Sunday, July 21, 2013

Financial Astrology - July 21, 2013

“If they will stop telling lies about me, I’ll will stop telling the truth about them.”

-- Adlai Stevenson

So, I'm out a little early and watching. Sometimes things look clearer when you have no financial commitment in the markets. Although the nastier transits are at least a week away we are in a period of change. This period of change can be defined by:

July 17 Uranus turns retrograde

July 20 Mercury turns direct almost exact square from Uranus

July 19 The Saturn Neptune trine completes. This aspect is very slow and will have an effect for some time though diminishing in strength each passing day..

July 22 Venus changes sign into Virgo
             Sun changes sign into Leo
             Mars conjunct Jupiter ion Cancer. Interesting because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer              while Mars is in it's fall in Cancer (in short Mars weak, Jupiter strong)

The start of the nastier transits will be July 27 when Mars opposes Pluto to start the Mars translation of the Uranus / Pluto square. The Sun squares Saturn the same day.

The following daily chart of the DJIA shows some of the potential nasty transits. There are others.

A longer term look at some heliocentric transits. This monthly chart of the DJIA shows a longer term look at heliocentric aspects between Jupiter and Pluto. This shows every third conjunct between Jupiter and Pluto (small red circle is the conjunction, every third occurrence has a light blue circle) is near a crest and then moves down quickly. Also of interest is that every third opposition is close to a strong move down, either just before or just after the third opposition (double red arrow with light blue circle). This could be just before or just after the opposition. The next opposition is Nov 13. Note this is a monthly chart and with these slow moving aspects this could be due at any time.

Gold / Silver
When I say I'm out that means everything except physical Gold and Silver.

A strong move through 1333 and I'll be back in gold and silver stocks

Will be watching closely as the Jupiter and Neptune transits are over. They both rule crude and I was expecting a move down or churn.


With the passing of the strong Neptune and Jupiter transits I was looking for a reversal in NatGas. I'm looking for a move above 4.00/NGV to consider getting involved again.

Follow up Note:
There was a 6.5 earthquake in New Zealand. The Sun is active and there is a super Moon tomorrow.

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