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Financial Astrology - July 18, 2016

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For the SP500, cycle-wise June 27 appears to be the Primary cycle trough.  1 that puts us entering the 4th week. Feb 11th was the trough of the previous Primary cycle and that started on August 24, 2015. Early in a cycle is often the most bullish part. I was looking for a possible 50 week low to coincide with the Primary trough and the move off the June 27th Primary low seems to confirm this was the 50 week trough as well.

From the February 26, 2016 blog post.
"Currently the 18 week cycle trough would be the week of June 13 +- 3 weeks so the range is the week of May 23rd to the week of July 4th."

With June 27th being the low the next Primary cycle should be October 24th with a range from October 3rd to November 14.

I will come back to the "Special Update" and the possible 42 year cycle next week.

From last weeks post:
"We may see further surprise events in either the markets, geophysical or other unusual happenings. The dates near the following could come into play.

On the Astrology front the next few weeks should see the effects of Uranus events and transits. Following are some key dates which need +- 2 to 3 td's

July 16                     Sun waxing square to Uranus
                                 This is the square which always occurs approx. 13 cd's before             Uranus turns retrograde.

July 29                     Uranus Stationary/Retrograde

August 16                Sun waxing trine to Uranus
                                 This is the trine that always occurs approx. 18 cd's after Uranus                      turns retrograde."

So the events this was pointing to were the Nice terrorist and as I write this post the possible coup in Turkey. There are going to be many more acts of violence and other world events. August through October may witness geophysical events and violent weather.

The markets have been on a rise seldom seen in such a short time. We are about to enter the 4th week of the Primary cycle for the SP500 after an 8% rise from the Primary trough.

The transits I have been looking at for this weekend were

October 16               Sun waxing square to Uranus while the Sun was contra parallel Pluto             and the Sun was trine Mars.

The Sun square to Uranus precedes the Uranus Retrograde by approx. 13 cd's but more importantly heralds in a volatile time period for the markets and world events.

Expect more sudden surprise events near the end of July, Mid to the end of August and the end of September and October.

The above transits and events are Geocentric (Earth centered) aspects and emphasize Uranus.

There are also a number of Heliocentric (Sun centered) aspects. Heliocentrically Venus and Uranus are emphasized.

Uranus is sudden change, unusual events, technology and new ideas. For the unprepared it can be disruptive and stands for rioting and outbreaks of political tension, demonstrations and anarchy.

There are many other powerful transits during this time period including Saturn (restriction) turning Direct on August 13th while being squared by Venus (money).  This is also on the location of the Sept. 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse, 9'Virgo21" There could be some type of crisis occurring mid to late August. I'm stressing the dates Aug 12, Aug 15 and Aug. 23.

If there was only one word to describe the next month and a half it would be "disruptive".

Although the Uranus / Pluto square is separating we may still get a move when these two planets are transited by another planet. The following weekly chart shows Venus transits to Uranus and Pluto. They are the events on the chart with the light blue circles. Notice a short down period after these events. We just had the Venus events again so I'm expecting a pullback in the next few weeks.

When Saturn turns direct on August 13 it will be headed for the last exact waning square between Saturn and Neptune. This aspect has created much of the tension, lies and deceit we have seen for the last number of months. The date of the last exact square is September 10 but these longer term transits will color history for many months afterwards.

The following transit is exact again in September but will be coloring this period of time (all year). Lies and deceit continue.
Saturn square Neptune
-in the middle of a 3 pass, 2 exact hits to come this year
Saturn is about social order, structure and regulations. Neptune can be politically unrealistic and a desire to avoid confrontation. It can be devious, underhanded and use subversive tactics.
This aspect is often present near times when there is a change in trend for interest rates or inflation. It can also be a period of epidemics, pandemics suffering, depression and money valuation problems. This could be a change in the world's reserve currency or issues around it. A large increase in precious metals is also possible as it is a money valuation issue. This 36 year aspect has been associated with political changes, reforms and development of socialism. One wonders in regards to epidemics and sickness, would this be natural illnesses or man-made. If you feel depressed or not at ease this aspect may be the cause. One of these planets may be hitting a planet in your personal horoscope.

Neptune can be the height of spirituality or illusion, delusion and deceit. Saturn is reality, Karmic debt, contraction, depression, sorrow and disappointment. When these planets meet look for political changes and reforms. Self sacrifice may come to the fore. This aspect seems to have a history with the British Royal Family.

I'm looking for a high in the major US indices next week. Subscribers have the dates.

