Sunday, January 5, 2014

Financial Astrology - January 5, 2014

This blog changed on Jan 1, 2014 We will no longer provide turn dates for the SP500 as these are being sold for the first half of 2014 see -> 

From the last post "The Sun and Pluto are often active by transit during Gold turns are repeated here."
Dec 30 Mars square Pluto
Dec 31 Mercury conjunct Pluto sextile Mars
Jan1    Sun conjunct Pluto

The low appears to have been put in on Dec 31. This retested but did not break the June 28,2013 low in Gold. We need more price action to confirm this low. If this is a primary cycle low then the previous cycle was very left translated and short at 12 weeks (nominal 18 week). I had mentioned I was holding buy stops or resting buy orders last week. Some, but not all, of these orders have been filled. On the SP500 I'm still short but no longer nervous. I lied. I'm always nervous. Also still long crude.

This would mean Gold and the main market indexes turned at the same time or appear to be doing so.

As discussed in the last few posts. The second half of December 2013 had many powerful Astrological aspects. There were certainly some social unrest and violence but I had feared worse.

There should be strong resistance in Gold around the $1240-$1250 range. This is also where the 45 dma is currently located. I'm watching for the 15 dma to cross the 45 dma.

From an Astro perspective Mars waxing square to Jupiter on Jan 8th should be positive for Gold here and for the next few weeks.

A point worth noting. Most astrological aspects do not consistently identify highs or lows. The aspects which are useful are the one's that consistently identify a change in trend, either up or down. It is the job of the Financial Astrologer to determine if a given aspect is going to result in a move up or down. In this case the Mars waxing square to Jupiter has a history of swing moves and in this case being so close to the suspected low I'm looking for a strong move up. There may be bumps in the road but generally up for approx. 2 weeks. The one fly in the ointment is Jupiter is retrograde and passing back over the invariable plane from approx. Jan 8 to Jan 24th. This could result in some unexpected behavior. Jupiter is not always good times and good things. Sometimes it represents that which is overdone.

Another important day for Gold maybe around Jan 31 when Venus turns stationary direct while it is on the invariable plane. Also that day Jupiter opposes Pluto (remember comments about Pluto and Gold.


In follow up to the last post crude took a dip right on the crossing of the Sun price line (green) and the Pluto price line (dark blue) as suspected. Watch for a rebound early in the week. It may get down to the next green (Sun price line) but I doubt it.

In a previous post I had mentioned the 16/24 week cycle and was looking for a high in early to mid January. I wasn't expecting this strong a move down.

I'm now looking for a strong bounce in crude early in the coming week. The two aspects to Jupiter mentioned above may help. Jupiter is a co-ruler of crude with Neptune.

The high I was expecting (16/24 week), in the first half of January, I'm now looking for in mid to late January.

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