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Financial Astrology - July 2

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We are entering the 21st week of a Primary cycle which started on Feb 9, 2018. We have been in a strong congestion period.  Nevertheless, we should be looking for the end of the current Primary cycle (the nominal 18-week cycle).

I’m expecting the Primary cycle low in the last week of June or 1st week in July. I’m looking at June 26 where Mars turn retrograde. This has a history of occurring close to Primary cycle troughs. Look at June 26 +- 7 td’s. (trading days). The current Primary cycle may be forming a trough now.

The current 4 year cycle for the SP500 started on Feb 11, 2016. Check our notes from last month.

The 4 year may have 3 -15.5 month cycles and / or 2 - 23 month cycles (a half cycle).

For the SP500
The following weekly chart of the SP500 shows the 4 year cycle (blue) and the ½ cycle of 23 months (red). These show the next 4 year cycle trough will be in the August 2019 to February 2020 +- a number of months at this point.

For the DJIA

The following weekly chart of the DJIA shows the 4 year cycle (blue) and the 15.5 month (red). There are approx. 3 - 15.5 month in the Primary cycle.

I’m looking for a Primary cycle low in the last week of June. or 1st week in July.
At the time of writing it appears the Primary cycle may have ended on June 28 but needs confirmation

In July there will be 3 powerful eclipses

July 12                        Solar Partial Eclipse
This one could be nasty. I’ll try and do a separate summary of the eclipses.

July 27                        Total Lunar Eclipse

Aug 11                        Solar Partial Eclipse.

Starting now be prepared for more serious events from now through July 2018. These could be violent events in the mid-East and events involving Russia, China and the US. This may involve Syria and quite possibly other war like activity in Pakistan and India.

We may also see increased earthquakes and volcanic activity. North Korea and the USA had their meeting on June 12th. Wait and see the results. As I pointed out some time ago North Korea will probably not be a problem in 2018 according to Astrology.

Some of the cycles that are coming due are:
-       The Primary Cycle (nominal 18 week trough)
-       9 month cycle
-       9 year
-       5 week.

The Primary Cycles

The SP500 continued to move up until June 13th. I’m looking for this to move down in the next two weeks. One of the aspects on June 18 is Neptune Retrograde. This often appears as a basing pattern where there may be one or two bottom moves rather than a sharp move lower.

Price has moved below the 15 day sma and still above the 45 day sma. The 15 day sma is above the 45 day sma. The averages may be rolling over.

On a shorter term basis I track a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle which will be due July 16th.
The 27 cd cycle are the red vertical lines. The 27 cd was a short term low.

The blue squares on the chart show the Mars / Uranus squares. The last blue square was exact on May 16th and due to retrograde motion will be exact again on August 1, 2018 then Sept 18, 2018. The one black square is the semi-square of Uranus and Neptune, a long term signature.

9 Year Cycle
As an example of the DJIA following is a weekly chart of the Dow Jones and the 9 year cycle. As we’ve said many times longer term cycles coming due often distorts the faster moving cycles.

The 9 month cycle

The above chart shows the 9 month or 39 week cycle (blue vertical lines). It was due and appears to have formed in late January. The 20 week cycle was added as well (red vertical lines). Any green lines are a combination of the 20 and 40 week cycles.

From the last few posts:
“This coming year could see an increase in geophysical activity, both earthquakes and volcanos.”

Following are the significant earthquakes (> 6.0) so far in January 2018.
Jan 23             Alaska                         7.9
Jan 10             Honduras                    7.5
Jan 14             Peru                            7.1
Jan 19             Mexico                        6.3
Jan 21             Chile                            6.3
Jan 25             Russia                         6.2

Feb 16             Mexico                        7.2
Feb 25             Papua New Guinea    7.5

Mar 6               Papua New Guinea    6.7
Mar 8               Papua New Guinea    6.8
Mar 24             Papua New Guinea    6.3
Mar 24             Southeast Indian Ridge 6.3
Mar 25             Indonesia                     6.4
Mar 26             Papua New Guinea    6.6
Mar 29             Papua New Guinea    6.9

Apr 2               Bolivia                         6.8
Apr 7               Papua New Guinea    6.3
Apr 10             Chile                            6.2
Apr 19             Prince Edward Island 6.0

May 5              Tajikistan                     6.2
May 5              Papua New Guinea    6.0

There has been a number of volcano’s erupting as well. Japan and Hawaii.

On a longer term basis the following monthly chart of the DJIA  shows the 15 year cycle (red vertical lines) and the 45 year cycle (blue lines). The 15 year is due now, the 45 year due in Sept 2019. This is another example of a longer term cycle possibly distorting shorter term cycles. Bear in mind they need a broad orb.

