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Financial Astrology - June 15, 2014

The SP500 has taken an unusual turn with a surge near the end of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week). This is currently the 19th week of the Primary cycle in the SP500 and as such we are looking for a turn down into the trough of this primary ideally due between now and July 14th. We'll look for the potential end dates in the subscribers market letter. For purposes here I think we'll have the trough earlier than July 14th.

Last week was volatile as expected. See the June 8th post.
"I'm expecting increased volatility over the next couple of weeks"

The subscribers got the following dates last week. All potentials CIT dates (Change In Trend).

"June 7            Mercury retrograde
June 9              Neptune retrograde
June 10            Venus at 15 degrees of Taurus , a Fixed sign which Venus rules.
June 13            Full Moon and Venus opposition Saturn"

In addition the subscribers had 1st half forecast dates which included June 7th.

The market letter had two additional dates June 16 and 17th. There are many potentials Astro events and multiple market cycles as well in this time period.

In addition to the 19th week of the Primary cycle there are also 11, 22 and 44 week cycles hitting in these two weeks.

The following daily chart shows the Primary cycle which started on Feb. 3, 2014.

The following weekly chart of the SP500 shows the 22 week cycle and how it has defined cycle highs recently. Note it sometimes inverts. This cycle is also the 44 week.

Last week we mentioned the Russell 2000. Following is an updated chart daily chart.

This shows the Primary cycle bottom on May 15 so we are now going into the 5th week of the first Major cycle of a new Primary. This is classic as it had a well defined Trading cycle 2 weeks along on the June 3rd pullback. This chart appears to have just put in the top for the first Major cycle (nominal 6 week) and should move lower into the Major cycle trough. The subscribers will be getting our estimated dates.

Primary cycles have an average length of 18 weeks.
Primary cycles most often break down into 3 Major cycles of approx. 6 weeks each. (Note: some behave differently).
Each Major cycle often breaks down into 2 or 3 week Trading cycles. The Trading cycle often gives the trader a second chance of buying the Primary cycle low if the trader missed the actual low.

From previous posts we are still in this period of illusion and delusion where things happen which seem strange and unplanned.

Also from the previous post.
"things seem to be a little quieter on the world stage. At least there seems to be less things being blown up and less blood being spilled, at least there has been less reporting on the above. Astrological signatures coming up will probably change this once again. Mars squares Pluto on June 15th and is forming a T-square with Pluto and Uranus. Although not exact it should be close enough to stir up war like activities, bad weather or geophysical problems. This should be from June 14th on for a few weeks with an emphasis on June 25 +-."

Since that post we have had increase hostilities in the Ukraine, recently an aircraft was shot down, with multiple deaths and the uprising in Iraq by the Sunni militant Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). These are Al Qaeda Jihadists.

Gold looks like it put in a Primary cycle low on June 3rd. This means we are in the 2nd week of the new Primary cycle. As discussed above under the SP500 we may hit a Trading cycle crest very shortly, and down to a Trading cycle trough.

From the last post
"Gold is entering a period where it usually becomes very volatile. Heliocentric Mercury will be entering Sagittarius on June 9th through June 20th. I'm looking at this as a good trading opportunity both up and down. Subscribers will have the dates. "

I hope people are getting in on these trades. This Gold trade would have paid for the small subscription fee many times over.
Keep in mind I'm looking at this as a short term opportunity while the 2nd half of 2014 should yield a very strong move in precious metals. Gold may get very volatile shortly. I would put in stop loss orders to protect your profits.

Seasonally this is a weak period for crude, however, with the disruption of crude production in Iraq, Libya etc. price has shot up. Unlike Gold, Crude has not defined whether we are at the end of a Primary cycle (23rd week) or we just had the crest of the first Major cycle (7 week). This is looking more and more like the May 1, trough was the start of a new Primary cycle and we are 7 weeks along. If that is the case and we get a Primary cycle with 3 Major cycles then we are due for a dip right about now.

That said there are a number of war like Astro just formed or being formed. June 14 has Mars squaring Pluto and June 25, Mars Opposition Pluto. This is the T-square now forming Mars - Uranus - Pluto. This has been described in a previous posts. These are war like aspects.                     

Other things to watch. Neptune is active. Neptune rules Crude and NatGas. There are many issues surrounding both here and in Europe. Russia continues to negotiate with the Ukraine over gas contracts and now we have Iraq, Libya and other producers either not producing or producing at lower production levels.

Neptune also rules coffee. The following chart is the JO, ETF, for coffee. The green lines are the Neptune price lines. Notice how they have acted as both support and resistance. Watch coffee, crude and NatGas closely in the month of June. I'm expecting volatility and breaks in support / resistance lines.

Coffee got support at the 50% retracement but is struggling to get over the Neptune price line (green lines)

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