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Financial Astrology - June 29, 2015

For the SP500, cycle-wise we are entering the 21st week of the Primary  1 cycle which started on Feb. 2nd 2015.  This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks.

It is possible June 15th was the nominal 18 week cycle low but it was very shallow. Price was below both the 15 and 45 day sma' and the 15 day sma was below the 45 day sma. A Primary cycle is usually deeper but we should watch developments next week. If it is a new Primary it should get bullish fairly quickly. My work will assume we are in the 21st week of an older Primary. It should be pointed out there are some favourable aspects next week with Venus trining Uranus and then Venus conjunct Jupiter. We may see a rise in the markets early in the week (favorable Greece outcome??) but then we see some heavier aspects. The end of the month in particular has Venus and Uranus turning retrograde then Saturn turning direct. This is potentially a momentous period of change. I'm look specifically at precious metals and perhaps changes in currency.

At this point, following are the highs in the US indexes.

DJIA               May 19, 2015
DJTI               Nov 28, 2014
SP500             May 20, 2015
NYSE             May 21, 2015
RUT               Jun 23, 2015

I was looking at 2080, 2066 or 2050 as potential targets for this Primary cycle trough for the SP500. We did dip below 2080.

From last weeks market letter
"We do have a potent aspect on Monday, that is the Jupiter trine Uranus aspect. As mentioned this is most often associated with highs so we may see a rise on Monday but I'm looking for a move down next week. We will still have the Saturn semi-square Pluto aspect in orb. That's a weak aspect between 2 strong planets. This is much heavier and more in line with a falling market, or at least one that is not rising."

Back to this week
So we got the high on June 22nd and then down the rest of the week. The week ended on a Doji which is indecision. We also have favourable aspect early next week through July 1st so we may see some upside before we head further down. That's my main line of thought. If we continue higher into the following week I'll have to consider the Primary cycle low on June 15th.
Both the Sun and Mars entered Cancer last week. In mundane Astrology Cancer rules the general public and can reflect the moods and collective conscious of a society. When planets travel through Cancer we tend to see fluctuations of the general mood of the people.

The nominal 18 week cycle low should be between Now - 07/06/2015 if it is a normal nominal 18 week cycle as the range is 15 to 21 weeks (see red line at bottom right hand corner). Subscribers have more exact dates.


The other current cycle we've been following is the 168 td (trading day) cycle. Like last week the chart shows two possibilities shown as a blue vertical line (May 26th) and a black vertical line, coming up (June 18th).

I'm looking at the blue line on May 21st as being the crest of the 168 td cycle and another indication we should be moving down.

Last weekend had Saturn Retrograde moving backward into Scorpio on June 14th. Intense Scorpio does not need Saturn. This is happening while Saturn is almost semi-square Pluto, the two thugs of the Zodiac. This is exact on June 20th and should emphasize the Saturn / Pluto energies. These two powerful bad guys are in mutual reception, that is Saturn is in Scorpio which Pluto rules and Pluto is in Capricorn which Saturn rules. This gives Pluto more support and staying power in it's role to change banking and money in general. Saturn in Scorpio creates tension and can effect the emotions in a negative way (depression?) and a detrimental effect on health. We could see a pandemic or other disease come to the fore while Saturn is in Scorpio (MERS?).
Neptune can rule things and events that are spiritual, utopian ideals, socialism and things associated with hospitals. Neptune can also stand for lies, deceit, falsehoods, swindling, loss and lack of truth. Distorted truth may be coming from news outlets. Neptune turned retrograde on June 12th.

At any rate, Neptune is in a strong position in Pisces, the sign that it rules. As mentioned last week this should emphasize events dealing with water, crude and Natural Gas. Things that Neptune rules.

There are other transits pointing to a potential stronger move down, reserved for subscribers.

Gold appears to have put in a put in a Primary cycle   1 trough on March 17th. This was 1 td after the Uranus / Pluto square. This puts us entering the 15th week of the nominal 18 week during this coming week.  

Gold put in a high on Monday May 18th, the same day as Mercury turned retrograde and then headed down and it is still headed down. Gold has a Doji on Friday another sign of indecision, perhaps worry about the Greek decision. The aspects I mentioned at the end of the month are potentially momentous for precious metals and possibly currencies. Gold could move lower here and may have seen the top for this nominal 18 week cycle.

We are monitoring another cycle for Gold which will hit in the summer but reserved for subscribers. That cycle and others  with the placement of Jupiter in the summer may be pointing to a strong reversal in Gold. That is we move down into the July / August period for a low in Gold from which a large rally commences. More work needed here. I'm no longer short the Gold miners.

As noted last week, Mercury retrograde has a strong history of changes in trend for Gold close to the retrograde date. In this case it was to the day. The direct date also has a history of changes in Gold price.

If we have just seen the crest, Gold should be moving down from here for a few weeks.

The following daily Gold chart shows the heliocentric Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue) price lines. Gold broke through both the Venus and Jupiter price lines then basically went sideways for 3 days with a Doji at the end.

This coming week of June 29 we should be entering the 15th week of a Primary cycle which started Mar 18, 2015.

I'm watching the dates around any Neptune or Jupiter aspects. July 1st has Venus conjunct Jupiter and Neptune trine Kronos on July 28th. Other Astrological dates are reserved for subscribers.

Crude appears to have put in a "W" bottom. Since the shooting star doji on May 6th Crude has been in sideways consolidation. Crude, like other commodities is being affected by the US$ moves and news out of the mid-East. I had heard Saudi Arabia was going to max production which would push prices down.

As seen on the following chart crude finally dropped away from the Neptune price line (green) and put in a Doji on Friday. More indecision.

This post is a little shorter than usual as we finish other projects.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 2nd half 2015 dates and subscription to the monthly letter (starting in July) are available for purchase.


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