclipse. Transits of the North Node over eclipse points can result in significant world events.


  1. My charts are calling for a low around end of Feb early March then up to the end of March for a major top...what r your thoughts...

  2. I had a low in late Jan / early Feb but must re-think this position over the weekend. The end of March looks like a very volatile time period which should be a major CIT. The question in my mind is will it be a low then up or a high then down. I need to see more price action before a forecast.

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