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Financial Astrology - December 11, 2017

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The last Primary cycle low was August 21st, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse.
We are now starting the 15th week of the SP500 primary cycle which has a range from 15 to 23 weeks. This has been an unusual time with the general market indices seemingly unstoppable.

Whether it is central bank money, corporate buy-backs or money from some other source we need to know the time periods where a correction is more probable. We look at Cycles and Astro events that have a history of being 65% - 72 % correct. We will continue with this approach.

Note this last Primary cycle low on August 21 was not very deep. Price was below the 15 and 45 day sma and the 15 day dipped just below the 45 day sma.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Bradley indicator (thick red line). It indicates a possible change in trend near Dec 13, or Dec 22 or Jan 2. The current daily closing high was December 8th at 2651.50.

We should stay aware the trends in the major US indices remain up and that is the way they should be played.

Astrology wise, on Dec 9 Mars enters Scorpio, the sign that it rules along with Pluto. This has a strong relationship to changes in trend in Gold and it appears an effect on the broader market indices as well.

There are a few others but that appears to be the strongest aspect next week.

Other aspects with an effect on the markets are:
Dec 10             Venus square Neptune
Dec 12             Mercury Inferior conjunction.
Dec 14             Venus trine the North Node
Dec 16             Saturn quintile Neptune (may be the start of a move down)
Dec 16             Sun trine Uranus

The following week may be more active as Saturn enters Capricorn, the sign that it rules. The Sun will enter Capricorn and conjunct Saturn on Dec 21, the Winter Solstice.

This is the beginning of an increase in planets in Earth signs. This should help defray the illusion / delusion of the Jupiter / Neptune trine that was exact on Dec. 2nd. There will be two more exact trines for Jupiter and Neptune in 2018. It may reign in the Jupiter / Neptune trine.

On Dec 2 Jupiter trines Neptune. On Dec 3 Mercury turns retrograde and the Sun squares Neptune. The latter two aspects have a history of changes in trend as does Jupiter trine Neptune.

This cycle, Jupiter waning trine Neptune,  is idealistic and ideological. It seems related to the unfoldment of idealistic and religious belief systems.

Economically it can produce a period of boom and optimism, but also, “pie in the sky” plans and rampant inflation. This aspect needs and will soon be getting some planets in Earth signs, which it has not had much of with the exception of Pluto in Capricorn. Although a trine between Jupiter and Neptune would seem positive, with Neptune involved it could be illusion / delusion. So far the markets have soared.

Barbault related this aspect to the socialist economies of the Eastern bloc and more specifically to France.

Watch for news from or about France including countries with an influence from France like North Africa.

There is a longer term Market cycle coming due. That is the 9 / 18 month cycle as seen on the following weekly chart. I’m looking for the markets to start a move down between  Dec. 18th
and January 10, 2018.

The above combination could be defining problems / restrictions for the general population, particularly the mature population and with the Sun could affect the President or other leaders. This combination could affect a number of years in the future as Saturn is in a sign for approx.. 2 ½ years. Other conditions this may highlight are State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment in general. State assets could be affected as well as industries connected to metals and mining.

The following monthly chart of the DJIA shows when Saturn has been in Capricorn (red x’s). Notice they have all had significant drops. This chart also has the 15 year cycle which will be coming due in 2018.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Jupiter price line (blue) and the Sun/Earth price line (green). Both of these price lines have a history of providing support and resistance.
Price ended on the Jupiter Price Line on Dec 8.

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles for short term turns. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 24 degrees on the following daily chart. The blue vertical lines are 24 cd’s (calendar days).

The next hit is Dec. 21st and Jan 5, 2018.

I have added 3 price lines to this chart.
Saturn - black
Uranus - purple
Neptune - light blue

These price lines can act as support / resistance. It has been at highs and lows. Note also when they cross often gets a reaction in price on a short-term basis. Also note, near the top of the chart is a light blue line. This is the Neptune Price Line. Note how it has been strong resistance to price but has broken through. It should act as strong support when the market turns down.

