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Financial Astrology - Feb 16, 2014

This blog changed on Jan 1, 2014 We will no longer provide turn dates for the SP500 as these are being sold for the first half of 2014 see -> 

I should say we are entering one of the most dangerous periods of the year. We have significant dates stretching from late February to late April 2014. The forecast dates supplied should identify the significant swings and or lows. Our first major date was Jan 20, 2014 and it identified the sharp slide into early February.

This same period from February to late April 2014 could see increases in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Social unrest, resistance and war or rumors of war could also be on the agenda. The likelihood of these events increases in April 2014.

The major market indices took off this week as did PM's. The SP500 for instance has entered a new Primary cycle and is 2 weeks along. Some say it was a big short squeeze. This could have had an effect but I don't think this is based on the bull $hit government economic indicators. It looks like there are traders who believe tapering will be cutback and the FED will retain or increase QE. This would fit with the sharp move in PM's as well. It would also fit with reality where unemployment is far higher than government stats and the economy, if growing, is doing so at a snails pace.

I haven't trusted government indicators for some time and believe what were free markets have become manipulated to the point where reliable indicators are no longer useful. What can't be manipulated is the movement of the planets so I look there for direction. They can be delayed by the man-made actions but they cannot be changed permanently.

Two longer indicators that are affecting us right now are:

Uranus waxing square Pluto
This is one of the most powerful aspects in our Solar System. By long term, the last time these two planets were in waxing square was in the 1876.. period. For any long term transit it is beneficial to examine the current synodic cycle. In this case the cycle started with the conjunction in the 1963-1969 period. This was a period of social unrest and the masses were unhappy with their government both in the U.S. and other countries. This should sound familiar with the problems unfolding today. One thing that is being emphasized in this long term square is debt, Government debt, company debt and personal debt. The 1960's period was also a period of great technological advances, although they did not manifest for a few years afterwards many of the computer innovations were created during the 1960's period.

We can expect great technology advances being created during the current waxing square. They may not be evident until the square is complete and may wait until around the period of the Jupiter / Saturn "Mutation Conjunction" in Aquarius, an Air sign. More on the "Mutation Conjunction" in a future post.

Following is a weekly chart of the DJIA. The blue squares are the seven exact squares but the aspect is active the whole period. It is highlighted by aspects hitting it and other phenomenon.

Exact Dates
June 24, 2012
Sept 19, 2012
May 21, 2013
Nov 1, 2013
            coming up
April 21, 2014  the time period around this aspect is very powerful.
Dec 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2015

Jupiter waning trine Saturn
The following weekly chart of the DJIA shows the current Jupiter waning trine to Saturn (geocentric are the 3 circles in light blue) (heliocentric, single dark blue circle). This is the last major aspect of this planetary pair before the important "Mutation Conjunction" coming up in 2020.

As we did with the previous planetary pair, looking back at the synodic cycle, the conjunction occurred on May 22, 2000 very close to the top of the dot com bubble in the stock market.

July 17, 2013
Dec 12, 2013
May 24, 2014

Jan 17, 2014    heliocentric

Shorter term
We should keep in mind Mercury, the trickster, is retrograde and Feb 17 is the half way point of the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury went retrograde on Feb 6th the day the markets took off to the upside. The market may being pushed up, into option expiry (OPEX), this Friday Feb 21. Mercury turns direct again on Feb 28.

Within the first 6 days of March we will have 4 planets either turning retrograde or direct. In addition Venus will be back at it's shadow date on March 4th.

This should equate to a volatile environment. We could get some strong pullbacks and reversals. Watch early next week as the Sun changes signs on Feb 18th into Pisces.

Gold / Silver
Gold is in either it's 2nd or 7th week of it's Primary cycle. As expected (see the last couple of posts) the PM's have turned very bullish. This ties into the general market indices shooting up.

This is the type of activity I would expect if traders are expecting a reversal of the FED tapering or even a full return to QE. How many people really believe the US economy is improving and jobs are being created. Never mind the bs statistics coming from government sources and reiterated by a mindless media.

I'm watching the Oct 2013 highs, to see if price can break these levels. Overall this looks very bullish for PM's here, however, lets remember they have been manipulated down fairly dramatically over the last few months. I'm in and holding but on guard for potential manipulation.

Crude is still bullish at the moment as the 15dma is above the 45dma and price is above both. This is either the 6th or 14th week of the Primary cycle; however, crude has stalled over the last 5 td's unable to take out the Dec 27, 2013 high and stuck on the Pluto price line. See the following price line chart. Seasonally crude should be starting up in late Feb / March.

There are two significant Astros for crude coming up. Feb 23, the Sun conjuncts Neptune and Feb 26 Jupiter squares Uranus. Either one of these aspects has the potential to move Crude. Logically one would think up but I think the Pluto price line on the following daily chart will tell the tale. If it breaks down from the Pluto price line there may be cheaper crude when spring driving commences. This assumes people still have money for gasoline and a car.

I'm watching the price action to see if there is more energy behind this surge. Like crude the time period around Feb 23 and Feb 26 should be significant and may deterime if this rally continues or reverses.


I have concerns about the US$ but looking for the March / April time frame to assess where we are. The US dollar could come under extreme pressure which would affect many markets.

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