The above combination, with Saturn in Capricorn, could be defining problems / restrictions for the general population, particularly the mature population (pensions?) and with the Sun could affect the President or other leaders. This combination could affect a number of years in the future as Saturn is in a sign for approx. 2 ½ years. Other conditions this may highlight are State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment in general. State assets could be affected as well as industries connected to metals and mining.

The following monthly chart of the DJIA shows when Saturn has been in Capricorn (red x’s). Notice they have all had significant drops.

There could be some type of surprise coming in 2018 from the government or exposing something from the past. There could also be a major breakdown in world affairs or leaders.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Jupiter price line (blue) and the Sun/Earth price line (green). Both of these price lines have a history of providing support and resistance.
When the two lines cross we often see a big range day or reversal.

The price lines cross again on July 5th.
This has a history of changes in trend in the US markets and specifically crude which has started down.

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles for short term turns. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 24 degrees on the following daily chart. The blue vertical lines are 24 cd’s (calendar days).

The 2nd last hit was March 29, 2018 and was a big range day. The last on June 27 was a big range day.

The next dates are August 10th then Sept 25th. I have added 3 price lines to this chart.

-       Saturn – black
-       Uranus – purple
-       Neptune - light blue

Note, on May 14 price moved up and was stopped at the Neptune price line (light blue).
Note the date, Feb 9th, 2018 was the day of the low and a big range day. Note the recent dates. The Neptune Price Line (light blue) is acting as resistance.

These price lines can act as support / resistance. It has been at highs and lows. Note also when they cross often gets a reaction in price on a short-term basis. Also note, near the top of the chart is a light blue line. This is the Neptune Price Line.

Price has recently found resistance on the black Saturn price line.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows 2 Envelope channels. Red is the centered 
20 week envelope channel. Blue is the centered 40 week envelope channel. The dark blue squares are the Sun / Neptune square which is often a short term change in trend. See the Sun / Neptune square is June 7, 2018.

We have had this noted it was due for a sell. The selling may have started.

We are entering the difficult time mentioned over the last few months.

From :The Book of Rules” circa 1928 
for Uranus / Neptune aspects.
Suddenly incapacitated, unconsciousness. Checkmated. Transition into the beyond. Crisis, dead persons. Revolution. Watch for lies and disagreements.


Gold’s move lower two weeks ago was a surprise was driven by the decision of the EU to keep interest rates at lows into next year and EU quantitative easing will end his year.

The above gave a boost to the US$ and the drop in precious metals was a result of it being largely priced in US$.

Gold had started a new Primary cycle on December 12.  From December 12 we are entering the 29th week of a Primary cycle. It is possible we just put in a Primary cycle low on May 21st which would put us 5 weeks along. This is a confusing situation as Primary cycles should not go along that far. Watch closely for a move higher next week.

On occasion the Primary cycle can expend away from it’s more normal 18 week length. This looks like one of them. I’m looking for astrological aspects which have a history of changing the trend for Gold. Mars turning retrograde on June 26th may be astrological aspect which turns Gold. The chart has Gold looking to put in a Primary cycle low.

Gold is being affected by movement in the US$ and the Euro.

The blue vertical lines are the 40 trading day cycle.

Seasonally Gold is usually flat over the early summer months with a history of moving up starting in August.

Price is below the 15 sma and the 45 day sma. The 15 sma and 45 day sma have crossed and appeared to roll over last week.

The following chart shows two daily envelope channels like the chart for the SP500 above. The blue squares are the Sun square Neptune which often results in a short term change in trend. We should be getting close to a buy.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (blue vertical lines). The next being June 29, 2018. The Moon takes 27 days to orbit the Earth and the Sun takes 27 days to revolve once at the Sun’s equator.

The red lines headed up are the Mars price lines. Gold has been moving sideways since January 2018 and have found both resistance and support at the Mars price line. The darker red Mars lines are the main aspect. Moving below the dark red Mars price line was bearish now we need to move above the darker red Mars price line. It may hit resistance. Price did not go through the next Mars price line. Two weeks ago it bounced off the Mars price line.

The small x’s on the chart show when heliocentric Mercury is in Sagittarius. We often see changes in trend in Gold.

Looking at this whole chart it is based on a 24 harmonic. If you count each line from one darker red line to the next you will find there are 15 of them. 15 * 24 degrees = 360 degrees. Note price went down to Dec 12 where it bounced off a Mars Price Line.

We will come back to the Gold Mars Signs in a few weeks.


We were looking at February 9th as being the trough of the Primary cycle. We are entering the 19th week or we have just put in Primary low and we are about to continue up. We would be entering the 3rd week of a new Primary cycle.

I’m leaning to June 18 being the trough of the Primary Cycle. This was also the date Neptune turned retrograde. Neptune and Jupiter rule crude.

