Monday, July 9, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology - Coming Up

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows a 64 td cycle which looks like a short term trough here then up.

I have August 9 as a significant Astro date with Neptune trine Hades (a Uranian point), Venus conjunct Hades and Venus trine Neptune. This could signify a top and a significant one.

Further out there is a powerful Total Solar Eclipse on November 13. This eclipse will be the first one shifting into the Taurus / Scorpio signs. These are the money / financial signs.

As mentioned before on the date of the election Mercury goes retrograde. The only other election that had Mercury going retrograde ended up counting chads in Florida. I expect some type of fraud or recounts for this election as well. Could November 13 be a reaction to it? We'll see.

The chart above shows some recent eclipses. The Solar eclipses are red and the Lunar eclipses are blue.

All dates should be + - 3 trading days (td).

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