Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Note on Cyprus

Just 20 months ago the three largest banks in Cyprus passed the European 'stress tests' with flying colors.

This puts into question any bank so-called stress tests.


  1. Great point on the stress tests.

    Now that we have Mars Square Uranus & Pluto and then Sun/Venus doing the same in a few days, should get interesting. I thought the Mars Square Ura and Plu would be more violent (to downside) but doesn't seem to be the case. Am I reading it wrong? Appreciate the guidance.

  2. I thought the Mars translation of the Uranus / Pluto forming square would be more violent. By violent I meant violent protests, a pick up in hostilities In Syria or possibly North Korea.

    By making banks unsafe or perceived as unsafe, it matters not, is the stupidest move the Euro brain trust could have made.

    We now await Vlad's next move. It is his move to make.

  3. Hi there, I couldn't agree more with you. I did think violence was another factor (because of Mars). This course of action in Europe (and New Zealand) is utterly ridiculous. How can there be ANY confidence at all? There are so many pictures out there of people waiting at ATMs and such. I agree with you 100%

    The markets are finally starting to care - as they should. I think early next week, we are setting up for another nice whacking on the market. It is going to be hard to get long on the whacking, but we might have to do that.

    Does the astrology for April look good for the markets? Then we could step into the tape on weakness.

  4. I'll be spending the weekend looking at April in detail. I can say heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius on March 26 and will be there until April 5th. This is often a volatile period for precious metals, currencies and interest rates. I'll try and post Sunday.

  5. Thx - will be interesting to read. All in, it sure feels like a lot more volatility, uncertainty and fast moves. It does not seem easy to just buy/hold any longer - clear trend reversal in progress at least in short/intermediate term.