Crude price has moved above both the 45 day sma and 15  day sma . This looks like the trough of the Primary cycle. I’m expecting a move up from here.

There are many issues with Crude. The new Shanghai crude exchanged opened on March 26. This should have a negative effect of the Petrodollar (US Dollar) and possibly cause the US to lose it’s status as the world’s reserve currency. Watch this over the next few weeks / months. As Crude is sold in Yuan, purchasers are given the option to exchange Yuan to Gold. Yes there is a relatively new Gold exchange as well. They sell physical Gold rather than paper Gold as is often the case in the US. On Friday Crude was down as other commodities were also affected by the Euro moves.

Crude started up on June 18 when Neptune turned retrograde.

Note how price often follows the Sun price line up and often stops and reverses at the Pluto price line. We often get big range days when the two lines cross, like October 27th.and Nov 22 and recently March 23rd. and May 11th. The next date these price lines cross is June 29th +- 3 td’s (trading days).

Upcoming Eclipses

There are 4 types of Solar Eclipses.
-          Total Solar Eclipse
-          Annular Eclipses
-          Annular-Total Eclipses
-          Partial Eclipses

There are 3 types of Lunar Eclipses
-          Total Lunar Eclipse
-          Partial Lunar Eclipses
-          Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Events which occur in the days around an eclipse are memorable. This should be approximately +- 10 days. Events that take place in the 7-10 days before an eclipse work out in an expected fashion. They are fated.

Solar Eclipses can have an effect up to 3-6 months before they occur and as long as 1 year.

Lunar eclipses have an effect for approx. 6 weeks before and after a Lunar Eclipse.

There are two cycles associated with Eclipses, The Metonic Cycle and the Saros cycle.

The Metonic cycle is a 19 year cycle for eclipses. If an eclipse is in a Metonic cycle that means the same day 19 years ago an eclipse occurred at almost the same position in the Zodiac. We can then review events around the eclipse of 19 years ago as similar or related events may occur near this eclipse.

The Saros cycle is 18, 36, 54 years or every 18 years. We look back to see what events occurred around those times then try an estimate what events will occur for the current Eclipse.

There are 3 Eclipses coming up in 2018:

July 12, 2018
Solar Eclipse   20”41’ Cancer  Saros Cycle 117

July 27, 2018
Lunar Eclipse  4”45’   Aquarius Saros Cycle 129

August 11, 2018
Solar Eclipse   18”42’ Leo  Saros Cycle 155

The July 12 Partial Solar Eclipse is opposing Pluto at 20”00’ Eclipses. This is also within 3’ of the heliocentric nodes of Pluto. Aspects to Pluto from eclipse points can result in some type of crisis.

For this eclipse the path goes over Australia and New Zealand. For any eclipse the total eclipse is the strongest, The central path is the most powerful part of the eclipse’s shadow.

Looking at the Metonic cycle for this eclipse we look back 19 years. A Metonic cycle should see the Sun and Moon in approximately in the same position.

The following charts show the chart for the July 12, 2018.

Looking for the last Metonic cycle deduct 19 years. We see the Sun and Moon in approx.. the same locations.

The information from the past are not meant to forecast exact days, instead, events and themes over the year.

19 Years
So we look for events and themes from July 12, 1999 that may repeat with the current.
Jan 15. 1999  In the village of Racak, in Kosovo, Serbs murder 45 unarmed ethnic Albanians.     Nemanja Jovanovic writes in July 2014: "Those Albanians weren't unarmed. They were militia without uniforms."

Feb 2. 1999   Hugo Chávez becomes President of Venezuela.

Feb 7. 1999   King Hussein of Jordan dies from cancer. His son, Abdullah II, inherits the throne.

Feb 16. 1999   Across Europe and in Australia, Kurds protesting the capture of Abullah Ocalan seize consulates, take hostages, set fires, fight police and threaten suicide, to no avail. Ocalan will remain in Turkish custody.

Mar 20. 1999   The violence in Kosovo has continued, and peace talks in France have collapsed. The President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, launches a Serb offensive in Kosovo.
Mar 24-31. 1999   In Kosovo, Serb police knock on doors and tell people they must leave, to go where they want but just get out. Homes are set afire. A mass exodus of ethnic Albanians (Kosovars) begins, to be described as ethnic cleansing on a massive scale. In the coming week the long line of Kosovars will be attacked by thieves and rapists. Groups of Kosovars will be moving surreptitiously across mountain paths.
Mar 24. 1999   NATO launches air strikes against Yugoslavia (basically Serbia and its capital, Belgrade). It is the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign country.

May 3. 1999   The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 11,000 for the first time, at 11,014.70.