On the following weekly chart of the DJIA, the red squares are Jupiter square Saturn, now past, and the green squares are Saturn square Neptune. It's between these two events that I have been looking for the Primary cycle low. We got it.

The next 2 charts are daily charts of the SP500, and the Russell 2000. The horizontal blue lines are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on both charts This average is converted to price and displayed on the charts. Notice how well they have acted as support and resistance. 2149 did not hold back the index. Each new high is an all time high for the SP500. The red vertical lines are a 45 cd cycle I've been following since the May 20, 2015 high. The next cycle is August 12th.

The next chart is the Russell 2000. This index is subject to far less manipulation than the SP500. Notice how well it respects the Astrological average price lines. Here, the blue horizontal lines again are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter through Pluto converted to price. The Russell also put in a low on June 27th and headed up. We should be entering the 4th week of a newer Primary cycle. Notice the Russell 2000 index stopped right on the average planetary lines at 1178

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycle between the Sun and Saturn, which are the brown squares on the following daily chart. The next hits are July 15th and August 1st. They are often at short term swings.

The following chart shows the Sun / Uranus squares (red). They are often at turns. The next dates are July 15 then Jan 9, 2017. Also on this daily chart the red vertical lines are a 224 cd cycle. They are often found at changes in trend as well. The next one is
July 20th. The July 20th date also has a Bradley turn (see red line). Remember the Bradley has no polarity. It points to a change in trend and sometimes does not work. There are 2 other indications for July 20th so I think there is a turn in here. In summary I'm looking for a high and turn down July 19, 20 +- 2 tds. This would be the crest for the first nominal 6 week cycle of the Primary cycle.

I was looking at March 28th as the start of a new nominal 18 week cycle   1 trough.

We had a low on May 31 which was slightly lower than the March 28th low. Our rules would state that we are now in a new Primary cycle starting May 31. This would negate March 28 being a low and make the previous Primary cycle very long.

We outlined the possibilities on last weeks blog and now going with May 31 as the Primary cycle low. This puts us entering the 7th week this coming week where we often get a pullback to the 6 week trough (5-7 weeks). It could also go to the 1/2 Primary cycle which would be 9 weeks +- 2 weeks but I'm looking for a low in Gold this coming week then up.

Gold has followed general Mars transits in Scorpio. Starting with Mars entering Scorpio in early January 2016 Gold went up. The move ended when Mars entered Sagittarius  on March 5th. Gold then went sideways until Mars turned retrograde on April 17th.

On May 27 Mars reentered Scorpio moving backwards. The red x's on the following daily chart of Gold show the effect of the Mars transits.
Mars will turn direct on June 29th and leave Scorpio for Sagittarius once again on August 2nd where Gold has a history of moving down or flat. We expect Gold to be flat to down (sideways consolidation) once we get past August 2nd and maybe earlier. It will be 10 weeks along in the Primary cycle at that point.

Price is now just below the 15 sma and above the 45 sma.  Both moving averages have turned up with the 15 day above to move above the 45 day sma. Looking for a 6 week low next week.

The red vertical lines are the 14 cd cycle which has been at tops and bottoms for short term trend changes. The next date is July 28th and August 11th.

On the following daily Gold charts there are the Venus (green), Jupiter (blue). These are the longitude of the planet converted to price. Gold often makes a big move close to when the Venus and Jupiter price lines cross. The next cross is July 29th.

Watch this area as Gold may follow the Venus price line (green). Uranus is active by transit and may result in unusual and sudden change. Before we get there I'm expecting Gold to put in a low. Gold is sitting on the Venus price line at present.

Feb 11 was the start of the Primary cycle trough. We had chosen June 27th as the Primary cycle trough although recent activity during the week indicates the crude cycle trough is still forming. It is too early to confirm it at this point. This would put the low in on July 11 or the 22nd week of an older Primary (nominal 18 week cycle).  Again, This could be the Primary cycle trough but too early to call at this point. Another low is possible and I'm looking at July 18-20 or Aug 12-15 although the latter is a stretch. July 11 looks quite possible. Watch early next week.

Mentioned many times Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of crude. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that it rules, making it stronger.

From last week:
"The next daily chart of crude has the Jupiter (blue) and Neptune (grey) Price Lines. These are the two planets that rule crude. Price is falling. Watch for a turn if price gets down to the 43-44 area."  

Price did get down to the 44 area and looks like it's about to move up. It will need to break through the Jupiter and Neptune price lines. The low for the Primary cycle may be in.

The red squares are the 24th harmonic between the Sun and Neptune. Amongst other things this harmonic is for a "short term change in trend". The next date is July 18th then August 3rd.  


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