Sunday, April 7, 2013

Financial Astrology - April 8, 2013

This post will delve a little deeper into the Astrology of the month. As usual there are many aspects I’ll try and concentrate on the more important one’s.

Mars continues to be active in the early part of the month. On April 10th there is a New Moon which is close to Mars in Aries, the sign it rules. Martian energy should be present with North Korea continuing with it’s threats probably brought on by the yearly military exercises conducted by the U.S. and South Korea. We can only say, mid-East problems continue as well. Will more aggressive rhetoric and possible action be seen in the coming week? Quite possible. With the other aspects in force the issues around money, bankruptcy and financial problems should come to the fore once again. Read on.

On April 11 The Moon will be on the point of the April 25 Lunar Eclipse. If we include one of the Uranian points, Kronos, the Moon will also be in a Yod Kite formation.

In a previous post on eclipses I had mentioned Solar eclipses are more powerful than Lunar eclipses, and this is generally true. That said the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th looks nasty. For this eclipse the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are two of the money signs of a horoscope. In addition the Moon is close to Saturn in Scorpio and the Sun close to Mars. Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto and is particularly strong. This Lunar eclipse seems to point to increased financial problems and possible disruptive geophysical events (earthquakes).  Watch April 11 closely as it may give us a clue on what to expect on the eclipse date on April 25 or close to it. Give it +- 3 tds.

At this point I’m looking for a low on April 25 but we need to monitor price action leading into that date and what transpires around April 11th. We may see some more serious financial events. Look to those pesky southern European countries and / or the U.S. It is possible we will be on a down trend for most of April in the major indices. As a side note, the last 4 years have had a pull back in April. This may be due to investors selling to pay for capital gains made through the previous year. Remember Benny and the Jets will be on guard levitating the markets higher. At some point the FED’s efforts will fail but I think this is further out in the future.

April 12 has two signatures of note. The first is Pluto retrograde. Surprisingly this retrograde signature is typically not associated with large turns in the major market indices but has had an association with larger turns in precious metals given a window of +- 3 tds. This retrograde period may be stronger than usual as Pluto is stronger than usual due to it’s mutual reception with Saturn.

Some astrologers think Pluto is just as much a ruler of Gold as the Sun. Pluto does rule things from the ground. This may mark a turn in precious metals and looking at the recent past it should be a turn up. It should be obvious with the FED’s QE program, precious metals should be going up, so someone or something would appear to be manipulating the price of precious metals down. It’s difficult to get truthful information on this subject but the rumour is China and Russia are large net buyers of Gold. The last thing the central banks of the world want is a strong Gold price as they want people to have their diluted paper (fiat) currencies. Despite what they are saying there is an obvious currency war unfolding, with each central bank trying to drive down their currency to make there products and services cheaper for export.. This is exactly what happened in the 1930's.

The other aspect is between Saturn and Uranus, two slow moving planets. As stated before aspects between slower moving planets colour a period of time which can cover months or even years with the forces of the planets involved. In this case it is Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) Uranus. Don’t look at this as a one day event.

The quincunx aspect is viewed as a minor aspect where energies can be challenging and where there is a need for change. With these two planets we may feel the fear particularly with the Martian energies earlier in the week. These two planets have opposing energies. Saturn is all about the status quo and preserving it while Uranus is all about what is new and moving out into the future as soon as possible. The Saturn Uranus quincunx represents the friction between the conservative establishment and the rebellion of youth, which want to break out in new directions. It's the battle between the have's and have not's. This planetary pair has a lot to do with world politics, international tensions and perhaps revolutions, particularly politics and economies. These energies will be prevalent for months around the quincunx aspect. This energy has been obvious in the mid-East and Europe and now North Korea. How long before it becomes a bigger issue in the U.S. or a major isue comes to the fore in the mid-East? In my opinion the lack of jobs for the younger age group and the frustration with a do nothing government which keeps on adding to mountains of debt should bring the same rebellious energy to North American shores.

Following is a brief look at the markets we follow.

If February 26 was a Primary cycle low, then we are 6 weeks along and may have just seen the first Major cycle crest. This is a possibility but if we are in the older Primary then the negative Astros we see for April may drag the markets down into the late month Lunar Eclipse. More price action is required to make a firm forecast although I'm somewhat suspicious that a more serious down move is very close.  April 10-12 could be quite negative for the stock market. This may be a battle between negative market forces and the FED interventions which results in continued volatility.

Gold is in a bizarre price pattern possibly showing a double bottom. The period around April 12 may mark a turn up. Watch closely as it may go up quickly.

Crude looks like it just put in the first Major cycle top of a new Primary which is 6 weeks along. I’m currently looking for crude to find support around one of the fib levels shown, put in a Major cycle low and then head up. This may take place as early as this week.

Further Ahead
Looking a little further head we have the next exact square of Uranus and Pluto on May 20. A look at France's astrological chart sees the aspect hitting France's Sun. This may be a sign France's economic problems worsen. Again this is a long term aspect so keep an eye on France and economic news starting now.

The following chart shows the natal chart for France and the outer ring the planetary positions on May 20 and how they align with France's Sun. 


  1. Did you see that today, France's Finance Minister canceled his meeting with our Treasury Secty, Jack Lew? Apparently, this is a big deal and problem in international financial circles...

  2. Yes, that's certainly an affront. I haven't seen why he cancelled. The last item in this post point to France as a problem in the May 20th time frame. Serious financial and banking problems in France will be a world-wide banking problem.

  3. Yes - I saw that in your blog; That's why I was amazed to see the cancelation by the French minister. This bodes well for Gold.. just have to time it right

  4. There is a 21 month cycle in Gold. I use an 89 week for Gold which should hit late in April or early May. This cycle is crest to crest so we should be looking for a top in that time frame. I think we may go down a little before we get there. I was going to post it in my next post.

  5. Regarding France I should have added this aspect, Uranus square Pluto, involves potential nuclear energy. Hopefully this will not be nuclear energy problem. I'll look for other triggers.

  6. Wow - very interesting on both counts. I do hope its not that URA sq PLU related; So many macro risks out there right now.

    Looking forward to the next post on Gold; If its a crest-to-crest cycle, and a top in that time frame, that implies that we go down from late Apr-May, correct? Am I understanding it correctly? That would make a strong bearish case and the metal seems to be showing it now.

  7. Yes, a high in late April or early May then down.