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Financial Astrology - September 19, 2016

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For the SP500, cycle-wise June 27 was the last Primary cycle trough.  that puts us entering the 12th week. I was looking for a possible 50 week low to coincide with that Primary trough. The sharp move up after the June 27th Primary low seems to confirm this was the 50 week trough as well.

The next estimated Primary cycle (nominal 18 week cycle)  low is October 24 +- 3 weeks with a range of October 3rd to November 14th.

As I write this note, the last waning square of Saturn and Neptune was exact on September 10.  There mid-point was 25 degrees, 23 minutes in Capricorn for you mid-point guys / ladies. On September 19, 2016 Venus will square this mid-point. This is an experiment. Watch Monday closely. I'm looking for a move down.

Although the last exact date has passed we'll watch aspects to either Saturn or Neptune for the next few months. Long term aspects like this can have an effect for months. The longer it goes the weaker the effect.

So we've had sharp moves in the markets, earthquakes, violent weather and testing a nuclear bomb over the last few weeks. Quite eventful but now we are in a time for change as outlined in the September subscribers report.

One of the items in the September Subscribers Report is that we are about to enter a period of change. This will be slow at first and change into October and beyond. Friday, September 9th was the start with Jupiter entering Libra. Jupiter is about the judicial and religious worlds. It is about the justice system, prominent judges and barristers and the nation's wealth and bankers. The sign of Libra is about justice , it's sign looks like the scales of justice. Libra will bring more use of intuition and intelligence and also justice. Problems come in when firm decisions must be made. Libra is indecisive. An old saying is "Peace at any price", Librans. We should also watch for the negative effects of Jupiter which are over-doing things, a laissez-faire attitude, failure to honour commitments particularly as the legal and financial level.

I think we'll be coming back to the "nation's wealth" issue.

So what of the Astrology coming up. This week the Sun will join Venus and Jupiter in Libra on September 22nd.

We've mentioned September 19 above, that's experimental. Other Astrological events this week are Mercury turning Direct on September 22nd. Mercury rules trading, that is buying and selling and the stock market. Mercury also rules communication and agreements. So things tend to fluctuate during the retrograde period. Short trips, finalizing agreements or big purchases should be avoided if possible. On Sept 22 there is also Sun parallel Jupiter which has a history of appearing at lows or the start of a move down.

This is one day after the FOMC meeting at which a decision to raise rates may be made. I emphasize "may". Covered many times, Mercury is known as the trickster and the retro period is not a good time to make decisions, or sign contracts or agreements. It's about confusion and mis-directed energy. Mercury Direct also has a history of cycle turns, sometimes short term.

Following is a chart showing Mercury on a daily chart of the SP500. The red arrow pointing left is when Mercury turns retrograde and the blow arrow pointing right is Mercury turning direct. The I and S show the Inferior and Superior conjunctions. Only Mercury and Venus can have Inferior and Superior conjunctions as they are inside the Earth's orbit. These were shown last week,


From the video.
September 22nd. That is an auspicious date as it is 1 day after the FOMC and Mars transits over the Galactic Center. This is often near lows or market turns. Mars will be at it's peak of an "Out of Bounds" period. This also has the Sun parallel Jupiter which also has a history of moving down. With the FED's history I was expecting no change in interest rates but there are a number of Astros pointing in the direction of a low.

I'm still looking for some secret to be exposed or deceit.

Venus, which amongst other things rules money is going to parallel Neptune on Sept 17 and Venus will oppose Uranus on Sept 18.

Following is the daily chart of the SP500.


Following is a chart of the planetary average longitude.


Another chart is the daily SP500 with the Sun and Pluto price lines. Green is the Sun and black is Pluto. Notice, the SP500 has been stopped at the Pluto price line (black line) for some time and broke below the Pluto line on August 31. On Sept 2nd it broke above the Pluto price line and put in a high which stopped at the Sun Price Line (green). Price has now failed at the Sun price line.

See the following weekly chart of the US$ index. The purple squares are the Uranus Retrograde dates. Note the US$ often turns close to the Uranus Retrograde dates, both up and down.

Also note the red vertical lines on the right side of the chart. This is the 26 week cycle. This has also been close to short term changes in trend. This 26th week cycle occurred the same week as the Uranus retrograde and the US$ is going down. Currently the weekly trend is still up. The US$ is still up because there are few alternatives.

The Saturn waning square to Neptune was exact on September 10. Although the effects of this transit can still be felt it is now waning energy as these two planets are now starting their journey to a conjunction in February 20, 2026. Well, I told you they were slow moving.

We'll watch this square as other planets make aspects to either Saturn or Neptune. Lies and deceit continue

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycle between the Sun and Saturn, which are the brown squares on the following daily chart. The next hits are Sept 16 then October 4th. They are often at short changes in trend as seen on the August 1 date which was followed by two strong moves down.

Mundane Cycle Charts

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards"
-- Lewis Carroll, The White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass

I was looking at May 31 as the start of a new nominal 18 week cycle   1 trough.

I was looking for Gold to move down starting August 29th. It did and found a low at the Major cycle low (6 week)  then had a short bounce and now starting down again. This looks like Gold will continue down with volatility to either the Sept 26 area, where we have Pluto direct, Sun conjunct Jupiter and the 45 cd (calendar day) I follow  or the week of October 10 both +- a few. Either way I'm looking for a move up in precious metals, probably late September or early October.

The Primary cycle trough is measured to be around the middle of October although we could get a shortened Primary cycle during the week of September 26th. The US elections could start interfering with the normal length of cycles.

The red vertical lines are the 14 cd cycle (calendar date) which has been at tops and bottoms for short term trend changes. The next date is Sept 22nd.

On the following daily Gold charts there are the Venus (green), Jupiter (blue). These are the longitude of the planet converted to price. Note the big range day on September 2nd and 6th. The Sun was in opposition to Neptune on Sept 2nd which often has a strong effect on Gold. The next trading day was Sept 6 and it continued. The closing price is just above the Venus (green) price line. If the Jupiter line (blue)does not hold then the Venus line at 1286 - 1293 would be the next lines of support.

The next chart shows the planetary averages from Jupiter to Pluto set to 15 degrees (blue horizontal lines).  Again these have been good support and resistance. The red vertical are a 400 cd cycle which is close to 13.2 months. It is the red dot close to the vertical red line. The next date is September 27. September 26 or 27th could be a turn in Gold.

Feb 11 was the start of the previous Primary cycle. The crude cycle trough hit again on August 3rd. This was the day of the Sun / Neptune 24 harmonic. (see the price line chart below).  We are still early in a new Primary cycle starting the 7th week.

The blue horizontal lines are the average longitude of the planets from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The longitude is converted to price and put on the chart. It has acted as good support / resistance in the past. If the high on August 19 is the high for this Primary cycle it would be very left translated and very bearish. I'm waiting to see if we have a turn in crude either Sept 22 or 26th. I'm watching all aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the rulers of crude.

Mentioned many times Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of crude. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that it rules, making it stronger. Jupiter just moved into Libra.

The following chart shows the Jupiter (blue) and Neptune (grey)  price lines. These have acted as good support / resistance.

The red squares are the 24th harmonic between the Sun and Neptune. Amongst other things this harmonic is for a "short term change in trend". Crude has reacted very well to the 24th harmonic lately.

The next two 24th harmonic dates are Sept 16th and Sept 30th. Sept 16th is the Lunar eclipse. Currently crude has support on the Neptune (grey) price line.


  1. I think the charts for crude are for gold instead. Please kindly check. Thanks