Friday, October 13, 2017

Financial Astrology October 16, 2017

There will be no post this week thanks to the lack of an Internet connection.

Thank you Bell Canada for your lack of service. Bell's response to the problem was nonexistent.

I'll try for a small post during the week.

October 18th may be the day the Shanghai exchange starts selling Crude which is payable with physical Gold which is also available at the Shanghai exchange. This maybe the start of testing as I'm not aware there has been any up to now.

It looks like there was a serious internet problem last week and may still be a problem depending on where you live.

The main stream media seems silent on the problems.


  1. is gold starting to go down around oct 15-17? last time you mentioned there'll be a trend change. thanks

  2. I was looking for a dip. These are treacherous times. I would put in a buy or sell stop rather than an outright buy or sell. Let the market take you in. If going down look at the 1296 area.

  3. From the note above the US$ may swing up as Gold goes down. These are shorter term moves.

  4. only short term? so gold is expected to resume uptrend soon? Thanks

  5. Gold is 14 weeks along in it's Primary cycle. Just using cycles the window for the Primary cycle low (18 weeks) is 15 to 22 weeks. Watch Gold early next week as heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius. Often gets sharp moves.

  6. Oct 22/23 may be very important for turns.