Also watch around November 10 / 11 where the Saturn and Uranus Price Lines cross.

I’m watching Bitcoins, but just watching.


Gold put in an impressive rally into Sept. 8th. July 10th was a Primary cycle low and we are now 21 weeks along. It is possible October 6th was a Primary cycle low. Much will depend on where Gold goes from here. A Primary low on October 6th puts us 9 weeks along in a new Primary cycle. Remember the 6 week and 9 ½ week are typical cycle lengths for cycles in Gold. The Primary cycle has an average length of 18 weeks but has a range from 15 to 22 weeks.

The 15 day sma is just below the 45 day sma and both are curling down.
Note on the Gold chart below, the red horizontal lines are the retracement from the move up from December 2015 to Aug 4, 2016. Gold stopped at the 38.2% retracement.

Also note the low on Oct. 27th is close to the Oct 6 low and if you look back this area has been support and resistance. I wanted to see this area hold. It has held. It has not.

The following chart shows seasonal tendencies for Gold. The 2nd half of the year, on average, is up.

The longer term.7.4 Year cycle is shown in the following weekly chart. Note we are still early in the latest 7.4 year cycle.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (blue vertical lines). The next being December 22nd

The red lines headed up are the Mars price lines. It has hit one of the main Mars Price lines (darker red) and got support here. Looking at this whole chart it is based on a 24 harmonic. If you count each line from one darker red line to the next you will find there are 15 of them. 15 * 24 degrees = 360 degrees.

The following daily chart of Gold shows the days Mars is entering a new sign (red squares). Look at this using +- 3 td’s (trading days). The next date is December 8th. These can be at highs or lows. This next one will be as Mars enters Scorpio the sign that it rules.  Note on the chart, Mars changing signs, to any sign often has a change in trend in Gold price. The blue circles highlight when Mars enters Scorpio.


We were looking at June 21st or October 6th as being the trough of the last Primary cycle.  The move out of that date was the start of a Primary cycle. We are entering either the 9th week of the Primary that started on October 6th and possibly we are still working off the Primary low of June 21, 2017 and 25 weeks along. I’m looking at this as Oct 6 cycle, 9 weeks along.

November 3 crude broke through both the $55.00 Fib (red)area and the planetary average longitude for the planets from Jupiter to Pluto, blue horizontal line. This area acted as strong support on November 15th but continued higher. Watch for the next planetary average at 59.82.

The horizontal blue lines are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (blue). Note how price stopped on August 1 and August 31, right on the average longitude. See it again on Sept 14.
The horizontal red lines are the Fibonacci retracement from Nov 14, 2016 to Feb 21, 2017.

There have been a number of aspects involving Jupiter and Neptune, which resulted in a move up from June 21st.  Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of Crude and NatGas. December 2nd was the Jupiter waning trine Neptune. Watch for a change in trend in crude.

Watch the red Fibonacci retracement lines and the blue planetary averages.

Also watch the 15 and 45 day sma. Both are pointed up with price rising above both. This has been a strong move.

On the following daily chart of crude note the green lines sloping up. This is the price line for the Sun/Earth. The blue lines moving horizontal is the Pluto price line (blue). The Pluto price line acted as support on Nov.15th and now at the next level up is acting as resistance.

Note how price often follows the Sun price line up and often stops and reverses at the Pluto price line. We often get big range days when the two lines cross, like October 27th.and Nov 22.


  1. Hi there, I see you are only watching Bitcoins at the moment. Do you plan to produce a Bitcoin forecast in the foreseable future? I know there are some astrological data out there for Bitcoin, so it should be possible to predict the price of Bitcoin.

    1. What Astrological data for Bitcoin is out there??

  2. Bitcoin futures first trade date starts this month at CME in Chicago, during Mercury Retrograde. I think the original start of Bitcoin is a mystery, as location start was virtual on 03 Jan 2009.

  3. Some people are using todays start date to draw an Astrological Chart for Bitcoin. It is 6:00 pm Central time in Chicago, Dec 10, 2017. I will continue to watch.

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