Jul 11. 1999   India forces a retreat of Pakistani Army forces from Kargil and claims victory in that two-month conflict.

Aug 9. 1999   In Russia, President Yeltsin appoints Vladimir Putin prime minister.

Dec 31. 1999   Yeltsin announces that he is resigning as Russia's president. This leaves leaves Vladimir Putin as "acting president."

The July 27th Lunar Eclipse has Mars conjunct the Moon and in close square to Uranus in Taurus. This is effect a T-square with Uranus as the Focal planet. Remember Uranus is in Taurus and can effect banks and financial instructions. Uranus here could also mark a time when Earth / Religious matters come to the fore. Maybe even a new religion based on “Mother Earth” The latter will most probably take place once Uranus spends more time with Taurus.

So we will look for Saros cycles 18, 36, 54 years back. 18 years back is July 27, 2000. In the markets this was a high in mid 2000.
18 Years
Millennium celebrations take place throughout the world while others believe the new millennium begins on January 1, 2001, or January 14 in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. And, of course, there is the Chinese New Year.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at 11,722.98, its peak until late 2006.
Turkey ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban treaty. Watch for nuclear issues. Also Test bans.

Pakistan's supreme court orders General Musharraf, officially the prime minister since taking power last year, to hold elections by October 2002

Russia ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The US Senate is not ready to ratify.

At Camp David for two weeks as guests of President Clinton, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat bargain. Barak offers the Palestinians control of 95 percent of the West Bank, the removal of 40,000 Jewish settlers. He is adamant about Jerusalem remaining Israel's capital and holding on to at least 20 percent of East Jerusalem. Arafat wants, but does not get, all of the West Bank and all of East Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees to be able to return to live in what is now Israel. Arafat walks away from the agreement. He mentions being killed by his constituents if he had agreed.

Belarus ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.
United Arab Emerats ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. Presidential candidate Al Gore is supporting the ratification of the treaty. Candidate George Bush is not.
In Jerusalem, Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visits the Temple Mount protected by a several-hundred-strong Israeli police force. As Sharon and his party leave, Palestinians throw stones. Israeli soldiers go to the defense of those being stoned. More than thirty people are injured, mostly Israeli soldiers.
The violence escalates between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli police protecting Israeli worshippers at the Western Wall.
During a confrontation between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians firing rifles, a father and his 12 year-old son are trapped in the crossfire. The two are hit by bullets and the boy dies, captured by a French cameraman, to be broadcast worldwide. The Second Intafada, called the Al-Aqsa Intifada, has begun.
In Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic has failed to recognize the results of the first round of an election cycle. Massive protests have risen against him. Military leaders fail to back Milosevic, allowing a coup against him. Milosevic is forced from his office as President of Macedonia.

The Florida Supreme Court rules in favor of a recount of ballots.

36 Years
The Commodore 64 8-bit home computer is launched by Commodore International in Las Vegas[1] (released in August); it becomes the all-time best-selling single personal computer model.[2]

 A brutal cold snap sends temperatures to all-time record lows in dozens of cities throughout the Midwestern United States. Watch for extreme heat or storms.
The Hama massacre begins in Syria.
Syrian president Hafez al-Assad orders the army to purge the city of Harran of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The DeLorean Motor Company Car Factory in Belfast is put into receivership.

Adobe Systems was founded.
Unabomber bomb explodes in the computer science department at Vanderbilt University; secretary Janet Smith is injured.

54 Years
            Civil Rights Act of 1964

            Cold war

To be filled in over the next three weeks.
The August 11 Partial Solar Eclipse


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  2. Gravity is an accepted force. Change in gravity (tidal field) causes the tides on earths oceans. This same force affects humans. The saros cycle is equal to 223 lunations and 240 mmoncycles. Voor gravity the Saros cycle is much more important than the 19 year cycles that just looks at the sun-moon angle. Distance is very important; see Newtons law.


  3. What has this got to do with the stock markets and its' behavior?

  4. Everything; the tidal field affects our mood. A strong field is bearish.

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    Gold got a bottom price ? Should we go long now?

    1. I would not buy gold right now. It is moving between a support @1150 and a resistance @1340

  6. you have stated almost weekly that the july 12th eclipse will be a bad one. you now mention in your eclipse write up it will be over Australia and new Zealand. so, does that mean it will not impact the u.s.a. markets or gold?

    1. Eclipses are world events. It is actually below (south) of Australia and New Zealand.

  7. Dear Daze,Is it possible that we have reached the lows?Mars square Jupiter is end will this be bullish for gold?Tks for you feedbacks..really appreciate it..

  8. I think we are close to the lows in Gold.

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  9. SP500...short term trend is up. It's possible June 28 was the Primary cycle low. Not confirmed.